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Event: Motul Petit Le MansDate: 12.10.2019
Track: Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta (United States), 4.088 kmsOrganiser: unknown

Petit Le Mans

Start time:12:05
Grid:2-2-2, rolling start
Distance:10 hours
Daytona Prototype International1111
Le Mans Prototype 222
Grand Touring Le Mans99
Grand Touring Daytona1212
Pre-race sessions:
4 non-qualifying practice sessions held for a total of 270 minutes on 10-11/10
1 qualifying session held for a total of 15 minutes on 11/10
20 minute pre-race warm-up held
Overall:31Cadillac DPiNasr / Derani / Curran
Le Mans Prototype 2:52ORECA LMP2McMurry / Aubry / Kellett
Grand Touring Le Mans:62Ferrari 488 GTECalado / Pier Guidi / Serra
Grand Touring Daytona:96BMW M6 GT3Foley / Auberlen / Machavern
laps 1-135:31Cadillac DPi
laps 136-151:5Cadillac DPi
laps 152-153:77Mazda DPi
laps 154-158:31Cadillac DPi
laps 159-178:5Cadillac DPi
lap 179:77Mazda DPi
laps 180-186:31Cadillac DPi
laps 187-206:5Cadillac DPi
laps 207-208:77Mazda DPi
laps 209-234:5Cadillac DPi
laps 235-239:77Mazda DPi
laps 240-241:10Cadillac DPi
laps 242-263:6Acura DPi
laps 264-266:77Mazda DPi
laps 267-271:10Cadillac DPi
laps 272-295:77Mazda DPi
laps 296-300:10Cadillac DPi
laps 301-324:77Mazda DPi
laps 325-328:10Cadillac DPi
laps 329-341:77Mazda DPi
laps 342-345:5Cadillac DPi
laps 346-353:77Mazda DPi
laps 354-356:10Cadillac DPi
laps 357-374:5Cadillac DPi
laps 375-383:77Mazda DPi
laps 384-404:5Cadillac DPi
laps 405-412:77Mazda DPi
laps 413-430:5Cadillac DPi
laps 431-440:77Mazda DPi
laps 441-447:5Cadillac DPi
laps 448-465:31Cadillac DPi
Fastest Laps:
Overall:31Cadillac DPiFelipe Nasr (BR)1:08.869213.677 km/hlap 9
Le Mans Prototype 2:52ORECA LMP2Gabriel Aubry (F)1:11.867204.763 km/hlap 119
Grand Touring Le Mans:67Ford GTRyan Briscoe (AUS)1:16.542192.257 km/hlap 421
Grand Touring Daytona:47Lamborghini Huracan GT3Shinya Michimi (J)1:19.767184.484 km/hlap 272
Pole Positions:
Overall:31Cadillac DPiFelipe Nasr (BR)1:08.457214.963 km/h
Le Mans Prototype 2:38ORECA LMP2Kyle Masson (USA)1:10.722208.079 km/h
Grand Touring Le Mans:62Ferrari 488 GTEJames Calado (GB)1:15.639194.552 km/h
Grand Touring Daytona:48Lamborghini Huracan GT3Corey Lewis (USA)1:19.530185.034 km/h
Notes of interest:
Top makes by numbers:Cadillac (6), Acura (4), BMW (3), Porsche (3), Lamborghini (3)
Top engines by numbers:Cadillac (6), Acura (4), BMW (3), Porsche (3), Lamborghini (3)
Top car types by numbers:Cadillac DPi (6), Lamborghini Huracán (3), Acura DPi (2), Mazda DPi (2), Ford GT (2), BMW M8 GTE (2), Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (2), Porsche 911 RSR (2), Acura NSX (2), Lexus RC F (2)
Driver nationalities:USA (40), GB (11), F (10), D (7), CDN (6), BR (5), CH (3), CO (2), A (2), DK (2), NL (2), NZ (2), P (2), SF (2)
Oldest known drivers:Bill Auberlen (51), Oliver Gavin (47), Jan Magnussen (46)
Youngest known drivers:Matthew McMurry (22), René Binder (27), Jesse Krohn (29)
Woman drivers:Katherine Legge, Christina Nielsen

Official Race Programme:

CoverEntry ListScheduleTrack Map
Programme cover is not available.Entry list is not available.Schedule of events is not available.Track map is not available.
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55 - Porsche 550 RS Spyder - Sam Weiss