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The 10 Best Racing Schools to Learn Driving like a Pro

If you are a racing enthusiast, you must have imagined racing in your dream car at some point in time. It is actually possible to turn this imagination into reality. To do that you have to go to a racing school and learn from the experts themselves. There are many racing schools out there and it can often be hard to know which ones are the best. But do not worry as we have done the research and found out the best racing schools that you should consider. Here is a list of the 10 best schools for racing:-

Exotics Racing

This place lets you choose from a selection of the most amazing supercars. Some of them include the likes of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and so on. To be able to race in these cars, you will have to write an application and sign up for any of the driving programs that they offer. If you are not good at writing applications then you could pay someone to write personal statement for you to increase your chances of being accepted at the school of your dreams. Many students use online services to get some help with writing and putting their thoughts on paper. Taking help will be really beneficial to you so you could definitely give it a try.

A flawless application will increase your chances of being accepted for the driving programs here. And it's not even too expensive to hire a professional assignment writer to write the application for you. The best part is that once your application is accepted, you will be able to drive all these supercars to your heart’s content.

Porsche Driving Experience

This is one of the most famous driving schools that you will come across. It is situated in two places, that is, Los Angeles and Atlanta. Whether you are an experienced driver or not, this school will help you improve your driving skills with the help of their structured and level-based courses.

Bridgestone Winter Driving School

This school is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As their name suggests, they give driving lessons which teach you how to tackle the roads in winter conditions. You get to learn a lot here while having a fun experience.

Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

This school can be found in quite a few locations including Gainesville, FL. If you love speed then this is the school for you. Getting driving education here will help you learn how you can easily go from 60mph to as high as 130mph within a few seconds.

Dirtfish Rally School

You will find this school in Snoqualmie. You will like this place if you enjoy rallying. Your class will be taught in hilly and muddy conditions. The experience here will truly be one of a kind. Learn more about rallying here from the experts.

Cory Kruseman Sprint Car & Midget Driving School

Canadians are known to love sprint car racing. Just like Canadians if you too enjoy it then join this school that is located in Ventura, California. Sprint cars, although small, can be really fast and powerful. We would surely recommend you to try them out once.

BMW Performance School

The BMW Performance School is an incredible racing school that you will find in Thermal, California. It can also be found in another location which is Greenville, South Carolina. If you are a fan of BMW then you should take your racing lesson here. They teach their lessons on a private racing track.

Richard Petty Driving Experience

It is located in Daytona, Florida. Do not worry if you are not from Daytona. Richard Petty Driving Experience can also be found in a dozen other areas. This academic driving school was founded by a former racer. This is why you can expect to get the best racing lessons here.

Bondurant Racing School

This racing school is located in Chandler, Arizona. It is founded by Bob Bondurant, a Formula One racer. They accept students of different ages including teenagers and college students. You can even learn professional racing in this school that is high-performance racing.

Skip Barber Racing School

This school has its tracks in places like Braselton, etc. Skip Barber Racing School was established in 1975 by a Grand Prix racer. A student can take classes here that range from one-day sessions to multiple-day seasons.


We hope that you enjoyed reading today's article on the 10 best schools for racing. Rest assured while deciding to take a driving or racing course in any of the schools that we listed above. Once you take lessons in any of these schools, you will become a pro in no time and even consider a career in racing later.

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