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Best used car under $500 sites for 2022

If you are an avid lover of classic cars or you are seeking to explore cheaper automobile options, buying a used car online might be your best bet.

There are a lot of 500 dollars cheap cars for sale hence, you have to be careful as you do not want to be a victim of online baiting or scam schemes.

Most people, usually turn to used car sites when they are in dire need of a used car. This is as a result of the comprehensive summary, detailed listings, and fair pricing offered by most used car sites. It’s no surprise that you’re here, so let’s dive right in.

Best used car sites for 2022

You don’t need to break the bank to ride a car, you can always get a cool car for under $500 if you know where to look. Although you may need to make repairs in some cases, you’d still save more on your purchase than a car in its best conditions. You can get the best-used cars on:


Epicvin seamlessly combines customer satisfaction, quality, and meticulousness to drive up standards in the automotive sector. Its flourishing existence since its inception in 2012 attests to the quality of services that they render to their diverse clients.

Used cars site like Epicvin has realized the prevalence of fraud and theft in the purchase of used cars under $500. To combat this negative pattern pervading the automotive sector they provide comprehensive vehicular reports in partnership with the top-most automobile database in the country.

Epicvin is an NMVTIS (National motor vehicle title information)- approved data provider. With a car site like Epicvin, you can rest assured about accessing relevant details about your potential car. Information such as mileage, criminal connection, crash history, and the presence or otherwise of mechanical fault is immediately displayed.

This information is readily accessed upon entry of the VIN (vehicle identification number) - a unique 17 character code into the allotted space.

Also, the price range of cars offered on this site is reasonable so it is easy for you to tweak the prices to suit your financial status. This site is seller and buyer friendly in totality.

Auto trader

Auto trader is a pioneer used and new car site as it was established in 1997. What makes this site intriguing is its robust listings, comprehensive car reviews, and unique financial calculator feature.

Autotrader eliminates the stress of frantically searching for a particular brand of automobile with its advanced search tools.

You can search for the car of your dreams not only by using generic search tags like model, type, and make. You can use criteria such as gas mileage, exterior, and interior colors, transmission technology, and more.

This site also publishes articles, reviews, and how-to- guides bordering on automobiles and their prices. It also possesses a car financing and insurance tool. It is a strong option for those who are considering obtaining a loan to finance the purchase of their dream car.

Cars direct

Cars direct is also a pioneer used cars site. This site enables you to compare listings from local dealerships. By doing this, you would gain insight into the current market price for the particular automobile you are looking for.

This site also offers financing options that don't take a lot of time to apply for. What makes this online site stands out is its easy navigation features. The search engine is user-friendly and clutter-free. Hence, you should not worry about a convoluted interface.

With cars direct, you can also get email notifications when a car of your choice is available. In a bid to increase the knowledge level of car lovers, this site periodically uploads videos, articles, price reviews, and a host of other engaging content.

You can also save your favorite searches and filter car suggestions based on your location.


This used car website is your one sure stop for everything vintage and classic. Old cars have this aesthetic appeal which they exude probably as a result of the history behind their invention. This site specializes in selling cars and car parts from the 1930s to the 1980s.

On this site, you can put up your vintage cars for auction, make detailed searches on available cars, read newsletters and comprehensive guides on vintage cars.

They also offer several advertising packages with different financial implications depending on your budget.

Car Gurus

The evolution of this site from a platform where car enthusiasts post reviews and guides to a vast automobile marketplace is one to watch out for. What distinguishes this site from others is that it gives each car a deal rating. It also provides a comprehensive comparison of car brands through its advanced algorithm.

This site reflects the market situation and the fluctuations that occur as a result of various economic situations.

In a bid to protect customers' interests and drive quality, dealers cannot pay to boost listings. The only way to increase your listing is to consistently offer the best deals. Failure to do this affects your scores which significantly affects your sales and visibility.

Auto tempest

This site is noted for giving potential car owners a broad range of options as it pulls listings from a variety of used car sites especially sites like Autotrader and Cars direct.

If you are seeking to compare used automobiles and their prices to arrive at a rough estimate, this site should be your companion.

You can also streamline your search results by entering your location. This feature ensures you get listings available in your vicinity. Users are afforded the luxury to pick the particular site that they want their search results to emanate from.

This site offers a detailed blog, a comprehensive review/ buying guide, negotiation tips, and navigating a vast site like this.

Wrapping up

The digitalization of 21st- century processes has popularized the use of online channels to purchase automobiles.

There are a lot of used car websites as a result of the growing number of used vehicles under $500 in circulation. Hence, you have to rank your site options in the number of their priority. It is advisable to use a detailed guide that would specify their service offerings and the overall quality of the brand.

For ease, ensure you have an idea of what you want to purchase as this enables you to streamline your options and would prevent confusion during the selection phase.

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