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Year: 1956

17.3.1956BARC Goodwood [Novice Handicap]10Cooper T39Keith Greene1st
17.3.1956BARC Goodwood [S1.25]10Cooper T39Keith Greene5th
14.4.1956BARC Goodwood [S1.5]7Cooper T39Keith Greene3rd
14.4.1956BARC Goodwood [Handicap]7Cooper T39Keith Greene3rd
21.5.1956NSCC Mallory Park [S1.2]20Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
21.5.1956NSCC Mallory Park [S1.5]20Cooper T39Keith Greene5th
9.9.1956National Brands Hatch [Handicap]1Cooper T39Keith Greene1st
22.9.1956BARC Goodwood [S1.5]4Cooper T39Keith Greene6th
29.9.1956National Silverstone [S1.5]9Cooper T39Keith Greene4th
14.10.1956National Brands Hatch [F2]6Cooper T39Keith GreeneSyd Greene8th
14.10.1956National Brands Hatch [S1.2]6Cooper T39Keith GreeneSyd Greene6th

Year: 1957

31.3.1957SMRC Snetterton [S1.5]Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
22.4.1957Chichester Cup Goodwood44Cooper T39Keith GreeneGilby Eng.raced
11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [S1.25]Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
19.5.1957SMRC Snetterton [Formula Libre]Cooper T39Keith Greene4th
10.6.1957Whitsun Goodwood [Sports Unlimited]Cooper T39Keith Greene7th
10.6.1957Whitsun Goodwood [S1.1]Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
22.6.1957National Goodwood [S1.25]Cooper T39Keith Greene4th
22.6.1957National Goodwood [S1.5]Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
22.6.1957National Goodwood [Handicap]Cooper T39Keith Greene4th
28.7.1957National Snetterton [S1.1]52Cooper T39Keith GreeneGilby Engineering3rd
28.7.1957National Snetterton [Formula Libre]100Maserati 250FKeith GreeneGilby Engineering4th
31.8.1957BARC Goodwood [S1.5]Cooper T39Keith Greene2nd
31.8.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Cooper T39Keith Greene1st
31.8.1957BARC Goodwood [S1.25]Cooper T39Keith Greene3rd
28.9.1957National Goodwood [Handicap]48Cooper T39Keith GreeneGilby Eng.3rd
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood [S1.1]48Cooper T39Keith GreeneGilby Eng.raced
6.10.1957National Brands Hatch [S1.1]Cooper T39Keith Greene6th

Year: 1958

29.3.1958BARC Mallory Park [Unlimited A]17Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneS. G. Greene3rd
29.3.1958BARC Mallory Park [S1.1 A]17Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneS. G. Greene3rd
7.4.1958Goodwood [S1.1]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene?th
12.4.1958British Empire Trophy2Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Engineering8th
27.4.1958BARC Goodwood [S1.5]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene1st
27.4.1958BARC Goodwood [S1.25]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene1st
3.5.1958Daily Express Silverstone [S1.5]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene9th
1.6.19581000 km Nürburgring29Lotus ElevenPiper / GreeneDavid Piper15th
8.6.1958BRSCC Brands Hatch [S1.1]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene1st
19.7.1958GP Silverstone6Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Engineering7th
4.8.1958BRSCC Brands Hatch [S1.1]52Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Eng.DNF
23.8.1958BARC Goodwood [S1.5]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene2nd
23.8.1958BARC Goodwood [S1.1]Lotus ElevenKeith Greene2nd
30.8.1958Brands Hatch [S1.5]49Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby EngDNQ
13.9.1958Tourist Trophy46Lotus ElevenTaylor / GreeneGilby Engineering Co.10th
20.9.1958Oulton Park International [S1.1]91Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.raced
5.10.1958BRSCC Brands Hatch [S1.1]43Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Eng.4th
11.10.1958Snetterton [Sports]73Lotus ElevenKeith GreeneGilby Eng.DNA

Year: 1959

11.4.1959British Empire Trophy [S1.5]17Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.DNA
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S1.1]14Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.DNA
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S1.1]10Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Engineeringraced
10.5.1959GP Napoli [S1.5]Lotus Keith Greene3rd
7.6.19591000 km Nürburgring29Lotus 15Piper / GreeneDavid Piper29th
21.6.195924 h Le Mans53Lotus 17Stacey / GreeneTeam Lotus EngineeringDNF
12.7.1959GP RouenLotus ElevenKeith Greene12th
1.8.1959Whitchurch [S1.5]Lotus Keith Greene3rd
3.8.1959Brands Hatch [S1.1]44Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Eng.DNF
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S1.1]59Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Eng.6th
5.9.1959Tourist Trophy31Lotus 17Greene / MarshTeam Lotus11th
6.9.1959Snetterton [Formula Libre]14Cooper Keith GreeneGilby Engineering3rd
4.10.1959National Brands Hatch [S1.1]40Lotus 17Keith GreeneGilby Eng.4th
4.10.1959National Brands Hatch [R+1.1/S+1.2]59Cooper Keith GreeneGilby Eng.DNF

Year: 1960

18.4.1960Sussex Trophy Goodwood91Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.DNA
30.4.1960Aintree 200Gilby SportsKeith Greene?th
14.5.1960Silverstone International [S1.5]15Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Co.DNF
22.5.19601000 km Nürburgring24Lotus 15Greene / GrahamTaylor and Crawley Racing Team18th
19.6.1960SnettertonCooper Keith Greene2nd
10.7.1960Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [GT]65Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilby Eng. Co. Ltd.DNA
10.7.1960Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton [Formula Libre]124Cooper Keith GreeneGilby Eng. Co. Ltd.DNA
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International108Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilby Eng.9th
13.8.19606 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]1CGilby SportsKeith GreeneMixed ClimaxDNA
18.9.1960NSCC Mallory Park [SR1.1]31Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilbey Engineering Co. Ltd.DNA
16.10.1960BRSCC Brands Hatch [S1.5]96Gilby SportsKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Ltd.1st

Year: 1961

3.4.1961Fordwater Trophy Goodwood106Lotus EliteKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.raced
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [GT]24Porsche 356 CarreraKeith GreeneGilby Engineering Co. Ltd.14th
28.5.19611000 km NürburgringPorsche 356B CarreraGreene / PiperGilby EngineeringDNA
3.6.1961Peco Trophy Brands Hatch105Porsche 356 CarreraKeith GreeneGilby Eng.18th
9.7.1961Trophée d'AuvergnePorsche 356Keith Greene11th
23.7.1961Snetterton [Formula Libre]131Gilby F1Keith GreeneGilby Eng.1st
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy24Porsche 356B CarreraKeith GreeneGilby Engineering17th
20.8.1961WECC Snetterton [S1.1]Gilby SportsKeith Greene2nd
20.8.1961WECC Snetterton [Formula Libre]Gilby F1Keith Greene2nd
27.8.1961Roskilde GP [S1.6]Gilby SportsKeith Greene3rd

Year: 1963

17.3.1963SMRC Snetterton [Formula Libre]139Lotus 23Keith GreeneKeith Greene1st
17.3.1963SMRC Snetterton [SR]139Lotus 23Keith GreeneKeith Greene1st
30.3.1963Lombank Trophy Snetterton39Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. GreeneDNF
6.4.1963National Open Oulton Park [Sports]11Lotus 23Keith GreeneKeith Greene4th
15.4.1963Lavant Cup Goodwood27Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. Greene3rd
27.4.1963Aintree 200Lotus 23Keith Greene5th
11.5.1963Silverstone International27Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. GreeneDNA
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring16MG MidgetFoster / GreeneRichard W. Jacobs15th
25.5.1963AintreeLotus 23Keith Greene?th
3.6.1963Crystal Palace [S+1.15]14Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. Greene4th
20.7.1963GP Silverstone29Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. Greene3rd
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S2.0]47Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. Greene3rd
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy27MG MidgetFoster / *GreeneR. W. JacobsDNF
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy28MG MidgetHedges / GreeneR. W. Jacobs15th
7.9.1963Anerley Trophy Crystal Palace25Lotus 23Keith GreeneK. A. GreeneDNA
21.9.1963Gold Cup Oulton Park51Lotus 23Keith GreeneKeith A. Greene (Racing)4th
28.9.19633 h Autosport46Lotus 23Keith GreeneKeith Greene Racing8th

Year: 1964

30.3.1964Sussex Trophy Goodwood82MG MidgetIn entry list onlyR. W. Jacobs17th
11.4.1964National Open Oulton Park [GT]104MG MidgetKeith GreeneR. W. Jacobs8th
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