All Results of Chassis SL73/102

Year: 1967

25.6.196712 h Reims3Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Hulme / GardnerSid TaylorDNF
2.7.1967200 mile Norisring10Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Frank GardnerSidney Taylor Racing1st
30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch4Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Hulme / BrabhamSidney TaylorDNF
13.8.1967Wills Trophy Croft1Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Denny HulmeSid Taylor Racing1st
28.8.1967Silverstone [GT]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Sidney TaylorSid Taylor1st
9.9.1967Crystal Palace [GT+1.6]111Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Frank GardnerSid Taylor1st
4.11.19679 h Kyalami5Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Gardner / SpenceSidney TaylorDNF

Year: 1968

7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch1Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Charlton / FisherThe Steering Wheel Club West BromwichDNF
12.4.1968100 mile Oulton Park73Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Brian RedmanSid Taylor Racing1st
27.4.1968Silverstone International36Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Denny HulmeThe Steering Wheel Club West Bromwich1st
6.5.1968Silverstone [S+GT]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Sidney TaylorSid Taylor Racing2nd
3.6.1968Tourist Trophy42Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Denny HulmeSid Taylor Racing1st
11.6.1968Oulton Park [Special GT]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Sidney TaylorSid Taylor3rd
16.6.1968Anderstorp [SP]31Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Sten AxelssonWest Bromvich Steering Wheel Club3rd
23.6.1968Guards Trophy Mallory Park61Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Frank GardnerSteering Wheel Club of West Bromwich1st
30.6.1968200 mile Norisring1Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Frank GardnerSidney Taylor Racing16th
7.7.1968Vila Real62Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102John WoolfeJohn Woolfe6th
21.7.1968Solituderennen Hockenheim [SP]21Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102John WoolfeJohn Woolfe RacingDNS
27.7.1968Martini Trophy SilverstoneLola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Brian MuirJohn WoolfeDNS
2.9.1968Guards Brands Hatch106Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102John WoolfeJohn Woolfe RacingDNF

Year: 1969

30.3.1969Silverstone International37Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Denny HulmeJohn Woolfe Racing1st
4.4.1969Guards Trophy SnettertonLola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Richard AttwoodJohn Woolfe RacingDNF
7.4.1969Embassy Trophy ThruxtonLola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Denny HulmeDNA
17.5.1969Martini Trophy 300 Silverstone5Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Martland / WoolfeJohn Woolfe RacingDNA
26.5.1969Tourist Trophy34Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Woolfe / MartlandJohn Woolfe Racing21st
8.6.1969GP Paris35Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Digby MartlandJohn WoolfeDNF

Year: 1970

29.3.1970Zolder [S/P]Lola T70Bernd SeidlerDNF
3.5.1970Kaufbeuren [Sports]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler4th
10.5.1970Faßberg [SRP+1.3]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler?th
28.6.1970Interserie Norisring21Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler15th
26.7.1970Sembach [SP/GT]235Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler?th
4.10.1970Mendig [SRP+1.3]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler7th
11.10.1970Interserie Hockenheim71Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler14th
18.10.1970Nürburgring [SRP]11Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd SeidlerDNF
29.11.1970Hockenheim Finale [Sports]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd Seidler8th

Year: 1971

20.6.1971Internationales Mainz-Finthen [SRP+1.6]Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler?th
4.7.1971Interserie Hockenheim48Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler12th
11.7.1971Interserie Norisring48Lola T70 Mk.3 GT #SL73/102Bernd SeidlerBernd Seidler13th
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