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An Essential Guide to Buying Tires Online

The Rise of Online Tire Buying

In recent years, buying tires online has become more and more popular among consumers for many reasons. The main reasons being the ease at which you can now buy tires, literally from the comfort of your own home, combined with the generally lower prices which buying tires online can unlock for you. On top of that, the obvious benefit of viewing an online store rather than a physical dealership is the sheer range of brands and models a website can offer, as tire dealerships simply don’t have the space to store this amount of options for customers. Additionally, online tire sites can provide you with access to a great range of details about each tire brand and type. Tire ratings and consumer ratings can allow you to see what other customers have experienced, giving the average consumer a lot more information before they make a purchase.

Initially, consumers were more sceptical with any websites claiming to sell the tires at these discounted prices, but as time has passed, Internet connectivity has greatly increased, the technology has improved, people are now buying products and services on their phones, tablets and other devices, and spreading the word about their positive experiences with their friends and family on social media. Buying tires online is becoming more and more commonplace.

Why buy tires online? What are the main advantages?

Using an online tire website gives consumers the option to browse all leading tire brands and models in various sizes which are available in many different locations across the country. Furthermore, the convenience of buying tires on the Internet rather than in store is obvious. Purchasing tires via an online seller removes the hassle of dealing with dealers in person and the inconvenience of arranging transport to and from the dealership. People have increasingly busy lives so saving some time trying to deal with their car is always a bonus. Then there is the question of price, the fact is that tires are available at lower prices to online shoppers. Every consumer, no matter the product, likes saving money, and tires buyers are no exception. An online tires platform such as Tirescanner.com for example, is able to do this because of the lack of overheads, reduced costs and efficiencies of distribution, making their prices more competitive in the tire selling market. The 24/7 access to shopping you get with a website is also a huge plus for the modern consumer. Finally, the ability to check customer reviews is a tremendous advantage when shopping online. Reviews, customer ratings and comments will all guide the consumer to determine the legitimacy and quality of the online dealer, leading to a greater reassurance and trust before spending their hard-earned dollars.

Any disadvantages to purchasing tires online?

There are a few drawbacks to buying your tires online rather than the traditional way of dealing in person. Firstly, the time between ordering tires and getting them on your vehicle can often be several days - not ideal if you need tires very quickly, as is the case when you have an accident or experience an incident which damages your tires. Some customers also prefer to inspect the tires in person before making a purchase, something you can only do at a dealership or auto shop. Another issue is installation - if the online tire retailer is shipping your tires to a local shop for installing, you need to be sure they’re using carefully vetted auto service providers in your area, who are reliable and trustworthy, and can complete the job professionally at your convenience. The last thing most vehicle owners want is to get involved in the tire installation process. This is why research should be done to make sure that the online dealer is known for choosing high quality auto shops near your area. Finally, if you require an overnight shipment, this can be very costly to the buyer, as online sellers can keep the price of the tires very low, but can struggle to do the same with shipment costs, if they are needed quickly.

The Process of Buying Tires Online

Buying tires for the first time can be a confusing and difficult process. But it is not as daunting as it first seems, there are just a few easy steps to purchase the tires you need online. Firstly, you need to figure out which tire you need for your vehicle, whether it's a passenger car, SUV, light truck, pick up or a high performance car, there is usually a search feature on most sites which will allow you to enter your vehicle’s make, year and model and you'll be shown a shortlist of suitable tires. Alternatively, you can search by tire size, and this information is printed on the sidewall of your current tires. Once you have worked out the size of tire you need, you should also consider the road conditions you will primarily be using these tires for; whether that is city driving, off road, winter terrain or a mixture of all, there are tires which are best suited for those driving conditions.

Once you have established all of this, you can then find the best price for your tire and purchase it.

When it comes to delivery and installation, you can choose to either have it shipped directly to your home or to a local tire shop for installation. Home delivery would typically mean you have to manage the installation processes yourself, but now some leading tire retailers like Tirescanner include a mobile install service, where they come and install the tires at your home or work place, making it even easier and convenient. Alternatively, finding “tires near me” has never been easier - you can choose for the tires to be sent to a local tire shop, who will then install your selected tires onto your vehicle after you have arranged a time with them to do so. Once this appointment is scheduled, you are done, and you can go pick up your vehicle with the new replacement tires all ready to go on the road.

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