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Why You Should Always Call a Lawyer Before Insurance

After a Car Accident

An accident can ruin your day, your week, or – in truly dire situations – potentially your life. Why make things worse for yourself in the aftermath? We are often told, or at least led to believe, that calling your insurance is the first step after an accident, once you have gathered the necessary information. But, this is incredibly far from the truth.

Why should you not call your insurance? It is our habitual reaction to an accident, once you have assessed everyone’s condition and the condition of the vehicles. After all, the job – supposedly – of your insurance company is to help you protect your assets and potentially get money or to keep you from paying too much. However, the reality is not so simple.

Your best choice after an accident is to call a car accident lawyer or personal injury attorney, depending on the severity of the accident and your injuries. There are many reasons why this is a good call, but here is a little more information on why you should not call your insurance before calling a lawyer.

Your Lawyer Will Be on Your Side – Insurance Will Not

While you may believe that insurance companies are there to help you, it goes a little deeper than that. While having insurance is absolutely beneficial and necessary, you need to know that insurance companies’ main goal is to maintain, and even increase, profits. It is all about their self-interest.

As such, they will be looking for any reason at all to deny your claim. Everything you say to them will be viewed with the utmost skepticism, and they will do whatever they can to direct you to save themselves money.

However, with a personal injury lawyer, they understand how insurance companies might be trying to jerk you around. They have the experience and expertise that will be extremely beneficial to your case. It is your lawyer’s job to be on your side.

If there are any discrepancies – if there are inaccurate reports, if the plaintiff’s insurance is not keeping up to speed, if you are at risk of being scammed – your lawyer can notice it quickly and act in your best interests.

A Lawyer Can Provide Important Advice

If you get a lawyer’s advice prior to calling your insurance, you can be better prepared for how to get the best settlement and how to converse with your insurance agent. If you call them immediately, you can also get advice from them for how to conduct yourself at the scene of the accident. They can help with your statement to the police and whether you need to collect any evidence. Whatever legal advice you need, they can provide it for you.

They Can Expedite Everything

Navigating the aftermath of an accident can be difficult or taxing for many individuals. It often feels like the process can be endless, and you may not know how to proceed. Being in an accident is stressful and overwhelming, so having someone to guide you is never a bad idea. Lawyers know how to navigate these cases efficiently and can prevent possible scams or hold-ups in the procedure.

Lawyers can be especially beneficial in truly severe cases. Car repairs, medical bills, and other dreaded possibilities can lead to increasing expenses. This might mean an expedited settlement is exactly what you need. With an attorney on your side from the very beginning, you can be sure you are doing everything in your power to get the best possible settlement, and you can rest assured that someone has your back in the entire situation.


While your first instinct may be to call your insurance to make a claim right away, the truth is that calling a personal injury lawyer is the best step you can take in the aftermath of an accident. After all, it is always easier to get through a bad situation when knowing someone is on your side.

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