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SEAT and the Hot Hatch Market

13 April 2017


The hot hatch market is one that is extremely popular right now and this is for good reason. Hot hatches offer the same practicality that you find with a supermini and family hatchback, but they are a lot more sporty, powerful and fun to drive than a regular hatchback. Another reason for their rising popularity is the fact that there are so many excellent models available right now that perfectly combine practicality with style.

There are a few manufacturers famed for their hot hatches, but leading the pack is the Spanish brand SEAT, who have a range of brilliant and sought after vehicles. Here is a look at two of their best hot hatches:

SEAT Leon Cupra

This excellent automobile scooped the Hot Hatch of the Year Award in 2015 and continues to be incredibly popular today due to its all-round ability. It is fast, has excellent handling and a rasping exhaust which ensures it is fun to drive, but it also has a cool design and spacious interior. One of the key factors is that it is cheaper than many of its rivals too.

SEAT Ibiza Cupra

The Ibiza Cupra faced strong competition from the likes of the Ford Fiesta ST and the VW Polo GTI, but it more than stands its ground and remains fantastic value due to the lower price-tag (it also has low running costs). Not only is it lightning fast and powerful, but it also has a sporty yet sleek look that SEAT have become famous for.

Finding SEAT Hot Hatches

The great thing about SEAT’s hot hatches are that, typically, they are more affordable than the competition but just as good. For those in the market for one, it is best to shop at reputable online second-hand car dealers to find the best offers and range of finance options. Here you should be able to find an older one for a very reasonable price.

Refreshing your Vehicle

If you want to refresh the car if you end up with an older model, you may want to consider replacing the boot, bonnet and/or tailgate struts. This can actually be very easy to do and can make a huge difference to these areas. You can find the right struts for your particular car by visiting a store like SGS and matching the part number to one of the numbers listed against your vehicle.

If you are looking for a combination of practicality along with performance, you can-not go wrong with one of SEAT’s superb hot hatches.

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