All Results of Alan Foster

Year: 1953

2.5.1953BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]54Morris MinorAlan Foster1st
12.9.1953BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]8Morris MinorAlan Foster4th

Year: 1954

27.3.1954BARC Goodwood [Closed Cars Handicap]97Morris MinorAlan Foster2nd
21.8.1954BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]58Morris Alan FosterA. T. FosterDNA
2.10.1954Aintree International [Preliminary]81Morris MinorAlan FosterAlan Foster17th

Year: 1955

18.6.1955BARC Goodwood [Closed Car Handicap]71MG MagnetteAlan Foster3rd

Year: 1956

2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [Production]114MG AAlan FosterA. T. Fosterraced
9.6.1956National Oulton Park [Production]MG AAlan Foster?th
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [Production]90MG AAlan Foster8th
7.7.1956BRSCC Mallory Park [Production]92MG AAlan Foster?th
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [Production]115MG AAlan FosterAlan Foster9th
18.8.19566 h Relay SilverstoneMG MagnetteAlan Foster1st
22.9.19563 h Autosport18MG AAlan FosterDNF
29.9.1956National Silverstone [Production]61MG AAlan Foster4th

Year: 1957

31.3.1957National Brands Hatch [Production]20MG AAlan FosterDick Jacobs5th
22.4.1957Goodwood Easter [Production]121MG AAlan FosterEcurie Chilronraced
11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]MG AAlan Foster1st
11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]MG AAlan Foster5th
10.6.1957National Goodwood [Marque]MG AAlan Foster5th
22.6.1957National Goodwood [Marque]MG AAlan Foster1st
22.6.1957National Goodwood [Handicap]MG AAlan Foster3rd
5.8.1957National Crystal Palace [Marque]MG AAlan Foster2nd
24.8.1957National Silverstone [MGA]MG AAlan Foster2nd
31.8.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]MG AAlan Foster4th
28.9.1957National Goodwood [Marque]96MG AAlan FosterR. Jacobs3rd

Year: 1958

7.4.1958National Brands Hatch [S1.1]33Lotus SevenAlan FosterAlan Foster6th
13.9.1958Tourist Trophy28MG ABridger / FosterRichard W. Jacobs14th
11.10.19581 h SnettertonMG AAlan Foster?th

Year: 1959

2.5.1959Silverstone International [GT]31MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs12th
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy Goodwood [GT+TS]50MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs6th
27.6.1959BARC Goodwood [Marque]32MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd
11.7.1959BARC Goodwood [Closed Handicap A]MG MagnetteAlan FosterV. W. Derrington1st
3.8.1959National Brands Hatch [GT1.6]97MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [GT1.6 Race 1]54MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [GT1.6 Race 2]54MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs4th
4.10.1959National Brands Hatch [Production]93MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd

Year: 1960

26.3.1960Snetterton [GT]MG AAlan Foster2nd
2.4.1960Oulton Park [GT]18MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs5th
2.4.1960Oulton Park [Marque]MG AAlan Foster3rd
1.5.1960Snetterton [GT]MG AAlan Foster2nd
22.5.1960Autosport Snetterton [GT]90MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs4th
3.7.1960World Cup ZandvoortMG AAlan Foster?th
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International [GT]126MG AAlan FosterD. JacobsDNF
7.8.1960Snetterton [Race 1]MG AAlan Foster?th
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy26MG AAlan FosterRichard W. Jacobs14th
27.8.1960Redex Trophy Brands Hatch103MG AAlan FosterD. Jacobs5th
17.9.19603 h Autosport17MG AAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd

Year: 1961

21.5.1961National Open Crystal Palace [GT]AC AceAlan Foster6th
3.6.1961Peco Trophy Brands Hatch101AC AceAlan FosterSc. Light BlueDNF
11.6.196124 h Le Mans38Lotus EliteIn entry list onlyLotus Engineering12th

Year: 1962

10.6.1962Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodMG MidgetAlan Foster?th
15.7.1962Snetterton [GT1.6]12MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs9th
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch94MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs12th
19.8.1962Snetterton [GT1.0]9MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs2nd
2.9.1962World Cup ZandvoortMG MidgetAlan Foster5th
29.9.19623 h Autosport19MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs?th

Year: 1963

30.3.1963Lombank Trophy Snetterton21MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs3rd
6.4.1963National Open Oulton Park [2.5]MG MidgetAlan Foster?th
15.4.1963Sussex Trophy Goodwood67MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. 'Dick' Jacobs16th
11.5.1963Silverstone International [GT]9MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs14th
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring16MG MidgetFoster / GreeneRichard W. Jacobs15th
3.6.1963Whitsun Trophy Goodwood [GT]22MG MidgetAlan FosterR. JacobsDNA
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch27MG Foster / HedgesDick Jacobs20th
14.7.1963Scott-Brown Memorial SnettertonMG MidgetAlan Foster13th
20.7.1963GP Silverstone9MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs20th
6.8.1963Brands Hatch [GT2.5]101MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs10th
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy27MG MidgetFosterR. W. JacobsDNF
28.9.19633 h Autosport2MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs?th

Year: 1964

30.3.1964Sussex Trophy Goodwood82MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs13th
11.4.1964National Open Oulton Park [GT]103MG MidgetIn entry list onlyR. W. Jacobs7th
11.4.1964National Open Oulton Park [GT]104MG MidgetIn entry list onlyR. W. Jacobs8th
2.5.1964Silverstone International [GT]7MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs30th
18.5.1964Whitsun Trophy Goodwood28MG MidgetFoster / MartynR. W. JacobsDNA
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring118MG MidgetFoster / MartynRichard W. Jacobs27th
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch [GT]50MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs15th
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton28MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs?th
3.8.1964Brands Hatch [GT2.5]122MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs8th
30.8.1964Zandvoort Trophy35MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. JacobsDNA
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring125MG MidgetHedges / FosterRichard W. Jacobs4th
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring126MG MidgetGreene / FosterRichard W. Jacobs6th
6.9.1964500 km Nürburgring128MG MidgetMilne / FosterJohn E. Milne11th
26.9.19643 h Autosport37MG MidgetAlan FosterR. W. Jacobs13th

Year: 1978

17.9.1978Tourist Trophy34Vauxhall MagnumFoster / PercyLondon Sports Car CentreDNA

Year: 1979

16.9.1979Tourist Trophy61Vauxhall MagnumIn entry list onlyLondon Sports Car Centre/Ego ComputersNC
16.9.1979Tourist Trophy62Vauxhall MagnumWilliams / Lanfranchi / FosterLondon Sports Car Centre/Ego ComputersDNA
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