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Year: 1954

7.3.195412 h Sebring67Siata 300BCIn entry list onlyJohn Bentley20th
9.5.1954SCCA Regional Suffolk County [GM+HM+CP+DP+EP+FP]53MG TDRay Cuomoraced
9.5.1954SCCA Regional Suffolk County [GM+HM+FP]53MG TDRay Cuomoraced
13.6.1954SCCA National Westover [MG+GM+HM]53MG TDRay CuomoDNA
13.6.1954SCCA National Westover [EM+FM+GM+HM+DP+EP+FP]53MG TDRay CuomoDNA
24.7.1954Brynfan Tyddyn [Production MG]53MG TDRay CuomoRaymond Cuomo14th
5.9.1954SCCA National Thompson [CM]153Chevrolet SpecialRay Cuomo11th
10.10.1954SCCA Regional Thompson [CM]53Chevrolet SpecialRay Cuomoraced

Year: 1955

13.3.195512 h Sebring57Arnolt BolideIn entry list onlyJohn H. Norwood33rd
1.5.1955SCCA Regional Thompson [FM+GM]83Siata 300BCRay Cuomo?th
15.5.1955Preliminary Cumberland [Novice 2.0]206Arnolt Ray CuomoJ. H. Norwood2nd
4.9.1955SCCA National Thompson [EM+EP]130Arnolt Ray CuomoDNA

Year: 1956

24.3.195612 h Sebring38Arnolt BolideIn entry list onlyS. H. ArnoltDNF
24.3.195612 h Sebring56Cooper T39In entry list onlyCooper Car Co.DNF
19.8.1956SCCA Regional Montgomery [EP+FP]153Porsche 356Ray CuomoDNF

Year: 1957

23.3.195712 h Sebring25Austin-Healey 100Gietner / CuomoHambro Automotive26th
29.6.19571 h Thompson [Modified]67MG Motto SpecialRay CuomoDNA
30.6.1957SCCA Regional Thompson [EM+FM+GM]67MG Motto SpecialRay CuomoDNA

Year: 1958

22.3.195812 h Sebring27Austin-Healey 100Geitner / Stiles / Kunz / *CuomoHambro Automotive Corporation14th
22.3.195812 h Sebring29Austin-Healey 100Ehrman / CuomoHambro Automotive Corporation23rd
20.7.1958SCCA Regional Thompson [Modified+UR]123Lister Ray Cuomo?th

Year: 1959

21.3.195912 h Sebring64Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRutan / Cuomo / RichardsRoosevelt Auto Co. Inc.28th
5.4.1959SCCA National Pensacola [GP+HP+IP+HM]65Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoFranklin Roosevelt10th
19.4.1959SCCA National Marlboro [HM+HP]61Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt1st
3.5.1959SCCA National Virginia [FP+GP+HP+IP+JP+HM]62Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoTeam Roosevelt12th
17.5.1959SCCA National Cumberland [GM+HM]180Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoTeam RooseveltDNF
30.5.1959Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT+FIII]80Fiat-Abarth ZagatoRay Cuomo4th
31.5.1959SCCA National Bridgehampton [GM+HM]80Fiat-Abarth ZagatoRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt8th
21.6.1959SCCA National Road America [FP+GP+HP+IP+JP]84Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoFranklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.DNF
21.6.1959SCCA National Road America [GM+HM]86Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoFranklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.18th
4.7.1959SCCA National Lime Rock [GM+HM]80Fiat-Abarth Ray Cuomo6th
4.7.1959SCCA National Lime Rock [GP+HP+IP]84Fiat-Abarth Ray Cuomo20th
12.7.1959SCCA National Buckley Field [FP+GP+HP+IP+HM]80Fiat-Abarth Ray Cuomo12th
8.8.1959Preliminary Montgomery [GT+UR]80Fiat-Abarth ZagatoRay Cuomo?th
9.8.1959SCCA National Montgomery [GM+HM]80Fiat-Abarth ZagatoRay Cuomo9th
15.8.19598 h Lime Rock87Fiat-Abarth ZagatoCuomo / RichardsTeam Roosevelt2nd
6.9.1959Preliminary Thompson [GP+HP+IP+HM]80Fiat-Abarth Record MonzaRay Cuomo6th
7.9.1959SCCA National Thompson [GM+HM+GP+HP+IP]80Fiat-Abarth Record MonzaRay Cuomo8th
12.9.1959SCCA National Road America [GP+HP+IP+JP+HM]82Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoDNF
26.9.1959SCCA National Watkins Glen [GM+HM]80Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoF. D. Roosevelt, Jr.17th
15.11.1959SCCA National Daytona [FP+GP+HP+IP+HM]80Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoTeam Roosevelt4th
29.11.1959Nassau TT80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam RooseveltDNF
29.11.1959Preliminary Nassau TT [GT2.0]80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt10th
4.12.1959Governor's Trophy [S2.0]80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt28th
4.12.1959Preliminary Governor's Trophy [S2.0]80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt30th
6.12.1959Nassau Memorial Trophy80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam Roosevelt10th
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy80Fiat-Abarth 750 Record MonzaRay CuomoTeam RooseveltDNF

Year: 1960

25.3.19604 h Sebring21Fiat-Abarth 750Cuomo / EricksonRoosevelt MotorsDNF
26.3.196012 h Sebring66Fiat-Abarth 750 SCuomo / RichardsRoosevelt Automobiles38th
19.6.1960SCCA Regional Roosevelt Raceway [GM+HM+FIII]Fiat-Abarth ZagatoRay Cuomo?th
5.9.1960SCCA National Thompson [FP+GP+HP]81Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoDNF

Year: 1961

24.3.19614 h Sebring28Fiat-Abarth 750Ray CuomoTeam Roosevelt10th
25.3.196112 h Sebring33Arnolt DeluxePayne / CuomoS. H. Arnolt24th
25.3.196112 h Sebring87Arnolt DeluxeSeaverns / Gary / *CuomoS. H. Arnolt23rd
28.5.1961Preliminary Bridgehampton [GT]87Fiat-Abarth Ray Cuomoraced
28.5.1961SCCA National Bridgehampton [GM+HM+FP]87Fiat-Abarth Ray CuomoDNA
18.6.1961SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]33Arnolt Payne / CuomoS. H. Arnolt12th
1.10.1961Waterford Trophy [Production]Alfa Romeo Ray Cuomo?th

Year: 1962

23.3.19623 h Sebring23Fiat-Abarth 1000Cuomo / LaymanPaul N. Layman10th
24.3.196212 h Sebring56TVR GranturaCuomo / Darling / JacobsTVR Cars LtdDNF

Year: 1963

22.3.19633 h Sebring22Fiat-Abarth 1000Layman / Kolb / CuomoPaul Nash LaymanDNF
23.3.196312 h Sebring64Abarth-Simca 1300Grossman / CuomoAbarth CorseDNF

Year: 1964

21.3.196412 h Sebring69Alpine M63In entry list onlyAutosport International29th
21.3.196412 h Sebring70Alpine M63Cuomo / TulliusAutosport InternationalDNF
2.8.1964SCCA National Lynndale Farms [CM+DM+EM+FM+GM+AP]Shelby CobraRay Cuomoraced
9.8.1964USRRC-GT Meadowdale14Shelby CobraRay CuomoTom Payne5th
6.9.1964SCCA Divisional Kent Fields [CM+AP+BP]Shelby CobraRay Cuomo4th
13.9.1964500 mile Road America14Bobsy Mark IIFuchs / CuomoEd FuchsDNF
27.9.1964OCSRRC Waterford Hills [Modified+Production+]Shelby CobraRay Cuomo2nd
27.9.1964Preliminary Waterford Hills [AP+BP+CP+DP]Shelby CobraRay Cuomo1st
29.11.1964Preliminary Nassau TT [GT2.0]84Alpine A110In entry list onlyAutosport Int.13th
29.11.1964Nassau TT84Alpine A110In entry list onlyAutosport Int.20th
4.12.1964Governor's Trophy84Alpine A110In entry list onlyAutosport Int.21st
6.12.1964Nassau Trophy77Abarth-Simca 2000 GTRay CuomoJody Porter12th
6.12.1964Nassau Trophy84Alpine A110In entry list onlyAutosport Int.55th

Year: 1965

27.3.196512 h Sebring53Beach Mk.8Cuomo / BentleyCompetition Components, Inc.DNF
23.5.1965USRRC Bridgehampton50Shelby CobraRay CuomoShelby American11th
29.8.1965USRRC Mid-Ohio18Shelby CobraRay CuomoShelby AmericanDNA
29.8.1965USRRC Mid-Ohio18Abarth-Simca Ray Cuomo11th
5.9.1965500 mile Road America13Shelby CobraPayne / CuomoShelby-American6th
5.9.1965500 mile Road America23?Shelby CobraIn entry list onlyGerber-Payne33rd
19.9.1965500 km Bridgehampton13Shelby CobraRay CuomoShelby-American6th
28.11.1965Nassau TT82BMC Mini CooperRay Cuomo15th
3.12.1965Governor's Trophy84MG MidgetRay Cuomo48th
5.12.1965Nassau Trophy84MG MidgetRay Cuomo24th

Year: 1966

6.2.196624 h Daytona79Austin-Healey SpriteRichards / CuomoAutosportNC
25.3.19664 h Sebring60Fiat-Abarth 1000Cosentino / Cuomo10th
26.3.196612 h Sebring80Shelby CobraSaid / Cuomo / AddisonTom Payne15th
14.8.196612 h Marlboro61Fiat-Abarth 1000Cuomo / Fisher11th
2.12.1966Governor's Trophy & Nassau TT89Austin-Healey SpriteRay CuomoRing Free Oil Racing Team14th
4.12.1966Nassau Trophy89Austin-Healey SpriteRay CuomoRing Free Oil Racing Team19th

Year: 1967

5.2.196724 h Daytona72Ford MustangRichards / Cuomo / NorwoodRing Free Oil Racing Team11th
5.2.196724 h Daytona96Alpine A110Richards / CuomoRing Free Oil Racing TeamDNA
31.3.19674 h Sebring64Fiat-Abarth 1000Ray CuomoFaza Squadra25th
1.4.196712 h Sebring71Shelby GT350Richards / Cuomo / NorwoodRing-Free Oil RacingDNF
12.8.1967Trans-Am Marlboro [U2L]Fiat-Abarth 1000Cuomo / Fisher7th

Year: 1968

4.2.196824 h Daytona37Ford GT40Wonder / CuomoWilliam Wonder, Inc.DNF
23.3.196812 h SebringFord GT40Wonder / CuomoWilliam WonderDNA
21.4.1968SCCA National Virginia [ASR+BSR+CSR]Abarth Ray Cuomo?th
12.5.1968SCCA Cumberland [CSR+DSR]61Abarth Ray CuomoFaza SquadraDNA
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