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Year: 1959

11.4.1959British Empire Trophy4Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
18.4.1959Aintree 200 [S+1.1]2Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation1st
2.5.1959Silverstone International [S+1.1]33Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJ. Coombs1st
2.5.1959Silverstone International [GT]53Jaguar Mk ISalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
18.5.1959National Open Crystal Palace [S1.5]Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
18.5.1959National Open Crystal Palace [S+1.5]Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
21.6.195924 h Le Mans5Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / ShelbyDavid Brown Racing Dept.1st
28.6.1959BRSCC Mallory Park [S+1.2]Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs4th
18.7.1959GP Aintree14Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJ. CoombsDNA
16.8.1959Roskilde Ring [S+1.6]Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombsraced
5.9.1959Tourist Trophy1Aston Martin DBR1Moss / SalvadoriDavid BrownDNF
5.9.1959Tourist Trophy2Aston Martin DBR1Shelby / Fairman / Moss / *SalvadoriDavid Brown1st
5.9.1959Tourist TrophyTAston Martin DBR1Frère / Fairman / Salvadori / MossDavid BrownT-car
26.9.1959Oulton Park [Closed]Jaguar Mk IRoy Salvadori1st
29.11.1959Preliminary Nassau TT [GT+2.0]73Austin-Healey 100Roy SalvadoriDonald Healey2nd
29.11.1959Nassau TT73Austin-Healey 100Roy SalvadoriDonald HealeyDNF
6.12.1959Nassau Trophy73Austin-Healey 100Roy SalvadoriDonald Healey60th

Year: 1960

28.2.1960GP CubaCooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriDNA
18.4.1960Sussex Trophy Goodwood83Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
18.4.1960Fordwater Trophy GoodwoodJaguar Mk IIRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
30.4.1960Aintree 20020Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
7.5.1960Oulton Park [Sports]Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
14.5.1960Silverstone International9Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
22.5.19601000 km Nürburgring8Aston Martin DBR1Clark / SalvadoriBorder ReiversDNF
26.6.196024 h Le Mans7Aston Martin DBR1Clark / SalvadoriBorder Reivers3rd
1.8.1960Brands Hatch International91Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJ. Coombs1st
20.8.1960Tourist Trophy9Aston Martin DB4 GTSalvadoriEssex Racing Team2nd
9.10.1960Formula Libre Watkins Glen8Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs3rd
16.10.1960200 mile Riverside11Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriEcurie Ecosse6th
23.10.19601000 km Paris9Aston Martin DB4 GTSalvadori / IrelandEssex Racing Team6th
4.12.1960Nassau Trophy3 Roy SalvadoriDNA

Year: 1961

25.3.1961Lombank Trophy Snetterton26Aston Martin DB4 GTRoy SalvadoriJ. Ogier3rd
3.4.1961Fordwater Trophy Goodwood96Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJ. Coombs Racing OrganisationDNA
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [GT]5Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs3rd
15.4.1961National Open Oulton Park [Sports]115Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisationraced
6.5.1961Silverstone International15Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs Racing Organisation2nd
21.5.1961National Open Crystal Palace [GT]5Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs1st
21.5.1961National Open Crystal Palace [Sports]Cooper MonacoRoy Salvadori1st
28.5.19611000 km NürburgringAston Martin DB4 GTSalvadori / MaggsEssex Racing TeamDNA
3.6.1961Peco Trophy Brands Hatch90Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
11.6.196124 h Le Mans4Aston Martin DBR1Salvadori / MaggsEssex Racing TeamDNF
8.7.1961British Empire Trophy35Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs5th
23.7.1961Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton30Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
7.8.1961Peco Trophy Brands HatchJaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs3rd
19.8.1961Tourist Trophy1Aston Martin DB4 GTRoy SalvadoriEssex Racing Team3rd
30.9.1961Molyslip Trophy SnettertonJaguar E-typeRoy Salvadori2nd

Year: 1962

23.4.1962Sussex Trophy GoodwoodJaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn CoombsDNF
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]33Aston Martin DB4 GTHill / SalvadoriJohn CoombsDNA
12.5.1962Silverstone International [GT]39Jaguar E-typeIn entry list onlyJohn Coombs3rd
25.5.1962Brands Hatch [GT]Aston Martin DB4 GTRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
24.6.196224 h Le Mans3Maserati Tipo 151Kimberly / Thompson / *SalvadoriBriggs CunninghamDNF
24.6.196224 h Le Mans10Jaguar E-typeCunningham / SalvadoriBriggs Cunningham4th
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch69Jaguar E-typeIn entry list onlyJohn Coombs5th
6.8.1962Peco Trophy Brands Hatch75Ferrari 250 GTORoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs2nd
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy10Ferrari 250 GTOIn entry list onlyJohn Coombs2nd
18.8.1962Tourist Trophy11Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJohn Coombs4th

Year: 1963

30.3.1963Lombank Trophy Snetterton48Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins2nd
15.4.1963Lavant Cup Goodwood18Cooper MonacoRoy Salvadori1st
15.4.1963Sussex Trophy Goodwood48Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriC. T. 'Tommy' Atkins3rd
27.4.1963Aintree 200Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins1st
11.5.1963Silverstone International43Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins1st
11.5.1963Silverstone International [GT]44Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins2nd
3.6.1963Crystal Palace [S+1.15]4Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins?th
16.6.196324 h Le Mans16Jaguar E-typeRichards / SalvadoriBriggs S. CunninghamDNF
30.6.1963GP Reims28Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNF
6.7.19636 h Brands Hatch5Jaguar Mk IISalvadori / HulmeTommy Atkins1st
13.7.19633 h Mallory Park10Fiat-Abarth 850 TCSalvadori / WicksRadbourne RacingDNA
13.7.1963Grovewood Trophy Mallory ParkJaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins3rd
20.7.1963GP Silverstone41Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins1st
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch4Aston Martin DP215Kimberly / McLaren / SalvadoriDavid BrownDNS
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch10Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins2nd
6.8.1963Guards Trophy Brands Hatch23Aston Martin DP214Ireland / *SalvadoriDavid Brown6th
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy9Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins3rd
24.8.1963Tourist Trophy10Jaguar E-typeIn entry list onlyJohn Coombs4th
8.9.1963Coppa Inter-Europa [GT+2.0]46Aston Martin DP214Roy SalvadoriDavid Brown/Aston Martin Lagonda1st
21.9.1963Gold Cup Oulton Park56Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins1st
28.9.19633 h Autosport44Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriG. T. AtkinsDNF
13.10.1963200 mile Riverside14Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins7th
1963Peco Trophy Brands HatchFerrari 250 GTOParkes / Salvadoriraced

Year: 1964

16.2.19642000 km Daytona26Aston Martin DP214Salvadori / SalmonDawnay RacingDNF
30.3.1964Sussex Trophy Goodwood65Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriJ. CoombsDNA
11.4.1964Oulton Park Trophy1Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNS
19.4.1964Le Mans Test10Ford GT40Roy SalvadoriFord Advanced Vehicles19th
2.5.1964Silverstone International [GT]38Jaguar E-typeRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins5th
2.5.1964Silverstone International56Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins2nd
18.5.1964Whitsun Trophy Goodwood1Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins1st
22.6.196424 h Le Mans10Ford GT40In entry list onlyFord Motor Co.DNF
4.7.1964Martini Trophy Silverstone37Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNS
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch1Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins3rd
11.7.1964GP Brands Hatch [GT]31AC CobraRoy SalvadoriC. T. Atkins3rd
19.7.1964Scott-Brown Memorial Snetterton66Ferrari 250 LMRoy SalvadoriMaranello Concessionaires1st
3.8.1964Guards Trophy Brands Hatch3Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNF
29.8.1964Tourist Trophy25Shelby CobraRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNF
6.9.1964Coppa Inter-Europa41Ferrari 250 LMRoy SalvadoriMaranello Concessionaires2nd
26.9.19643 h Autosport3Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriC. T. AtkinsDNF

Year: 1965

20.3.1965Senior Service Silverstone12Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriFord Advanced Vehicles Ltd.raced
19.4.1965Lavant Cup Goodwood40Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriFord Advanced Vehicles Ltd.DNS
19.4.1965Sussex Trophy Goodwood62Shelby CobraRoy SalvadoriFord Advanced Vehicles Ltd.DNA
24.4.1965Oulton Park [Clubman+GT1.15]Lotus SevenSalvadoriDNF
1.5.1965Tourist Trophy20Cooper MonacoRoy SalvadoriFord Advanced Vehicles Ltd.DNA
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