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Year: 1955

30.5.1955National Crystal Palace [Sports Unlimited]70Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilbey Engineering2nd
12.6.195524 h Le Mans24Aston Martin DB3SSalvadori / WalkerAston Martin Ltd.DNF
12.6.195524 h Le MansTAston Martin DB3SCollins / Frère / Salvadori / WalkerAston Martin Ltd.T-car
19.6.1955GP Shell Imola44Cooper Roy SalvadoriDNF
25.6.1955National Snetterton [Handicap]4Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.1st
10.7.1955National Brands Hatch [S+1.9]50Cooper Roy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.2nd
16.7.1955British GP3Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriAston Martin1st
23.7.1955AMOC Silverstone [S+1.5]66Aston Martin DB3SRoy Salvadori2nd
23.7.1955AMOC Silverstone [Relay Handicap]Aston Martin DB3SRoy Salvadoriraced
30.7.1955Crystal Palace International [S2.0]70Cooper Roy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.6th
30.7.1955Crystal Palace International [Sports Unlimited]81Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriD. Brown1st
1.8.1955Brands Hatch International [S+1.9]52Cooper Roy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.4th
7.8.1955GP Sverige3Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriDavid Brown7th
13.8.1955Snetterton International [Formula Libre]127Maserati 250FRoy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.2nd
14.8.1955Snetterton International [S1.5]66Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriEq. Endeavour1st
14.8.1955Snetterton International [S+1.5]98Cooper Roy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.?th
20.8.19559 h Goodwood1Aston Martin DB3SParnell / SalvadoriAston MartinDNF
27.8.1955Oulton Park International56Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilbey Eng.8th
3.9.1955Aintree International [S1.5]38Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriEq. Endeavour4th
3.9.1955Aintree International68Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriRoy Salvadori 3rd
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy16Aston Martin DB3SIn entry list onlyAston Martin Ltd.DNF
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy17Aston Martin DB3SParnell / SalvadoriAston Martin Ltd.7th
18.9.1955Tourist Trophy18Aston Martin DB3SIn entry list onlyAston Martin Ltd.4th
1.10.1955Castle Combe International25Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriRoy SalvadoriDNF
1.10.1955Castle Combe International [S2.0]53Lister Roy SalvadoriRoy Salvadori3rd
1.10.1955Castle Combe International [Invitation S2.0]53Lister Roy SalvadoriRoy SalvadoriDNA
1.10.1955Castle Combe [Formula Libre] Maserati 250FRoy Salvadori4th

Year: 1956

24.3.195612 h Sebring27Aston Martin DB3SSalvadori / ShelbyDavid Brown & Sons, Ltd.4th
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [Formula Libre Handicap]10Maserati 250FRoy SalvadoriGilby Eng.4th
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [R2.0/S2.0]22Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S+1.5]59Aston Martin DB3SMoss / *SalvadoriGilby Engineering1st
2.4.1956Goodwood Easter [S1.5]69Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
14.4.1956British Empire Trophy1Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper3rd
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S+2.0]33Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriSalvadori1st
21.4.1956Aintree 200 [S2.0]65Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.2nd
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S1.5]4Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
5.5.1956Daily Express Silverstone [S+1.5]24Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriAston Martin1st
27.5.19561000 km Nürburgring10Aston Martin DB3SWalker / SalvadoriDavid BrownDNF
16.6.1956Circuito do Porto [S1.5]8Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S+1.5]33Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilby Engineering1st
23.6.1956Aintree 100 [S1.5]59Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNF
8.7.1956GP Rouen20Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriAston Martin5th
14.7.1956GP Silverstone [F2]1Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
14.7.1956GP Silverstone22Aston Martin DB3SSalvadoriAston Martin2nd
14.7.1956GP Silverstone23Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilby EngineeringDNS
22.7.1956National Snetterton [Formula Libre]10Maserati 250FRoy SalvadoriGilby Engineering1st
22.7.1956National Snetterton [S1.5]19Lotus ElevenRoy SalvadoriJ. Coombs1st
29.7.195624 h Le Mans9Aston Martin DB3SWalker / SalvadoriDavid BrownDNF
5.8.1956Rheinland Nürburgring [S1.5/GT+2.0]37Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Cars Co.3rd
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S1.5]15Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNQ
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [S+1.5]43Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriGilby Eng.DNA
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [Formula Libre]78Cooper T41Brabham / SalvadoriCooper Car Co.3rd
6.8.1956Brands Hatch [F2]78Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
18.8.1956Oulton Park [S+1.5]12Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriAston Martin4th
18.8.1956Oulton Park [S1.5]47Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNF
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy [S+1.5]5Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriAston Martin2nd
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy [2nd Handicap]5Aston Martin DB3SRoy SalvadoriD. Brownraced
8.9.1956Goodwood [F2]29Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
8.9.1956Goodwood Trophy [R2.0/S2.0]29Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
9.9.1956National Brands Hatch [F2]40Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNA
16.9.1956GP Berlin [S1.5]Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper6th
22.9.1956Oulton Park [F2]88Cooper T41Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.1st
30.9.1956Shell Cup ImolaCooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Cars Co.DNF
21.10.1956GP Roma [S1.5]Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNF

Year: 1957

23.3.195712 h Sebring21Maserati 250SSalvadori / ShelbyMaserati FactoryDNF
23.3.195712 h Sebring22Maserati 150SBonnier / Scarlatti / *SalvadoriA. V. DaytonDNF
6.4.1957British Empire Trophy [S2.0]42Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNA
6.4.1957British Empire Trophy50Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriD. Brown (Aston Martin) Ltd.2nd
22.4.1957Chichester Cup Goodwood29Cooper T39Roy SalvadoriCooper Car Co.DNF
22.4.1957Sussex Trophy Goodwood73Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriAston Martin2nd
12.5.1957GP Spa28Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriAston Martin2nd
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring12Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / LestonDavid Brown6th
26.5.19571000 km Nürburgring14Aston Martin DBR1Brooks / Cunningham-Reid / *SalvadoriDavid Brown1st
9.6.1957National Brands Hatch [S2.0]Cooper T39Roy Salvadori2nd
10.6.1957National Crystal Palace [S2.0]Cooper T39Roy Salvadori2nd
23.6.195724 h Le Mans19Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / LestonD. BrownDNF
20.7.1957Aintree International5Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriAston Martin2nd
11.8.1957GP Sverige32Maserati 200SReventlow / SalvadoriLance ReventlowDNA
25.8.1957GP RACB Spa11Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriAston Martin Ltd.4th
14.9.1957Silverstone International [S+1.5]73Aston Martin DBR1Lewis-Evans / *SalvadoriDavid Brown6th
14.9.1957Silverstone International [S+1.5]74Aston Martin DBR2SalvadoriDavid Brown1st
28.9.1957National Open Goodwood Trophy22Lotus ElevenRoy SalvadoriJ. Coombs4th

Year: 1958

22.3.195812 h Sebring25Aston Martin DBR1Shelby / SalvadoriDavid BrownDNF
7.4.1958Goodwood [S1.1]Lotus ElevenRoy Salvadori3rd
12.4.1958British Empire Trophy54Lotus 15Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing OrganisationDNF
19.4.1958Aintree 200 [S+1.1]68Aston Martin DBR2Roy SalvadoriDavid Brown2nd
3.5.1958Daily Express Silverstone [S+1.5]15Aston Martin DBR2Roy SalvadoriDavid Brown4th
3.5.1958Daily Express Silverstone [S1.5]Lotus 15Roy SalvadoriJohn CoombsDNF
1.6.19581000 km Nürburgring3Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / ShelbyDavid Brown, Aston Martin Ltd.DNF
22.6.195824 h Le Mans3Aston Martin DBR1In entry list onlyDavid Brown Racing Dept.DNF
22.6.195824 h Le Mans4Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / Lewis-EvansDavid Brown Racing Dept.DNF
19.7.1958GP Silverstone20Lotus 15Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
13.9.1958Tourist Trophy8Aston Martin DBR1Shelby / Lewis-Evans / *SalvadoriDavid Brown Ltd.3rd
13.9.1958Tourist Trophy9Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / BrabhamDavid Brown Ltd.2nd
20.9.1958Oulton Park [S+1.1]Lotus 15Roy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
12.10.1958USAC Riverside159Aston Martin DBR1Roy SalvadoriDavid Brown6th

Year: 1959

8.3.1959USAC Pomona27Lotus ElevenSalvadoriSkip ConklinDNF
8.3.1959USAC Pomona249Aston Martin DBR2Roy SalvadoriDNS
21.3.195912 h Sebring1Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / ShelbyDavid Brown-Aston MartinDNF
30.3.1959Goodwood [S+1.1]57Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs4th
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