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Year: 1960

6.11.1960SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]334Plus 4Ken HayesDr. Ken Hayes5th
13.11.1960SCCA National Daytona [BP+CP+DP+EP]151Plus 4Howard FranklinDNA
11.12.1960SCCA Regional Las Vegas [EP+FP]Steve Dredge3rd

Year: 1961

7.1.1961Preliminary Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve DredgeDNA
7.1.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP]144Dredge / StadelSteve DredgeDNA
8.1.1961Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve Dredge3rd
8.1.1961Pomona [DP+EP+FP+GP]144Dredge / StadelSteve DredgeDNA
22.1.1961SCCA Regional Palm Springs [Ladies]Pat Stadel5th
22.1.1961SCCA Regional Palm Springs [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]Steve Dredge5th
5.2.1961SCCA National Daytona [CP+DP+EP+GM]52Plus 4Les DetterbeckDNF
25.2.1961Riverside [EP]63Willie WestWillie West Motors1st
26.2.1961Handicap Riverside [CP+DP+EP]63Willie WestWillie West MotorsDNA
12.3.1961SCCA Divisional Pomona [DP+EP]144Steve Dredge4th
12.3.1961SCCA Divisional Pomona [DP+EP]Willie West2nd
12.3.1961Novice Pomona [Production]Bolts?th
25.3.196112 h Sebring304/4Rogers / BaileySalter Auto Imports26th
9.4.1961Continental Divide [Novice 2]E. Howard Mitchell8th
15.4.1961Preliminary Stockton [BP+CP]186Dick Sisich21st
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [GT]Richard Shepherd-Barron?th
16.4.1961SCCA National Marlboro [EP]97Hugh O'ReillyDNF
16.4.1961SCCA National Marlboro [EP]113Plus 4John Kingsley13th
16.4.1961SCCA National Marlboro [EP]121Plus 4Peter Revson5th
16.4.1961SCCA National Marlboro [EP]135Tab HodgeDNF
16.4.1961SCCA National Marlboro [EP]961Charles Redmond16th
16.4.1961SCCA Regional Stockton [EP+FP]David Christoffersen2nd
16.4.1961SCCA Regional Stockton [EP+FP]Don Wixcel3rd
16.4.1961SCCA Regional Stockton [EP+FP]Plus 4Frank Crane1st
16.4.1961SCCA Regional Indianapolis [EP+FP+GP+HP+HM]Bill Andrews1st
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia [EP+FP]18Ross McCain3rd
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia [EP+FP]97Hugh O'Reilly7th
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia [EP+FP]121Plus 4Peter RevsonDNF
30.4.1961SCCA National Virginia [EP+FP]444Sam MillerDNA
30.4.1961Novice Las Vegas [Production]Mote2nd
30.4.1961SCCA Regional Las Vegas [EP+FP]Plus 4Dee Burton2nd
1.5.1961Skarpnäck [GT2.0]38 Picko TrobergDNA
7.5.1961SCCA Regional Vineland [EP+GP]Plus 4Peter Revson?th
7.5.1961SCC-BC Westwood [CP+DP+EP]Plus 4G. B. Sterne2nd
7.5.1961SCC-BC Westwood [CP+DP+EP]Bob McLean3rd
14.5.1961Preliminary Cumberland [Ladies]90Barbara McKellipsL. McKellipsDNA
14.5.1961SCCA National Cumberland [EP]90Dave SussonLindsay McKellipsDNF
14.5.1961SCCA National Cumberland [EP]102Plus 4John KingsleyR. T. Prinsen7th
14.5.1961SCCA National Cumberland [EP]121Plus 4Peter RevsonPeter RevsonDNF
14.5.1961SCCA Divisional Savannah [Production+HM]Ross McCain3rd
14.5.1961Preliminary Savannah [BP+CP+DP+EP]Ross McCain2nd
14.5.1961GP Spa [GT2.0]Plus 4Peter W. Marten6th
14.5.1961GP Spa [GT2.0]Plus 4Richard Shepherd-Barron2nd
14.5.1961SCCA Regional Sacramento [EP+FP]Plus 4Frank Crane1st
21.5.1961SCCA Regional Salt Lake City [BP+CP+DP+EP]Plus 4Dee Burton?th
21.5.1961SCCA Regional Salt Lake City [BP+CP+DP+EP]Steve Harrisraced
27.5.1961LASC Green Acres [Novice Handicap]40Plus 4Alan ClarkAlan D. ClarkDNA
28.5.19611000 km Nürburgring854/4Staples / MartenMorgan Motor Co. Ltd.DNF
28.5.19611000 km Nürburgring864/4Lawrence / Shepherd-BarronMorgan Motor Co. Ltd.DNF
28.5.1961SCCA National Bridgehampton [DP+EP]211Plus 4Peter RevsonDNF
28.5.1961Santa Barbara [CP+DP+EP+FP+GP+HP]Willie West5th
28.5.1961Consolation Santa Barbara [Production]West3rd
3.6.1961Peco Trophy Brands Hatch99Plus 4Peter W. MartenP. Marten15th
4.6.1961Gellerasloppet [GT2.0]61Plus 4Jan-Eric Andreasson17th
10.6.1961SCCA Regional Laguna Seca [AP+BP+CP]Plus 4 SSLew SpencerDNF
11.6.1961ICNSCC Portland [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP+HM]4Plus 4G. B. SterneDNA
11.6.1961ICNSCC Portland [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP+HM]107Peter BrowningDNA
11.6.1961ICNSCC Portland [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP+HM]Gary SchmidtDNA
11.6.196124 h Le Mans4/4Morganunused
18.6.1961SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]42Plus 4 LMTom GallagherTom GallagherDNF
18.6.1961SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]45Plus 4Hirsch / WetherbeeJerry Hirsch27th
18.6.1961SCCA National Road America [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]52Detterbeck, Jr. / LynnLester G. Detterbeck. Jr.DNA
24.6.1961SCCA Divisional Watkins Glen [EP]49Plus 4John KingsleyEcurie MohawkDNA
24.6.1961SCCA Divisional Watkins Glen [EP]52Plus 4Peter RevsonPeter J. RevsonDNA
24.6.1961SCCA Divisional Watkins Glen [EP]123Plus 4Larry BlackLarry BlackDNA
24.6.1961SCCA Divisional Watkins Glen [EP]135Plus 4Tab HodgeTab HodgeDNA
24.6.1961SCCA Divisional Watkins Glen [FP+HM]154AbarthGeorge MorganGeorge MorganDNA
25.6.1961SCCA Regional Waterford [CP+EP]Stacy Crute3rd
25.6.1961SCCA Regional Waterford [CP+EP]Glen Lyall1st
1.7.1961SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]1Plus 4Larry Black3rd
1.7.1961SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]5Gerald Rollo9th
1.7.1961SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]51Plus 4Peter Revson2nd
1.7.1961SCCA National Lime Rock [EP]72Peter Costigan10th
1.7.1961SCCA National Lime Rock [CP+DP]94Arch McNeill4th
8.7.1961British Empire Trophy25Plus 4Richard Shepherd-BarronMorgan Motor Co., Ltd.?th
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]26Plus 4Dee BurtonSalt Lake Racing TeamDNA
8.7.1961British Empire Trophy26Plus 4Chris LawrenceMorgan Motor Co., Ltd.?th
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]57Plus 4Emory SmithEcurie PauvrehommeDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]91Plus 4Bob SheridanNSF IDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]144Steve DredgeSteve DredgeDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve DredgeDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [Ladies]145Plus 4Barbara WindhorstRene PellandiniDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [CP+DP]145Plus 4 SSLew SpencerRene PellandiniDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]244Plus 4R. B. SmithJ. W. HodgesDNA
8.7.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP+FP]412Plus 4Bill ChapmanEcurie SansonDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]26Plus 4Dee BurtonSalt Lake Racing TeamDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]57Plus 4Emory SmithEcurie PauvrehommeDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]91Plus 4Bob SheridanNSF IDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]144Steve DredgeSteve DredgeDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve DredgeDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [CP+DP]145Plus 4 SSLew SpencerRene PellandiniDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [Ladies]145Plus 4Barbara WindhorstRene PellandiniDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]244Plus 4R. B. SmithJ. W. HodgesDNA
9.7.1961SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]412Plus 4Bill ChapmanEcurie SansonDNA
9.7.1961Novice Pomona [Production]Smith8th
9.7.1961SCC-BC Westwood [AP+BP+CP+DP+EP]Bob McLean?th
19614 h CotatiPlus 4Dayton / Crane10th
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