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Andretti's Rejected 2026 Bid to Join F1

Will It Change Should They Reapply for 2028?

Despite passing the initial approval process to join the Formula 1 grid as an 11th team, F1 chiefs have rejected Andretti's bid, outlining several reasons why an additional team wouldn't provide value to the Championship.

However, in a glimmer of hope for Andretti, F1 chiefs said they would look differently on their application if they reapplied in four years. Let's dive straight in to find out why this might be.

What is Andretti Autosport, and who is Michael Andretti?

Michael Andretti is the son of Mario Andretti, one-time Formula One World Championship winner at the 1978 Dutch Grand Prix. He is also the head of the Andretti racing empire.

In 2023, Andretti launched a bid to have his team, Andretti Autosport (Andretti Formula Racing LLC), become the newest Formula 1 racing team, meaning they would be the 11th team in F1.

The bid was initially accepted in early October last year by the International Automobile Federation (FIA) – Formula One's official governing body, but it was never finalised.

It was part of an ongoing approval process by the commercial rights holder. Formula One, owned by Liberty Media, started a formal process to find new F1 teams in February 2023, and their aim was to have any new successful applicants join the 2025, 2026, or 2027 F1 season.

Andretti Autosport was the only potential team that fits the bill by fulfilling most of the selection criteria. At the time, it was reported that Andretti Global and General Motors would compete under the Cadillac brand and at least one of their drivers would be from the US.

If they were successful in their bid and the approval process was completed, Alpine, which Renault owns, was said to be the one who would supply Andretti's team with the engines (power units).

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Why did Formula One Management deny Andretti's team a chance to compete?

Formula One Management gave several reasons for its decision to deny Andretti's team a chance to become the 11th racing team in F1. They said that the applicant would not be a competitive participant.

They also added that the prestige and standing of the F1 Championship could be damaged by the need for any new team to require a compulsory power unit supply, possibly for a period of more than one season. However, Andretti's team strongly disagreed with the decision.

F1 stated that they would have entered the Championship requiring a customer engine supply from one of F1's existing manufacturers.

However, Cadillac's owner, GM (General Motors), did apply to become an F1 power-unit manufacturer, but not until 2028, which is why it is more likely that team Andretti's bid to be the 11th F1 team will be successful should they reapply at this time.

By this time, they would not have to rely on another F1 team to supply power units and could provide the engines themselves. An 11th team that joins F1 must bring a benefit to the Championship.

F1 chiefs even went as far as to say that being included as the 11th F1 team would bring far more value to the Andretti brand than the team would bring to F1. Other teams have also said they do not want the prize pool being split 11 ways and that they would suffer a loss of income if they were to join.


Although the Formula One Management decision is a huge blow for Michael Andretti and his team, they now have a clearer understanding of what it is they must work toward before they next apply to be the 11th F1 racing team.

The decision means they will have to wait a few more years to become an official F1 team, and if they can prove they can add value to F1, there's no reason why their application shouldn't be successful next time. We will just have to wait and see.

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