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The Best Sports Car Racing Resorts in the World

Are you looking for the best sports car racing resorts in the world? You’ve landed in the right place, and you can be sure you have answers to your questions.

In this article, we’ll be exploring the best sports car racing resorts across the globe. Before we hit the nail on the head concerning this topic, let’s consider a common question people often ask.

The Country Famous for Motorsport

Talking about the best car resort, people eagerly want to know which country is famous for motorsports.

We have quite some countries famous for motorsports. Here’s a list of them.

United Kingdom (Popularly known as the Home of Formula One)

Germany (Popularly known as the Land of Speed and Precision)

Italy (Popularly known as the Passion for Motorsports)

Japan (Popularly known as the Land of the Rising Sun)

United States (Popularly known as the High-Octane Playing Ground)

Australia (Popularly known as the Southern Hemisphere Racing Hub)

United Arab Emirates (Popularly known as the Rising Star)

Of all the countries listed above, the United Kingdom, the Home of Formula One, stands out as the king. No other country matches the UK in prestige, honour, and historical success in the sports racing world.

As a result, car racing is one of the popular sports played in real money casino. Whether relishing the speed at Silverstone or the iconic twists of Monaco, the thrill of motorsports extends seamlessly into the world of online gaming and betting.

That said, let’s proceed to the main point of the article, to examine the seven best sports car racing reports in the world.

The 7 Best Sports Car Racing Resorts in the World

The following car resort we’ll share captures an experience of energy, fun and luxury as sports cars race through their tracks.

Here below is the list of the top 10 best sports car racing resorts across the globe. If you’re a car racer, or you love racing for fun on vacation days, then you should check out this list of car resorts.

1. Ascari Race Resort – Spain

One of the finest and private racing resorts located in Ronda. Then, in the early 2000s, Zwart’s goal was to establish the ideal racetrack playground for his toys. Much more, he charged $160.000 for membership and a $6.500 annual fee for access to the resort.

Within his facility were personal collections of cars, a mix of Ascari models to varieties of ex-F1 cars (2004 Jaguar R5, two 1995 Ferrari 412s and a 1997 Benetton B197).

Ascari Race Resort stands out as the longest circuit in Spain with an eventful memorial to see, comprising 26 challenging corners, and an accurate racetrack design. This resort is built in semblance to other famous tracks across the world and caters for the needs of their audience seeking relaxation.

If you’re looking to visit one of the best car racing resorts and to improve your driving skills, then Ascari Race Resort in Spain is one you could consider visiting.

2. Monticello Motor Club – USA

Monticello Motor Club in the USA is a 4.1-mile circuit, built in New York. It’s a private club open only to members who pay a subscription fee of $125.000 membership fee and $7.500 annually.

It offers various amenities for visitors and races with over 22 turns for various racing disciplines. Additionally, the club also offers charity fundraisers, a karting track, and off-road courses and organizes competitive racing series courses for race lovers.

Monticello Motor Club of Spain remains one of the best car resorts granting access to driving experience and the club also hosts events for racing school and car lunches which makes it one of the top 10 best sports car racing resorts in the world.

3. Bilster Berg Drive Resort – Germany

Bilster Berg Drive is a motorsport resort launched in 2013. Patterned after famous car resorts like Ascari of Spain and Goodwood (in the UK), it houses a 2.61-mile circuit with flowing corners, elevation changes and tightfisted turns for an impressive driving experience. Hermann Tilke masterminded the design, with input from Walter Röhrl (a rally legend).

These car resorts also have a range of events like driving schools, car club meets and other amazing natural scenery and tranquil environments for guests to enjoy.

Bilster Berg Drive Resort is unique in the sense that only shareholders have access to the track and its facilities. Currently, no slots are available. But the initial offers were priced at €100.000 (US$134.000).

This car resort is still one of the best in Germany and across the globe based on our discovery.

4. Nurburgring - Germany

Nicknamed the “Green Hell” located in the town of Rhineland-Palatinate, spans over 20 kilometres and features 154 different unique blends, fast straight and technical corners for drivers.

If you’re looking for an amazing racing experience, then you should check in at this resort. It now has a modern racing circuit. But old users are drawn to the old path of Nordschleife or Northern Loop. There, the public drives the old track with any vehicle they own if it’s licensed.

The uniqueness of Nürburgring is that it imparts skill for drivers of all levels. Also, motorsport fans enjoy a range of activities like recreational activities, accommodation, tours, and social amenities.

5. Daytona Beach- US

Racing began in Daytona Beach on the hard-packed sand of the beach known as NASCAR. To date, drivers still race onto the beach.

However, the racing has advanced from the sea to Daytona International Speedway, which hosts numerous racing events including NASCAR races, motorsport, and motorcycle racing competitions.

In addition, they have a beautiful cultural landmarks view, and they host a wide range of contests such as the Daytona 200 motorcycle and Coke Zero Sugar 400 these events attract fans and show exciting racing actions.

6. Silverstone - UK

Silverstone is the UK's premier motor racing venue which can accommodate up to 150.000 car race lovers all at once.

Various racing events are organized, and people often book hotels around the area. This helps to easily access the venue and participate in race weekend events.

Northampton and Milton Keynes are close towns to the Silverstone car racing resort. That's where you get accommodation in case you want to attend a weekend car racing event.

7. Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya - Barcelona

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is a world-class resort situated in Montmeló, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain and opened in 1991. it has long, straight circuits with several corners which makes it fun for visitors and drivers.

In other words, it’s built strongly and has features of a standard car racing resort anyone could wish for. Its surrounding area and vibrant atmosphere with restaurants and bars make it an ideal place for vacation. This resort also has the capacity of its track stands, this car resort organizes several car racing events throughout the year including Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix and MotoGP races.

Warmer climates and better tickets are features of this car resort which has made it one of the top choices for car racing in the world.


These are the 7 best sports car racing resorts in the world based on our exhaustive research.

If you’re looking to spend some time cruising and having fun in one of the best sports car racing resorts in the world, then you should go through this article carefully again as it’ll guide you to making the best decision.

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