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Year: 1963

22.9.1963Tour de France1BMW 700Harris / IckxDNF

Year: 1964

10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T850]101BMW 700Jacky IckxDNF
10.5.1964ETCC Zolder [T1.6]Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxDNF
26.7.196424 h Spa304Ford Cortina LotusIckx / Pilette14th
30.8.1964ETCC Zandvoort [T+1.3]122Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing4th
6.9.1964Coppa Inter-EuropaFerrari 250 LM"Eldé" / Ickxraced
13.9.1964Hill Climb Timmelsjoch37Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing?th
20.9.19644 h Budapest23Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxAlan Mann Racing?th

Year: 1965

13.6.19656 h Nürburgring4Ford MustangIckx / BaillieDNF
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.3]8Ford MustangJacky IckxFord International/Alan Mann Racing1st
26.6.1965ETCC Zolder [Div.2]20Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxFord Belgium4th
25.7.196524 h SpaBMW 1800Glemser / IckxBMWDNF
29.8.1965ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2+3]107Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxFord BelgiumDNF

Year: 1966

6.2.196624 h Daytona25Ferrari 365 P2In entry list onlyEcurie FrancorchampsDNF
6.2.196624 h Daytona26Ferrari 250 LM"Eldé" / IckxEcurie FrancorchampsDNF
3.4.1966Le Mans Test19Ferrari 365 P2"Beurlys" / "Eldé" / IckxEcurie Francorchamps5th
8.5.1966ETCC Zolder [Div.2+3]44Ford Cortina LotusJacky IckxTeam Lotus2nd
22.5.19661000 km Spa52Ferrari 250 LMIn entry list onlyEcurie Francorchamps8th
12.6.1966Trans-Am Mid-America1?Ford Cortina LotusIckx / HahneAlan Mann Racing3rd
19.6.196624 h Le Mans17Ferrari 365 P2In entry list onlyEcurie FrancorchampsDNF
19.6.196624 h Le Mans28Ferrari 250 LMIn entry list onlyEquipe Nationale BelgeDNF
19.6.196624 h Le Mans43Matra M620In entry list onlyMatra Sports SARLDNF
19.6.196624 h Le Mans60Ford GT40Neerpasch / IckxEssex Wire CorporationDNF
3.7.19666 h NürburgringFord Cortina LotusIckx / HawkinsAlan Mann RacingDNF
16.7.1966GP Brands Hatch48McLaren Elva Mark IJacky IckxAlan Brown5th
24.7.196624 h Spa17BMW 2000Hahne / IckxBMW1st
14.8.196612 h Marlboro24Ford Cortina LotusHahne / IckxAlan Mann RacingDNF
4.9.1966ETCC Zandvoort [Div.2]51Ford Cortina LotusJacky Ickx5th
5.11.19669 h Kyalami5Ferrari 250 LM"Eldé" / IckxEcurie FrancorchampsDNF

Year: 1967

5.2.196724 h Daytona11Ford GT40Thompson / IckxJ. W. Automotive (GD)6th
1.4.196712 h Sebring11Ford GT40In entry list onlyJ. W. Engineering, Ltd.DNF
25.4.19671000 km Monza6Mirage M1Ickx / ReesJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
1.5.19671000 km Spa6Mirage M1Ickx / ThompsonJ. W. Automotive1st
21.5.1967ETCC Zolder [Div.2]39Ford Cortina LotusIn entry list only4th
28.5.19671000 km Nürburgring6Mirage M1Ickx / AttwoodJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
11.6.196724 h Le Mans15Mirage M1Ickx / MuirJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
22.7.196724 h Spa1Ford MustangIckx / HahneAlan Mann RacingDNF
13.8.1967GP Swerige1Mirage M1Jacky IckxJ. W. Automotive E., Ltd.1st
15.10.19671000 km Paris3Mirage M1Ickx / HawkinsJ. W. Automotive1st
4.11.19679 h Kyalami4Mirage M1Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st

Year: 1968

4.2.196824 h Daytona8Ford GT40Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive Eng.DNF
23.3.196812 h Sebring28Ford GT40Ickx / RedmanJ. W. EngineeringDNF
7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch4Ford GT40Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive Engineering Limited1st
7.4.1968Le Mans Test12Ford GT40Jacky IckxJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
25.4.19681000 km Monza39Ford GT40Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring65Ford GT40Ickx / HawkinsJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.3rd
26.5.19681000 km Spa33Ford GT40Ickx / RedmanJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st
26.5.19681000 km Spa34Ford GT40Hawkins / Hobbs / *IckxJ. W. Automotive Engineering4th
14.7.19686 h Watkins Glen5Ford GT40Ickx / BianchiJ. W. Automotive Engineering, Ltd.1st
25.8.1968500 km Zeltweg18Ford GT40Jacky IckxJacky IckxDNA
29.9.196824 h Le Mans9Ford GT40In entry list onlyJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
29.9.196824 h Le Mans10Ford GT40In entry list onlyJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
9.11.19689 h Kyalami1Mirage M1Ickx / HobbsJ. W. Automotive Engineering1st

Year: 1969

2.2.196924 h Daytona1Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Eng.26th
22.3.196912 h Sebring22Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
13.4.19696 h Brands Hatch51Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
25.4.19691000 km Monza14Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive/Gulf RacingDNA
11.5.19691000 km Spa1Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. AutomotiveDNF
1.6.19691000 km Nürburgring8Mirage M2Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.DNF
15.6.196924 h Le Mans6Ford GT40Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Engineering Ltd.1st
12.7.19696 h Watkins Glen5Mirage M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive EngineeringDNF
27.7.196924 h Spa4Mercedes-Benz 300 SELIckx / HerrmannDaimler-BenzDNS
10.8.19691000 km Zeltweg9Mirage M3Ickx / OliverJ. W. Automotive Ltd,DNF
14.9.1969500 km Imola4Mirage M3Jacky IckxJ.W. Automotive Engineering1st

Year: 1970

1.2.197024 h Daytona27Ferrari 512 SIckx / SchettyFerrari s.p.a.DNF
1.2.197024 h Daytona28Ferrari 512 SAndretti / Merzario / IckxFerrari s.p.a.3rd
7.3.1970GP South Africa17Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxS.p.a. Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.DNF
7.3.1970GP South Africa17TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxS.p.a. Ferrari S.E.F.A.C.T-car
21.3.197012 h Sebring20Ferrari 512 SIckx / SchettyFerrari S.P.A., SEFACDNF
12.4.19701000 km Brands Hatch1Ferrari 512 SIckx / OliverFerrari S.P.A. Sefac8th
12.4.19701000 km Brands Hatch2Ferrari 512 SIn entry list onlyFerrari S.P.A. Sefac5th
12.4.1970Le Mans Test5Ferrari 512 SIckx / Giunti / SchettySpA Ferrari SEFAC2nd
19.4.1970GP Spain2Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
19.4.1970GP Spain2TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
25.4.19701000 km Monza2Ferrari 512 SIn entry list onlyFerrari S.p.A. SEFAC3rd
10.5.1970GP Monaco26Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
10.5.1970GP Monaco26TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
17.5.19701000 km Spa20Ferrari 512 SIckx / SurteesSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
31.5.19701000 km Nürburgring56Ferrari 512 SSurtees / Schetty / IckxFerrari s. p. a.DNS
7.6.1970GP Belgium26TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
7.6.1970GP Belgium27Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC8th
7.6.1970GP Belgium28Ferrari 312 BGiunti / *IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC4th
14.6.197024 h Le Mans5Ferrari 512 SIckx / SchettyS.E.F.A.C. FerrariDNF
14.6.197024 h Le Mans6Ferrari 512 SIn entry list onlyS.E.F.A.C. FerrariDNF
21.6.1970GP Netherlands25Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC3rd
21.6.1970GP Netherlands26Ferrari 312 BRegazzoni / *IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC4th
5.7.1970GP France10Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
5.7.1970GP France10TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
11.7.19706 h Watkins Glen91Ferrari 512 SIckx / SchettyFerrari S.P.A., SEFAC5th
12.7.1970Can-Am Watkins Glen91Ferrari 512 SJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A., SEFACDNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain3Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SEFACDNF
19.7.1970GP Great Britain3TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. SEFACT-car
2.8.1970GP Germany10Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFAC2nd
16.8.1970GP Austria12Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxFerrari S.P.A. Sefac1st
16.8.1970GP Austria12TFerrari 312 BIckx / GiuntiFerrari S.P.A. SefacT-car
6.9.1970GP Italy2Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
6.9.1970GP Italy2TFerrari 312 BJacky IckxSpa Ferrari SEFACT-car
20.9.1970GP Canada18Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxScuderia Ferrari1st
4.10.1970GP United States3Ferrari 312 BJacky IckxFerrari SPA SEFAC4th
11.10.19701000 km Zeltweg31Ferrari 512 MIckx / GiuntiSpa Ferrari SEFACDNF
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