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Year: 2019

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.11.20199 h Kyalami

Year: 2000

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.11.2000SportsRacing World Cup Kyalami

Year: 1999

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.11.19992 h 30 min Kyalami

Year: 1998

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.12.19982 h 30 min Kyalami

Year: 1988

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.11.1988Kyalami 500 Kilometres

Year: 1987

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.12.1987Group C2 Kyalami
28.11.1987Kyalami 500 Kilometres

Year: 1986

DateRaceProgramme scans
23.11.1986Kyalami 500 Kilometres

Year: 1984

DateRaceProgramme scans
3.11.1984Kyalami 1000 Kilometres

Year: 1983

DateRaceProgramme scans
10.12.1983Kyalami 1000 Kilometres

Year: 1982

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.11.1982Kyalami 9 Hours
23.1.1982GP South Africa

Year: 1981

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.11.1981Kyalami 9 Hours
7.2.1981GP South Africa

Year: 1980

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.3.1980GP South Africa

Year: 1979

DateRaceProgramme scans
30.11.1979Kyalami 1000 Kilometres
3.3.1979GP South Africa

Year: 1978

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.11.1978Kyalami 1000 Kilometres
4.3.1978GP South Africa

Year: 1977

DateRaceProgramme scans
5.11.1977Kyalami 1000 Kilometres
5.3.1977GP South Africa

Year: 1976

DateRaceProgramme scans
6.11.1976Kyalami 1000 Kilometres
6.3.1976GP South Africa

Year: 1975

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.11.1975Kyalami 1000 Kilometres
1.3.1975GP South Africa

Year: 1974

DateRaceProgramme scans
9.11.1974Kyalami 6 Hours
30.3.1974GP South Africa

Year: 1973

DateRaceProgramme scans
1.12.19733 h Goldfields
17.11.1973Cape Town
3.11.1973Kyalami 9 Hours
21.4.1973500 km Roy Hesketh
3.3.1973GP South Africa

Year: 1972

DateRaceProgramme scans
17.12.1972Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
2.12.19723 h Goldfields
18.11.19723 h Cape Town
4.11.1972Kyalami 9 Hours
3.4.1972South African 6 Hours
4.3.1972GP South Africa

Year: 1971

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.12.1971Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
11.12.19713 h Goldfields
20.11.19713 h Cape Town
6.11.1971Kyalami 9 Hours
10.4.1971South African 6 Hours
6.3.1971GP South Africa

Year: 1970

DateRaceProgramme scans
2.1.1971Goldfields 3 Hours
27.12.1970Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
21.11.19703 h Cape Town
7.11.1970Kyalami 9 Hours
28.3.1970South African 6 Hours
7.3.1970GP South Africa

Year: 1969

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.12.1969Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
22.11.1969Cape Town 3 Hours
8.11.1969Kyalami 9 Hours
29.6.1969Roy Hesketh
5.4.1969South African 6 Hours

Year: 1968

DateRaceProgramme scans
4.1.1969500 km East London
26.12.1968Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
23.11.19683 h Cape Town
9.11.1968Kyalami 9 Hours
5.10.1968SA SCC Kyalami RST
31.8.1968SA SCC Killarney
3.8.1968SA SCC Kyalami RWT
8.7.1968SA SCC East London
22.6.1968SA SCC Roy Hesketh
1.6.1968SA SCC Kyalami
15.4.1968SA SCC Roy Hesketh
13.4.1968South African 6 Hours
30.3.1968Kyalami Handicap
6.1.1968SA SCC Cape Town
1.1.1968STP Sports Car Kyalami

Year: 1967

DateRaceProgramme scans
26.12.1967Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
18.11.19673 h Cape Town
4.11.1967Kyalami 9 Hours
7.10.1967SA SCC Kyalami RST
9.9.1967SA SCC Killarney
27.8.1967SA SCC Roy Hesketh
9.7.1967SA SCC Roy Hesketh
8.4.1967SA SCC Killarney
27.3.1967SA SCC Roy Hesketh
25.3.1967South African 6 Hours
4.3.1967South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Rand Autumn Trophy
7.1.1967SA SCC Killarney
2.1.1967SA SCC Kyalami

Year: 1966

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.12.1966Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
19.11.19663 h Cape Town
5.11.1966Kyalami 9 Hours
10.10.1966SA SCC Kyalami RST
3.9.1966SA SCC Killarney
21.8.1966SA SCC Roy Hesketh
6.8.1966SA SCC Kyalami RWT
11.7.1966SA SCC East London
26.6.1966SA SCC Roy Hesketh
28.5.1966SA SCC Kyalami
11.4.1966SA SCC Roy Hesketh
9.4.1966South African 6 Hours
5.3.1966South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Rand Autumn Trophy

Year: 1965

DateRaceProgramme scans
8.1.1966Springbok Cape Town
1.1.1966East London [T/GT1.6]
1.1.1966East London [T/GT+1.6]
1.1.1966Springbok East London
27.12.1965Roy Hesketh 3 Hours
4.12.1965South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Grand Prix
22.11.19653 h Cape Town
6.11.1965Kyalami 9 Hours
20.10.1965SA SCC Kyalami RST
4.9.1965SA SCC Killarney
22.8.1965SA SCC Roy Hesketh
7.8.1965SA SCC Kyalami RWT
12.7.1965SA SCC East London
20.6.1965SA SCC Roy Hesketh
5.6.1965SA SCC Kyalami
19.4.1965SA SCC Roy Hesketh
17.4.1965South African 6 Hours
6.3.1965South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Rand Autumn Trophy
13.1.19653 h Roy Hesketh
9.1.1965SA SCC Killarney
1.1.1965SA SCC East London
1.1.1965East London
12.12.1964South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Grand Prix

Year: 1964

DateRaceProgramme scans
1964Tractor Trophy East London
31.10.1964Kyalami 9 Hours
10.10.1964SA SCC Kyalami RST
19.9.1964SA SCC Killarney
23.8.1964SA SCC Roy Hesketh
1.8.1964SA SCC Kyalami RWT
13.7.1964SA SCC East London
21.6.1964SA SCC Roy Hesketh
1.6.1964SA SCC Kyalami
9.5.19643 h Cape Town
28.3.1964South African 6 Hours
29.2.1964South African Sports Car Championship Kyalami Rand Autumn Trophy
2.2.1964SA SCC Roy Hesketh
4.1.1964SA SCC Killarney

Year: 1963

DateRaceProgramme scans
28.12.1963GP East London
14.12.1963Kyalami GP
2.11.1963Kyalami 9 Hours
10.10.1963Kyalami [GT]
10.10.1963Kyalami [Sports]
21.9.196324 min Killarney
3.8.1963Kyalami RWT [Sports]
3.8.1963Kyalami RWT [GT]
8.7.1963East London [S/GT]
8.7.1963East London [S/GT/T]
29.6.1963Killarney 2 Hours
22.6.1963Roy Hesketh [S/GT]
6.6.1963Kyalami [GT]
6.6.1963Kyalami [Sports]
18.5.1963South African 6 Hours
30.3.1963Kyalami [GT]
30.3.1963Kyalami [Sports]
9.2.19632 h Roy Hesketh

Year: 1962

DateRaceProgramme scans
29.12.1962East London
22.12.1962Westmead [Sprots]
15.12.1962Kyalami GP [GT]
15.12.1962Kyalami GP [Sports]
3.11.1962Kyalami 9 Hours
10.10.1962Kyalami [Sports/GT]
4.8.1962Kyalami RWT [Sports/GT]
15.7.1962Westmead [S/GT/T]
30.6.1962Kyalami [Sports/GT]
9.6.1962Killarney 2 Hours
23.4.1962Westmead [S/GT]
21.4.19626 h South Africa
7.4.19621 h Roy Hesketh

Year: 1961

DateRaceProgramme scans
1961East London
26.12.1961GP East London
4.11.1961Kyalami 9 Hours
12.8.1961Grand Central
10.7.1961East London
3.6.1961Grand Central
1.4.1961South African 6 Hours
17.3.1961Grand Central

Year: 1960

DateRaceProgramme scans
27.12.1960South African Grand Prix - Formula Libre
29.10.1960Johannesburg 9 Hours
11.7.19602 h East London
31.5.1960Grand Central
18.4.1960Roy Hesketh [Handicap]
18.4.1960Roy Hesketh [Handicap]
16.4.1960South African 6 Hours
19.3.1960Grand Central
7.2.1960Roy Hesketh [Handicap]
1.1.1960South African Grand Prix - Formula Libre

Year: 1959

DateRaceProgramme scans
7.11.1959Killarney 2 Hours
6.10.1959Johannesburg 9 Hours
13.7.1959East London [Handicap]
28.3.1959South African 6 Hours

Year: 1958

DateRaceProgramme scans
15.11.1958Johannesburg 9 Hours
1.11.19584 h Cape Town
12.4.1958Grand Central
5.4.1958South African 6 Hours
1.3.1958Grand Central

Year: 1957

DateRaceProgramme scans
12.10.1957Grand Central
8.7.1957East London-Esplanade
20.4.1957South African 6 Hours
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