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Year: 1955

14.5.1955National Crimond [Sports Unlimited]Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon2nd

Year: 1956

9.6.1956National Oulton Park [Production]Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon4th
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [Production]83Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon3rd
16.9.1956NSCC Mallory Park [S+2.7]74Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon3rd
22.9.19563 h Autosport7Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon8th
29.9.1956National Silverstone [Production]50Jaguar XK120Mike Salmon2nd

Year: 1957

11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon2nd
11.5.1957BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon6th
18.5.1957National Silverstone [Autosport Production]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon2nd
19.5.1957National Brands Hatch [Sports Unlimited]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmonraced
15.6.1957BARC Aintree [S2.0/S+2.0 non s/c]Jaguar C-typeMike SalmonM. Salmon7th
6.7.1957BRSCC Mallory Park [Autosport Production]51Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon3rd
28.7.1957National Snetterton [Autosport Production]26Jaguar C-typeMike SalmonEcurie Anglo-Belge6th
6.10.1957National Brands Hatch [Production]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon2nd

Year: 1958

29.3.1958BARC Mallory Park [Handicap B]44Jaguar C-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon4th
19.4.1958Aintree 200 [S+1.1]84Jaguar C-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motor Co. Ltd.13th
18.5.1958AMOC SilverstoneJaguar C-typeMike Salmon2nd
12.7.1958AMOC Silverstone [S+1.5]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon6th
4.8.1958National Brands Hatch [S+1.9]82Jaguar C-typeMike SalmonMike Salmonraced
10.8.1958SnettertonJaguar C-typeMike Salmon?th
7.9.1958Sunbac SilverstoneJaguar C-typeMike Salmonraced
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Jaguar C-typeMike Salmon?th

Year: 1959

18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]22Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMichael Salmon14th
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]27Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon10th
18.5.1959Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodJaguar D-typeMike Salmon?th
18.7.1959GP Aintree12Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. Salmon10th
2.8.1959Snetterton [Sports]Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon?th
3.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]72Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon?th
29.8.1959Brands Hatch [S+1.1]90Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon?th

Year: 1960

19.3.1960BARC Goodwood [Sports]Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. Salmon1st
19.3.1960BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. Salmonraced
26.3.1960Snetterton [S+1.1]Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon?th
2.4.1960Oulton Park [Sports]24Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motorsraced
14.5.1960Silverstone International27Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motor Ltd.8th
6.6.1960GoodwoodJaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon6th
25.6.1960BARC Goodwood35Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. SalmonDNA
1.8.1960AintreeJaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon3rd
16.10.1960Brands Hatch [S+1.5]72Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motor Co. Ltd.DNS

Year: 1961

11.3.1961BARC Goodwood [Handicap]Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. Salmonraced
11.3.1961BARC Goodwood [S+1.1]Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonM. Salmon4th
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [Sports]108Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motor Co. Ltd.5th
22.4.1961Aintree 200Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon?th
6.5.1961Silverstone International23Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonGerrards Cross Motor Co., Ltd.6th
22.5.1961Whitsun Trophy GoodwoodJaguar D-typeMike Salmon3rd
22.5.1961Whitsun Trophy Goodwood [Handicap]Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon3rd
18.6.1961Autosport Snetterton [GT+1.3/Sports]Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon1st
23.7.1961Autosport Snetterton [GT/S+1.3]58Jaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon1st
13.8.1961Aintree [Sports]Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon6th
20.8.1961Snetterton [S+1.1]Jaguar D-typeMike Salmon2nd
30.9.19613 h AutosportJaguar D-typeMike SalmonMike Salmon1st
1961Martini TrophyJaguar D-typeMike Salmon1st

Year: 1962

24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [Handicap]52Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. Salmonraced
24.3.1962BARC Goodwood [S/GT]52Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. Salmon3rd
7.4.1962National Open Oulton Park [GT]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmonraced
23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodAston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon?th
28.4.1962SilverstoneAston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon2nd
5.5.1962AMOC Silverstone [Handicap S+1.5]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon1st
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]35Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. Salmon6th
20.5.1962GP Spa [GT+1.3]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon5th
24.6.196224 h Le Mans14Aston Martin DB4 GTSalmon / BaillieMichael SalmonDNF
12.7.1962Silverstone [S+GT]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon4th
12.7.1962Silverstone [GT+ser.S]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon2nd
15.7.1962Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton82Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonMike Salmon10th
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch71Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. Salmon7th
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy4Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. SalmonDNF
29.9.19623 h Autosport40Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonM. Salmon?th
27.12.1962Brands Hatch [GT]Aston Martin DB4 GTMike Salmon2nd

Year: 1963

15.4.1963Sussex Trophy Goodwood46Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonAtherstone Engineering Ltd.5th
11.5.1963Silverstone International [GT]42Aston Martin DB4 GTIn entry list onlyAtherstone Engineering7th
19.5.19631000 km Nürburgring113Ferrari 250 GTKerrison / SalmonChris Kerrison8th
16.6.196324 h Le Mans12Ferrari 330 LMBSears / SalmonMaranello Concessionaires Ltd.5th
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch6Jaguar Mk IISalmon / SutcliffeAtherstone EngineeringDQ
13.7.1963Grovewood Trophy Mallory Park10Ferrari 250 GTOSalmonMaranello Concessionaires6th
20.7.1963GP Silverstone56Jaguar E-typeMike SalmonJohn Coombs8th
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch25Ferrari 250 GTOIn entry list onlyJohn Coombs5th
28.9.19633 h Autosport45Aston Martin DB4 GTIn entry list onlyB. Hetreedraced

Year: 1964

16.2.19642000 km Daytona26Aston Martin DP214Salvadori / SalmonDawnay RacingDNF
30.3.1964Sussex Trophy Goodwood66Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonDawnay Racing4th
2.5.1964Silverstone International [GT]33Aston Martin DP214Mike SalmonDawnay Racing2nd
17.5.1964500 km Spa6Aston Martin DP214Mike SalmonDawnay RacingDNF
31.5.19641000 km Nürburgring135Aston Martin DP214Salmon / KerrisonDawnay RacingDNS
22.6.196424 h Le Mans18Aston Martin DP214Salmon / SutcliffeMichael SalmonDNF
4.7.1964Martini Trophy Silverstone35Aston Martin DP214Mike SalmonDawnay Racing6th
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton64Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonDawnay Racing2nd
3.8.1964Guards Trophy Brands Hatch30Aston Martin DP214Mike SalmonDawnay Racing14th
29.8.1964Tourist Trophy34Aston Martin DP214Mike SalmonDawnay Racing13th
26.9.19643 h Autosport11Aston Martin DB4 GTMike SalmonMike SalmonDNF

Year: 1965

20.3.1965Senior Service Silverstone [GT]7Ferrari 250 GTOMike SalmonDawnay RacingDNA
19.4.1965Sussex Trophy Goodwood68Ferrari 250 GTOMike SalmonDawnay Racing4th
25.4.19651000 km Monza76Ferrari 250 LMIreland / SalmonMaranello Concessionaires6th
1.5.1965Tourist Trophy27Ferrari 250 GTOMike SalmonDanway Racing12th
16.5.1965500 km Spa35Ferrari 250 GTOMike SalmonDawnay Racing6th
23.5.19651000 km Nürburgring65Ferrari 250 GTOSalmon / KerrisonDawnay RacingDNF
7.6.1965Whitsun Goodwood83Ferrari 250 GTOMike SalmonDawnay RacingDNF
20.6.196524 h Le Mans23Ferrari 250 LMBianchi / SalmonMaranello Concessionaires Ltd.DNF
4.7.196512 h Reims7Ferrari 250 LMProtheroe / SalmonDick ProtheroeDNS
1965Oulton ParkFerrari 250 GTOMike Salmon5th

Year: 1966

8.5.1966500 mile Brands Hatch2Shelby CobraIn entry list onlyThe Chequered FlagDNF
8.5.1966500 mile Brands Hatch4Ford GT40In entry list onlyF. English Ltd.DNF
8.5.1966500 mile Brands Hatch11Ferrari 250 LMSalmon / HobbsD. Piper4th
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