All Results of Keith Holland

Year: 1961

12.8.19616 h Relay Silverstone [Handicap]2TLotus ElevenKnight / HollandTeam Club LotusDNA
26.12.1961Brands Hatch [Sports]Lotus Keith Holland3rd

Year: 1962

28.4.1962SilverstoneMarcos GTKeith Holland?th
13.5.1962GP Berlin44GSM DeltaKeith HollandKeith Holland5th
15.7.1962Trophée d'AuvergneGSM DeltaHolland / WalkerHolland & ScottDNA
5.8.1962Rheinland Nürburgring70GSM DeltaKeith HollandHolland & Scott Racing PartnershipDNA
2.9.1962500 km Nürburgring91GSM DeltaHolland / WalkerHolland & Scott4th
29.9.19623 h Autosport23GSM DeltaKeith HollandWinspeed Speed EquipmentDNA

Year: 1963

6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch [S2.0]67Diva GTKeith HollandTeam DivaDNF

Year: 1967

30.7.19676 h Brands Hatch59Ford GT40Drury / HollandT. J. Drury14th
5.8.1967Crystal Palace [S/GT2.0]151Lotus 47Keith HollandMolash Racing PartnershipDNA
5.8.1967Crystal Palace [Marque +2.0]167Jaguar E-typeKeith HollandK. G. HollandDNA
26.12.1967Brands Hatch [S+2.0]101Jaguar E-typeKeith HollandK. G. HollandDNA

Year: 1968

7.4.19686 h Brands Hatch8Ford GT40Drury / HollandT. J. DruryDNF
25.4.19681000 km Monza48Ford GT40In entry list onlyTerry DruryDNF
27.4.1968Silverstone International4Lotus 47Keith HollandMolash Racing PartnershipDNA
5.5.1968Targa Florio136Ford GT40In entry list onlyT. J. Drury54th
19.5.19681000 km Nürburgring67Ford GT40In entry list onlyT. J. Drury35th
10.8.1968Birthday Cup CroftLotus 47Keith Hollandraced
11.8.1968Mallory Park [Special GT]Lotus 47Keith Holland5th
1.9.19686 h Surfers Paradise8Austin Mini CooperHolland / FrenchDon Holland Motors5th
2.9.1968Guards Brands Hatch146Lotus 47Keith HollandMolash Racing Partnership12th
29.9.196824 h Le Mans16Ford GT40Drury / HollandTerry DruryDNA

Year: 1970

26.4.1970International Trophy63Lola Keith HollandAlan FraserDNA

Year: 1971

24.10.1971Victory Race25McLaren M10BKeith HollandKeith Holland15th

Year: 1972

19.3.1972Race of Champions25McLaren M10BKeith HollandKeith HollandDNS
29.5.1972Gold Cup Oulton Park25McLaren M10BKeith HollandSaffery Auto'sDNF
28.8.1972Rothmans 50.00019Lola T190Keith HollandChris Featherstone13th
22.10.1972John Player Challenge Trophy55Chevron B24Keith HollandSid Taylor Racing11th

Year: 1973

17.3.1973Race of Champions25Trojan T101Keith HollandIan Ward RacingDNF
8.4.1973International Trophy25Trojan T101Keith HollandIan Ward Racing10th

Year: 1974

17.3.1974Race of Champions53Trojan T102Keith HollandIan Ward RacingDNS
7.4.1974International Trophy53Trojan T102Keith HollandIan Ward RacingDNS
29.9.19741000 km Brands Hatch33Lola T294Holland / Birchenhough / JoscelyneDorset Racing Associates10th
9.11.19746 h Kyalami15Lola T294Holland / BirchenhoughDorset FoodsDNF
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