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How Bundling Auto Insurance Impacts Your Savings?

Many car owners, drivers, and homeowners don’t pay much attention to the insurance policies once they sign up for one. They just continue to renew the same policy and pay the same premium year after year. A few might switch to another company to save a few bucks, but that’s about it.

But do you know that spending a little time understanding how insurance works can help you save more money? What if you can save around 16% per month, that too, without any risks involved?

That would be great, right?

Bundling is the answer to saving money on insurance and still enjoying the benefits of insurance coverage. Continue reading to find out!

What is Bundling?

Bundling is a simple act of combining different insurance covers together to form a single entity. For example, auto insurance and home insurance can be bundled to save money spent on premium amounts. It’s possible to get the cheapest price for vehicle insurance through bundling.

In fact, bundling is considered one of the best ways to save money on auto insurance. Many insurance companies offer bundled discounts to customers who opt for more than one insurance plan from the same insurer. Auto insurance is flexible and can be bundled with different types of insurance. However, there are certain restrictions based on the insurance company and region.

Auto insurance can be bundled with homeowner insurance, rental insurance, umbrella insurance, motorcycle insurance, farm insurance, and so on. As expected, all bundles are not the same. The discounts vary, and so do the premiums.

You should determine the most suitable bundle for your needs so that you don’t end up with an insurance cover with little or no purpose. Talk to the insurance agents from third-party service providers to get the best bundle deal and save on auto insurance.

How Does Bundling Auto Insurance Work?

The increasing competition in the insurance market led to insurance companies offering innovative discounts and offers to attract more customers. Bundle insurance is one such discount scheme. It has become popular as people find it easy to use the same insurance company for all covers instead of dealing with multiple companies and agents.

Bundling works the best when you use it for auto and home insurance. While it doesn’t reduce the home insurance premium, you can save a handsome amount on auto insurance. Renters insurance and car insurance may not give similar savings as renters insurance is already cheaper.

So, is bundling vehicle insurance beneficial or not? It sure is most of the time. Check out the advantages below.

Advantages of Opting for Bundle Insurance

Good Savings

Depending on the insurance company and bundle you choose, you can save anywhere between 5% and 29% on monthly premiums. The total will add up to a nice sum.

Saves Time

There’s no need to deal with different insurance companies anymore. You will be having only one point of contact for all your insurance policies.

Higher Security

It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to stop renewals or discontinue coverage for high-risk customers. This happens if you have multiple insurance claims in a short time. However, bundling makes it hard for companies to drop you from the customer list.


When you have to deal with only one insurance company, it makes life much easier. Whether you have to update your address or make changes to the policy during renewals, you have to do it only once.

However, cheap car insurance sometimes comes at a price. You need to ensure that the insurance company has a good reputation and is stable enough to last for years.

When Not to go for Bundling?

Bundling auto insurance is beneficial in many instances. It is not suitable for everyone.

High-End Cars

People who own high-end racer cars will have to apply for special insurance to ensure that the expensive car has the necessary coverage. The insured cannot risk this by opting for basic bundles.

High-Value Property

The same rule applies when a person has a luxury house or expansive property. Regular auto insurance companies may not offer the right homeowner insurance for a high-value property.

Higher Accident/ Claim Rate

Insurance companies are less likely to offer bundle vehicle insurance or affordable auto insurance for people with a high rate of insurance claims. Even if they do, they may not renew automobile insurance.

Poor Credit Rating

A bad credit rating can put a spanner in your attempts to save money through bundling auto insurance. The premium payment for poor credit is much higher than the premium for regular car insurance.


It’s always recommended to shop around and collect quotes for low-cost auto insurance and bundle discounts. Compare the policy terms, renewal rules, deductibles, and other terms and conditions before signing the dotted line.

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