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Why Leasing Makes Sense for Performance Cars

15 May 2017


When it comes to owning a car for performance purposes, it is important to factor in what is the right move financially whilst ensuring that you get the best possible vehi-cle. It is for this reason that it is a much smarter move to lease a performance car as opposed to buying one outright.

What is Leasing?

Before explaining why, it is worth explaining the difference in ownership. Leasing involves making monthly payments and then handing the automobile back at the end of the agreement (this is usually 24 or 36 months). You do not own the vehicle and therefore do not have to worry about selling it at the end of the agreement and the depreciation that comes with this. This should not be confused with Personal Contract Purchase, which is similar but involves the option to buy with a balloon payment at the end of the agreement.

The Benefits

The main benefit of leasing is that you can then arrange a lease on a newer and more improved car at the end of the initial agreement. This makes it a great way to drive a brand new automobile every few years. This is particularly important when it comes to performance cars as you will want to be driving the latest automobiles so that you can benefit from the newest innovations and technology.

Another benefit that those with an interest in performance cars will find is the finan-cial side. Not many people can afford to pay for a brand new performance vehicle outright or the large final payment at the end of a contract. Leasing is a much more affordable way to get behind the wheel of a brand new automobile as you simply make a fixed monthly payment for the agreed period.

In many cases, leasing can also include tax, breakdown cover, maintenance, tyre repair and much more. When you use an established company, like Car4Leasing, you could find that there is great flexibility with the deals too.


One key factor to consider is that you will not be able to modify the automobile in any way as you do not actually own it (although it is worth checking with the leasing company). The vehicle will also need to be returned in good condition (general wear and tear is fine).

For those with an interest in performance cars, leasing could be the way forwards due to the fact that you are able to drive new vehicles every few years without having to worry about depreciation. It can also be a much more affordable way to get behind the wheel with manageable monthly payments.

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