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Year: 1960

2.7.1960SCCA National Lime Rock [BM+CM+DM+EM+FM+GM]94Plus 4Arch McNeill16th
3.7.1960Norisring [GT+1.6]Plus 4L. T. Miller4th
10.7.1960SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]120Plus 4Bill CarterWilliam CarterDNA
10.7.1960SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]190Plus 4Bill ChapmanBill ChapmanDNA
10.7.1960SCCA Regional Marlboro [BP+CP+DP]Hugh O'Reilly3rd
10.7.1960SCCA Regional Vaca Valley [S5+S6+S7+P5+P6+P7]Chuck Tanland?th
17.7.1960SCCA National Continental Divide [BP+CP+DP+EP]Steve Harris4th
31.7.1960Rheinland Nürburgring [GT+1.3]78Lee J. MillerLee Millerraced
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International [GT]121Plus 4Chris LawrenceWesterham Motors7th
7.8.1960Kanonloppet [GT2.0]1 Hartuig RuudDNA
7.8.1960SCCA National Montgomery [BP+CP+DP]701Dick Brandt22nd
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]4Plus 4Lionel Mayman MaymanMorganDNA
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]4APlus 4E. R. DugganMorganDNA
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]4BPlus 4Ray MeredithMorganDNA
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]4CPlus 4T. R. SmithMorganDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [Junior Le Mans]4Plus 4G. B. SterneDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [DP+EP]4Plus 4G. B. SterneDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [Junior Le Mans]42Plus 4Clarence MiddletonDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [DP+EP]42Plus 4Clarence MiddletonDNA
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [P5+P6+P7]49Plus 4Frank CraneFrank CraneDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [HP+IP+HM]714/4Tom RiceDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [Junior Le Mans]714/4Tom RiceDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [Junior Le Mans]113Plus 4Max SchulzeDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [DP+EP]113Plus 4Max SchulzeDNA
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [P5+P6+P7]120Bill CarterWilliam CarterDNA
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [Ladies]120Myrna CarterMyrna CarterDNA
14.8.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [P5+P6+P7]150George PridmoreGeorge PridmoreDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [HP+IP+HM]4344/4Lloyd MessersmithDNA
14.8.1960ICNSCC Kent I [Junior Le Mans]4344/4Lloyd MessersmithDNA
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy29Plus 4Chris LawrenceMorgan24th
21.8.1960Westwood [AP+BP+CP+DP+FP]Plus 4G. B. Sterne3rd
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 2 Bridgehampton [BP+CP+DP+EP]40R. JacobsDNA
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 2 Bridgehampton [BP+CP+DP+EP]57Curt GiffordDNA
28.8.1960Preliminary Heat 2 Bridgehampton [BP+CP+DP+EP]99Larry BlackDNA
31.8.1960NSCC Mallory ParkPlus 4Lionel Mayman Mayman2nd
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [EP]49Plus 4Frank CraneFrank Crane4th
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [EP]91Plus 4Ken HayesDr. Ken Hayes11th
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [EP]95Plus 4Bob SheridanBob Sheridan18th
3.9.1960Preliminary Santa Barbara [EP]159Plus 4Art White8th
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]49Plus 4Frank CraneFrank Crane13th
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [Ladies]49Plus 4Janet GilmoreFrank Crane10th
4.9.1960SCCA Regional Daytona [A-H-I-B]51Plus 4Howard FranklinDNF
4.9.1960Preliminary Daytona [A-H-I-B]51Plus 4Howard Franklin9th
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]91Plus 4Ken HayesDr. Ken HayesDNA
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]95Plus 4Bob SheridanBob SheridanDNA
4.9.1960SCCA Regional Daytona [A-H-I-B]113Plus 4Lalah Neuman12th
4.9.1960Preliminary Daytona [A-H-I-B]113Plus 4Lalah Neuman15th
4.9.1960Santa Barbara [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]159Plus 4Art White19th
5.9.1960Preliminary Continental Divide [Ladies]Joyce Thompson1st
10.9.1960LISCA Lime Rock [race 2]Arch McNeill1st
11.9.1960500 mile Road America57Plus 4Gallagher / HeuerThomas Gallagher17th
11.9.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [Handicap]Plus 4George Pridmore3rd
11.9.1960SCCA Regional Cotati [Production +1.6]Plus 4Frank Crane?th
17.9.19603 h Autosport27Plus 4Lionel Mayman MaymanLionel MaymanDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [DP+EP]4Plus 4G. B. SterneDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]4Plus 4G. B. SterneDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [DP+EP]42Plus 4Clarence MiddletonDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]42Plus 4Clarence MiddletonDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [HP+IP+HM]714/4Tom RiceDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]714/4Tom RiceDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [DP+EP]113Plus 4Max SchulzeDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]113Plus 4Max SchulzeDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]2144/4Miles JohnsonDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [HP+IP+HM]2144/4Miles JohnsonDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]401Plus 4Paul MontgomeryDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [DP+EP]401Plus 4Paul MontgomeryDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]4344/4Lloyd MessersmithDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [HP+IP+HM]4344/4Lloyd MessersmithDNA
18.9.1960Mallory Park [S+1.5]Plus 4Lionel Mayman Mayman3rd
18.9.1960MMGCC St. Eugene [Production +1.6]Plus 4Jacques Couture3rd
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [HP+IP+HM]4/4Gary SchmidtDNA
18.9.1960ICNSCC Kent II [Junior Le Mans]4/4Gary SchmidtDNA
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [DP]111Plus 4H. B. WilliamsonEcurie Etcostme16th
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [DP]247Tab HodgeA. T. HodgeDNF
24.9.1960SCCA National Watkins Glen [DP]264Gerald RolloGerald F. Rollo15th
25.9.1960SCCA Regional Del Mar [EP+FP]Steve Dredge?th
25.9.1960SCCA Regional Del Mar [EP+FP]Plus 4Art Whiteraced
16.10.1960SCCA Regional Vineland61Phillip GerberDNA
16.10.1960Brands Hatch [GT]105Plus 4Chris LawrenceWesterham Motors Ltd.2nd
16.10.1960GP KentE. B. Stearne?th
22.10.1960Laguna Seca [Production]9Plus 4Frank CraneFrank Crane?th
22.10.1960Laguna Seca [Production]82Plus 4Rick HilgersRick Hilgers4th
22.10.1960Laguna Seca [Production]150Plus 4George PridmoreGeorge F. D. PridmoreDNA
22.10.1960Laguna Seca [Production]152Plus 4David ChristoffersenDavid ChristoffersenDNA
6.11.1960SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]91Plus 4Bob SheridanTeam Sheridan NSF IDNA
6.11.1960SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]244Plus 4R. B. SmithJ. HodgesDNA
6.11.1960SCCA Regional Pomona [EP+FP]334Plus 4Ken HayesDr. Ken Hayes5th
13.11.1960SCCA National Daytona [BP+CP+DP+EP]151Plus 4Howard FranklinDNA
11.12.1960SCCA Regional Las Vegas [EP+FP]Steve Dredge3rd

Year: 1961

7.1.1961Preliminary Pomona [EP]144Dredge / StadelSteve DredgeDNA
7.1.1961Preliminary Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve DredgeDNA
8.1.1961Pomona [Ladies]144Pat StadelSteve Dredge3rd
8.1.1961Pomona [DP+EP+FP+GP]144Dredge / StadelSteve DredgeDNA
22.1.1961SCCA Regional Palm Springs [DP+EP+FP+GP+HP+IP]Steve Dredge5th
22.1.1961SCCA Regional Palm Springs [Ladies]Pat Stadel5th
5.2.1961SCCA National Daytona [CP+DP+EP+GM]52Plus 4Les DetterbeckDNF
25.2.1961Riverside [EP]63Willie WestWillie West Motors1st
26.2.1961Handicap Riverside [CP+DP+EP]63Willie WestWillie West MotorsDNA
12.3.1961SCCA Divisional Pomona [DP+EP]Willie West2nd
19614 h CotatiPlus 4Dayton / Crane10th
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