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Year: 1963

23.3.196312 h Sebring61Abarth-Simca 1300Spychiger / PiletteAbarth Corse21st
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring1Abarth-Simca 1300Bianchi / Mahle / *PiletteAbarthDNF
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring91Abarth 1300 SSpychiger / PiletteAbarthDNF
2.6.1963Hill Climb Consuma302Fiat-Abarth 1000Teddy PiletteDNA
23.6.1963DARM GT HockenheimAbarth-Simca 1300Teddy Pilette?th
30.6.1963DARM GT AvusAbarth-Simca 1300Teddy Pilette?th
7.7.1963Rallye Wiesbaden31Abarth-Simca 1300Pilette / IckxAbarthDNF
28.7.1963DARM GT Solitude [GT1.3]Abarth-Simca 1300Teddy PiletteAbarth1st
4.8.1963DARM GT Nürburgring62Abarth-Simca 1300Teddy PiletteAbarth CorseDNA
1.9.1963500 km Nürburgring82Fiat-Abarth 850Pilette / HerrmannAbarth1st
22.9.1963Tour de France124Abarth-Simca 1300Pilette / PoltronieriDNF

Year: 1964

31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring32Lotus Elan"Dex" / PiletteAndre Welcker34th
26.7.196424 h Spa304Ford Cortina LotusIckx / Pilette14th

Year: 1965

20.6.196524 h Le Mans81Matra DjetBoulanger / Pilette / Franck / BienvaultRené Bonnet BelgiumDNA

Year: 1966

19.6.196624 h Le Mans77Alfa Romeo Giulia TZPatte / Pilette / de KeynEcurie Francorchamps?DNA
24.7.196624 h Spa28Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTAPilette / GosselinAutodelta S.p.A.3rd

Year: 1967

25.4.19671000 km Monza27Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2Trosch / PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
1.5.19671000 km Spa30Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2Trosch / PiletteRacing Team VDS9th
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]45Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTATeddy Pilette2nd
28.5.19671000 km Nürburgring82Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2Trosch / PiletteRacing Team VDS15th
11.6.1967ETCC Budapest42Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTATeddy Pilette4th
25.6.196712 h Reims58Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2Pilette / TroschVDS11th
2.7.19676 h NürburgringAlfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTATrosch / PiletteVDS Racing teamraced
22.7.196724 h Spa42Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTATrosch / PiletteRacing Team VDS15th
6.8.1967DaxAlfa Romeo Giulia TZTeddy Pilette1st
27.8.1967ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]58Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTATeddy Pilette16th
3.9.1967500 km Nürburgring5Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS4th

Year: 1968

25.4.19681000 km Monza27Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / BiscaldiRacing Team VDSDNF
5.5.1968Targa Florio178Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team V.D.S.5th
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring18Alfa Romeo T33/2In entry list onlyRacing Team V.D.S.13th
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring19Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team V.D.S.29th
26.5.19681000 km Spa17Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDS12th
30.6.1968200 mile Norisring49Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS5th
7.7.1968Coupes BeneluxAlfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS1st
14.7.1968North Sea Trophy1Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS1st
21.7.196824 h Spa52Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTAPilette / SlotemakerVDS Racing Team7th
28.7.1968GP Mugello1Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / ZeccoliRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
11.8.1968GP Swerige12Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.4th
18.8.1968Wunstorf [SP2.0]Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS6th
25.8.1968500 km Zeltweg6Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS4th
25.8.1968500 km Zeltweg8Alfa Romeo T33/2In entry list onlyRacing Team VDS12th
15.9.1968Preis der Nationen Hockenheim4Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS4th
29.9.196824 h Le Mans37Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
29.9.196824 h Le Mans65Alfa Romeo T33/2In entry list onlyRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
9.11.19689 h Kyalami8Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDS23rd

Year: 1969

2.3.1969Jarama61Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy Pilette1st
30.3.1969Le Mans Test15Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDS8th
30.3.1969Le Mans Test19Alfa Romeo T33/3In entry list onlyAutodelta6th
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch21Alfa Romeo T33/2Slotemaker / PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.9th
25.4.19691000 km Monza19Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDS8th
11.5.19691000 km Spa16Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDS6th
17.5.1969Martini Trophy 300 Silverstone21Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.7th
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring16Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team .V.D.SDNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans36Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans38Alfa Romeo T33/2In entry list onlyRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
6.7.19696 h Vila Real18Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDSDNF
27.7.196924 h Spa61Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTAPilette / SlotemakerRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
10.8.19691000 km Zeltweg2Alfa Romeo T33/2Pilette / SlotemakerRacing Team VDSDNF
17.8.1969GP Swerige7Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
24.8.1969Nordic Challenge KeimolaAlfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteDNS
31.8.1969Nordic Challenge Mantorp Park5Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS9th
14.9.1969Nordic Challenge Anderstorp9Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team V D S10th
12.10.19691000 km Paris2Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNS
26.10.19696 h Jarama62Alfa Romeo T33/2Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS?th
26.10.1969Zolder [SRP]259Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.DNA

Year: 1970

11.1.19701000 km Buenos Aires50Lola T70Pilette / Garcia-VeigaRacing Team VDS4th
18.1.1970200 mile Buenos Aires50Lola T70Pilette / Garcia-VeigaRacing Team VDSDNF
22.3.1970Jarama68Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNF
12.4.1970Le Mans Test4Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS4th
19.4.1970500 km ZolderLola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNF
25.4.19701000 km Monza16Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team V.D.S.16th
10.5.1970Faßberg [SRP+1.3]Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS10th
17.5.19701000 km Spa35Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNF
24.5.1970GP Paris9Lola T70Teddy PiletteVDS Racing Team2nd
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring46Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team V.D.S.DNS
14.6.197024 h Le Mans4Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team V.D.S.DNF
21.6.1970Coupes de l'ACIF9Lola T70Teddy PiletteV.D.S.1st
28.6.1970Interserie Norisring16Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNF
5.7.1970500 km Vila Real5Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDS1st
11.7.1970Interserie Croft8Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S., Brussels6th
26.7.197024 h Spa8Opel CommodorePilette / GosselinSteinmetz TuningDNF
9.8.1970GP Swerige5Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.12th
16.8.1970Wunstorf [SRP]6Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.3rd
23.8.1970Interserie Keimola6Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDS5th
13.9.1970500 km Imola9Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNF
20.9.1970Interserie Thruxton20Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.7th
11.10.1970Interserie Hockenheim70Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing-Team VDSDNF
18.10.19701000 km Paris8Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNF

Year: 1971

12.4.1971300 km Nürburgring3McLaren M8CTeddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.2nd
18.4.19713 h Le Mans8Lola T70Teddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNF
2.5.1971Interserie Imola6?McLaren M8CTeddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNS
9.5.19711000 km Spa31Lola T70Pilette / GosselinVDS Team6th
30.5.19711000 km Nürburgring54Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNF
6.6.1971Interserie Zolder6McLaren M8CTeddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNF
13.6.197124 h Le Mans5Lola T70Pilette / GosselinRacing Team VDSDNF
4.7.1971Interserie Hockenheim6McLaren M8CTeddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.DNA
4.7.1971Interserie Hockenheim6McLaren M8ETeddy PiletteRacing Team V.D.S.10th
11.7.1971Interserie Norisring6?McLaren M8ETeddy PiletteRacing Team VDSDNA
25.7.197124 h Spa15Opel CommodoreGosselin / PiletteSteinmetzDNF
22.8.1971Interserie Keimola6McLaren M8ETeddy PiletteRacing Team VDS7th
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