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How To Find the Best Formula 1 News and Updates

Formula 1 is probably the most entertaining sport involving cars. Die-hard fans of the most even say it is not just a sport, but a way of life, a culture. There have been times when finding any information was hard, or it took too much time and effort.

Technology has helped a lot with that, making it easier to get access to almost anything. Not just news and updates, but statistics on your favorite sport all for free. The internet is a library containing everything, you just have to look in the right places.

Other than the technology we nowadays worship, the old ways of doing things still help. Magazines and televisions can still be reliable sources of information, just like they were back then. People only prefer the internet because it is fast and the results are instantaneous.

Either way, the point is there are many ways to access formula 1 news and updates. Considering how fun the sport is, nobody would want to miss out on races.

The sport is always keeping fans on the edge of their seats, and all details, however little, matter. Here are some of the ways you can access the latest Formula 1 news and updates.

1. Search engines

Search engines have made life easier on the internet. Previously, before they became popular, we had to have a site’s whole web address to reach it. All you need these days is an electronic device that supports a good browser and a steady internet connection.

The best part is that you can search for anything, whether it is a trending story that is breaking the news. It could also be something you missed in the past that happened. The only thing you need to do is enter words related to the incident and add Formula 1. Technology has made our work easier.

The search engines are run by different companies, meaning you can get information from many different sources at the same time. This means that you will have combined data, making you more resourceful and information-rich. Updates have to be in real-time to have relevance, and this is very achievable now.

Running simultaneous pages on different search engines helps with that. If not, refreshing your trusted one will still provide real-time updates. The only thing that could limit you when you want real-time updates is SEO. It focuses on ranking, and the best-ranked site may not have the latest updates.

2. Digital magazines

We are all familiar with the old-school magazines that had to be accessed physically. The companies have moved on and adapted to the new way of doing things. Even though there are still a few hard copies produced for the old faithful, digital magazines have taken over.

This applies to magazines in any field ranging from politics to sports to fashion. What’s more, they try to be inclusive and once in a while combine sports and fashion. It is in an attempt to get a perspective of one another’s worlds.

Back to sports and Formula 1, there are magazines dedicated to this. They are exclusives that are released in a given amount of time. Not many people prefer this outlet as it requires subscriptions.

However, the services are good and worth every penny. Apart from updates and news, there are interviews in them too. Exclusive sit-downs with the best drivers in the sport. Not just the current, but the legends and upcoming ones too. These offer a different angle for readers, as they get to know their favorite superstars even better.

3. Social media

In the world we live in right now, everything revolves around social media. Whoever is not on the platforms, however justifiable their reasons are, is considered backward.

It may generally have some adversities, but social media serves us just as right. There are many social media platforms, the four main ones being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok in no given order.

All these platforms have been used to inform, raise awareness and do such things. They can also be used as a source of information for anything. For Formula 1, social media has played a big role, especially in recent years. This has happened with the help of some key figures in the sport, like celebrity drivers.

Social media gives us a chance to connect with Formula 1 drivers and car companies directly. Their accounts keep us posted on what is going on or what isn’t. At times, they even give us exclusive access to behind the scenes through Instagram stories. Formula 1 also has official accounts on all those platforms, which they use to keep us updated.

It could be during races and something eye-catching happens, it will be on their accounts. The drivers also host interactions in various ways to answer fan questions and whatnot. It could be through going live, Q and As, or tweets in a segment with the popular hashtag ask. For example, #askHamilton.

4. Television

Television simply takes us back to basics. Statistics may indicate that people prefer social media over TV now, but a good number of us still watch TV. Especially sports fans, sports that are entertaining and grace our screens only for given periods. The television entertainment sector has also grown massively.

You can now find one company with separate channels dedicated to each sport. That is boxing, Formula 1, soccer, basketball, wrestling, tennis, cricket, and many others. It shows how diverse and dedicated they are.

The spreading of channels means there is a channel dedicated to formula 1. It shows all the races, warm-ups, interviews, news, etc. For someone eager to get updates and news, such are the stations for you. 24 hours of nothing but Formula 1.

Whenever any news breaks, they are the first to know and broadcast it. Televisions also have the best pre and post-race interviews to get the drivers’ reactions to races. It may be old school, but television is just undefeated.


Given how entertaining and controversial formula 1 can be, it is important to have your news outlet. Your choice will depend on many things like age, location, and preference among other factors. Either way, it is important to always remain updated.

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