Event: Date: 11.5.2019
Track: Monza (Italy), 5.793 kmsOrganiser: unknown

LM Cup Monza

Le Mans Cup (round 2)

(Car Appearance)

2Norma M30 NissanNielsen Racingclosedmid
3Norma M30 NissanDKR Engineeringclosedmid
4Ligier JS P3 NissanCool Racingclosedmid
5Norma M30 NissanDKR Engineeringclosedmid
7Mercedes-AMG GT3Scuderia Villorba Corseclosedfront
8Ferrari 488 GT3Kessel Racingclosedmid
9Norma M30 NissanGraffclosedmid
11Norma M30 NissanRacing Experienceclosedmid
14Ligier JS P3 NissanRLR MSportclosedmid
16Ligier JS P3 NissanBHK Motorsportclosedmid
20Norma M30 NissanGrainMarket Racingclosedmid
22Ligier JS P3 NissanUnited Autosportsclosedmid
23Ligier JS P3 NissanUnited Autosportsclosedmid
24Ligier JS P3 NissanUnited Autosportsclosedmid
25Norma M30 NissanLanan Racingclosedmid
30Norma M30 NissanCD Sportclosedmid
35Mercedes-AMG GT3Krypton Motorsportclosedfront
39Norma M30 NissanGraffclosedmid
43Ligier JS P3 NissanKeo Racingclosedmid
50Ferrari 488 GT3Kessel Racingclosedmid
51Ferrari 488 GT3Spirit of Raceclosedmid
54Mercedes-AMG GT3SPS AutomotivePerformanceclosedfront
55Ligier JS P3 NissanSpirit of Raceclosedmid
71Ferrari 488 GT3Luzich Racingclosedmid
74Ligier JS P3 NissanCool Racingclosedmid
83Lamborghini Huracan GT3Scuderia Villorba Corseclosedmid
88Porsche 991 GT3 REbimotorsclosedrear
90Ligier JS P3 NissanAT Racingclosedmid
96Ligier JS P3 NissanCool Racingclosedmid
99Aston Martin Vantage GT3Beechdean AMRclosedfront

Entered cars that did not arrive:

12Ligier JS P3 NissanEurointernationalclosedmid
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33 - Alfa Romeo 1600 GTV