Photos of Chassis SC-2-64

GP Canada Mosport4th Canadian Grand Prix for The Pepsi- Cola Trophy26.9.1964
66 - Brabham BT8 Climax #SC-2-64 - Hugh DibleyBrabham BT8 #SC-2-64 - Climax L4 N/AS2.0
Hugh Dibley (GB)Open bodywork
Driven by: Hugh Dibley (GB)Result: 8th
Grid: 9th (1:34.800)
Colours: green (+dark blue)
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 22/06/2017Photo by courtesy of: Gerry Brown and Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame
Guards Trophy Brands HatchGuards International Trophy29.8.1966
3434 - Brabham BT8 Climax #SC-2-64 - R. M. WilsonBrabham BT8 #SC-2-64 - Climax FPF L4 1973 cc N/ASR2.0
R. M. Wilson (GB)Open bodywork
Driven by: Max Wilson (GB)Result: 8th 1st in SR2.0 - Heat 1: 11th ; Heat 2: 9th 1st in SR2.0
Grid: 27th (1:48.600)
Colours: green
Tyres: unknown
Photo updated: 14/03/2014Photo by courtesy of: Ian Wagstaff
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