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Automotive and Motorsport: racing-or-road-cars--where-to-work

In this era of speed, the automotive and motorsport industries are among the fastest-growing sectors of the world. The automotive industry plays an important part in everyday life, while motorsport is one of the primary sources of entertainment. Anybody who loves cars ( or any vehicle with an engine ) would like to have a career opportunity in these industries. Automotive and motorsport industries sound similar, and they are quite related to, but they are different from each other in various aspects. Which career path to choose depends entirely on your passion and preferences. These two industries can be stated as two faces of the same coin, but they often suit very different people. Here are some points said that will help you to determine in which sector you should work.

Attractions of the Motorsport industry :

Motorsports is one of the most sensational career paths if you want a job in the automation industry. The smell of petrol, roaring of engines, charms of designs, and the speed! Everyone loves motorsports. As a source of entertainment, sports enthusiasts keep an eye on motorsports all the time. Bong88 odds provide all kinds of information you could be interested in motorsport entertainments. But behind all the excitements, is a hugely rewarding and intellectually challenging career which goes far beyond from formula 1.

While a racer is the most highlighted person, motorsports offer you various positions that might suit you. Engineering, manufacturing ,technician route ,sales,media,catering ,hospitality , IT & administration,logistics are the main sectors. All the sectors can be equally challenging and rewarding as it's a highly competitive and growing industry.

Formula1 is the first to come to mind when talking about motorsports, but it's actually larger and more demanding than this. This industry is made up of different small to medium companies that deliver products and services to teams that participate in various series of events all over the world. So the fields and opportunities for work are very vast here.

Engineering, technician, and manufacturing are the highest paying jobs here, and they are also the most challenging ones. As compared to the automotive industry, every element of the car here is designed only in pursuit of speed. So it requires special skills, expertise, and specific knowledge. But when you'll see your designs being manufactured, or the cars you manufactured run in competitions, it would be the best of feelings.

According to industry arc, Motorsports revenue has become more than double in 2020 compared to 2015. As a global sport, there will also be many opportunities to work and explore in other countries.

Adversities of Motorsports :

Traveling abroad is an advantage of this industry, but constant traveling can take its toll on you. Staying away from family and partners for such a long time can be very difficult.

Extreme pressure and long working hours, especially for any upcoming event, can be tough to handle.

It can also be a dangerous job behind all that glamour. Sometimes the most significant challenge a racer or mechanic can face is that motorsport racing can be a matter of life and death. So it demands very high precision in its manufacturing and design.

And many can come to this industry in search of fame or be a part of formula 1. But as it is the pinnacle of motorsports, only the best and the most experienced personnel get a chance to work there. Nonetheless, you can always start your career in a small and medium-sized company in motorsport as a fresh graduate and gain experience and skill to reach the apex.

Attractions of Automotive :

Pursuing a career automotive can be a gratifying way to work hand-in-hand with vehicles and technology used in our everyday lives. The automotive industry is continuously innovating, manufacturing new types of cars, and continuously hiring the next recruits to meet every kind of demand of the customers and to make the best cars or vehicles they can use. There's a wide range of roles available here, and anyone with proper knowledge and skills can get a good job. It might have been riskier to take a career in the automotive industry ten years ago, but it's thriving now. As automotive transports are always in use in the everyday world, a career in this path is a stable one with better job security.

With the use of hybrid energy and electric cars, the automotive industry is thriving towards an exciting period of new development and innovations. A lot of new sectors would open because of these new technologies. People who have higher education and knowledge and people who are innovating in this electric car are doing significantly better than the others in the automotive industry. The US Bureau of Labour and Statistics showed that employment growth is expected in most occupations of the electric automotive industry. Manufacturing electric vehicles is a complicated process that involves a large and skilled workforce. As workers are employed from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds in this industry, with specialized training and work experience, a career in this industry is very lucrative.

Some of the typical automotive careers are auto engineer, auto designer, process engineer, quality testing engineer, auto mechanic, auto instructor, auto electrician, vehicle inspector, tire technician, car retailer, salesperson. As it's a massive industry, new technologies are implemented in vehicles now, and then, there's always room to improve and grow.

Adversities in Automotive industry :

This industry faces issues like fuel economy, gas emission, safety, and affordability. Also, there's constant pressure about cost, safety, the performance of the vehicles as it's a competitive industry. Moreover, Automotives always feel pressure from environmentalists for the use of fuels like natural gas or petrol.

If you want to compare, both Motorsports and Automotive have challenges. But both of the fields are very promising. Moreover, if you have skill and experience, you can always switch from automotive to motorsports and vice-versa. Rules and regulations in motorsports are more strict than automotive. Also in automotive, there's more freedom of design and improvement than in motorsports because in motorsports it's all about speed. But motorsports also has its glam and appeal. So which will be your career choice is entirely up to your preference.

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