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Mercedes-Benz Celebrates AMG’s 55th Anniversary

Starting With a Special G63

German automaker builds up on the G-Wagon hype by enhancing its widely popular version with a series of external and internal appearance upgrades

It was easy to figure that Mercedes-Benz would never just quietly watch BMW get all the spotlights because of its 50th anniversary. The Affalterbach company decided to celebrate the 55th anniversary of AMG, the tuner whose famous and long-time partnership with Mercedes-Benz eventually earned it the status of wholly owned division and, later, part of the newly formed Mercedes-AMG division.

This week, the party was started with the G63, which is one of the most popular AMG versions ever created – the unlikely combination of supercar-standard performance and military-vehicle design is precisely one of the reasons why people love it so much. The rugged SUV is now available with the “Edition 55”, which is basically filled with many visual accessories and some exclusive style tweaks.

What is new in the Edition 55?

First of all, it only comes in Obsidian metallic black or in Opaline bright white, the latter provided by the G manufaktur division. External changes also include the famous 22” forged wheels with double spokes, this time finished in matte Tantalum gray with high-sheen rim, and the AMG Night Packages I and II, which give high-gloss black trim to several parts and silver chrome trim to the fuel tank cap.

The cabin features an exclusive trim that combines black and red Nappa leather and stainless-steel trim in a way that manages to be more flashy than tacky. AMG and Edition 55 logos appear in many places, such as the illuminated door sills and the microfiber-wrapped Mercedes steering wheel. A noteworthy exclusivity is the presence of the red color: it appears on the door panels and on the whole seats.

Was the performance changed?

Honestly, not this time. Opening the hood reveals the same G63 to which we are used: it features a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 engine good for 577 hp of power and 627 lb-ft of torque, all-wheel drive, and a nine-speed automatic transmission. While countless independent tuners have designed performance upgrades to increase those figures, the truth is that the stock package is already great.

Considering that this SUV will cost around $177.000 in Europe, it is highly unlikely that owners will want to take it off-road. However, if any of them ever changes their mind, the G63 AMG Edition 55 is going to be ready for it: besides the standard AWD, it offers front, rear, and central differential locks, adaptive dampers, and double-wishbone suspension to make it just as capable off the road.

How can I get such an SUV?

This model is actually available as a $19.719 option package added to the regular G63 AMG, but it is only available in Europe. You always have the interesting alternative of upgrading the G-Class you already drive, and this is where Mercteil shines: we have a long list of genuine parts, all of them available on our online catalog. You may also like to know that we ship them to wherever you live.

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