Event: The Nissan Grand Prix of MosportDate: 20.5.1991
Track: Mosport Park (Canada), 3.957 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Mosport 300 Kilometres

(Car Appearance)

00Dodge DaytonaFull Time Racing-front
07Dodge DaytonaFull Time Racing-front
9Ford MustangRoush Racingclosedfront
11Chevrolet BerettaYoung Racing--
12Chevrolet Camaroclosedfront
20Chevrolet BerettaMoser Engineering--
31Oldsmobile Cutlassclosedfront
43Chevrolet Lumina--
44Chevrolet CamaroKendall Cranstonclosedfront
45Chevrolet Camaroclosedfront
49Chevrolet Camaroclosedfront
50Porsche 911closedrear
52Chevrolet CamaroKen Buppclosedfront
57Nissan 240SXKryderacingclosedfront
62Mazda RX-7Mazda Motorsportsclosedfront
63Mazda RX-7Mazda Motorsportsclosedfront
69Mazda RX-7North Coast Racingclosedfront
75Nissan 300ZXCunningham Racing-front
76Nissan 300ZXCunningham Racing-front
82Mazda RX-7Dick Greer Racingclosedfront
87Chevrolet CamaroPuleo Racingclosedfront
89Porsche 911Dynamic Air Cond.closedrear
95Nissan 240SXLeitzinger Racingclosedfront
96Nissan 240SXLeitzinger Racingclosedfront
99Chevrolet CamaroCurrin Racingclosedfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

6Ford MustangRoush Racingclosedfront
14Buick Somersetclosedfront
27Oldsmobile CutlassDave Meziereclosedfront
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