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Will Red Bull Sweep the Constructors Championship?

It’s been yet another whirlwind year for Formula One Racing. Each season, there seems to be another huge shift on the horizon. This year, however, multiple battles from within have instead shaken up headlines. Overwhelmingly, the focus has been on Red Bull—and for a variety of reasons.

Before the F1 year officially began, the team was rocked with accusations leveled against Christian Horner by his personal assistant. Since then, the media has attempted to dig deep into the Red Bull psyche for signs of trouble or a full-on coup. As rumors swirled about potential backlash for Horner, more stories began to center around a potential exit for Max Verstappen—and the possibility of Red Bull signing on a former enemy like Carlos Sainz.

For now, the rumor mill has slowed down. Red Bull, despite the negative attention on Horner, has pulled ahead early on in the season. And ‘pulled ahead’ might be a soft description—in reality, Red Bull and Max Verstappen have been putting on an unprecedented show of dominance. Those who check the F1 odds on Oddschecker will see an overwhelming emphasis on RB for the Driver’s Championship and Constructor’s Championship.

But will the latter actually pan out? Let’s take a closer look.

A Multi-Year Run

Horner’s Red Bull has been a machine of incremental improvement. Back in 2010, the team began a four-year streak as F1’s Constructor Champions. At the moment, the team is looking to log its third consecutive Constructor’s win since 2022. Those who have been following the team closely know that this latest run coincides with one huge shift: Honda’s move to launch a new power unit, the Red Bull Powertrains.

The RBPT Effect

Currently, Red Bull is sitting at the top of F1’s Constructor standings. Their closest rival is Ferrari, which is behind by a solid forty points. As the season rolls on, it’s unlikely that Ferrari’s vehicle will be able to keep up with Red Bull’s—even if Charles LeClerc and Sainz are biting at the bit.

But this is an interesting position for Red Bull to be in. In 2022, Honda shifted to manufacture the RBPT in order to help support Red Bull. The company is exiting F1 but has a contract with Red Bull that extends until 2026. At that time, it will be taken over by Ford—but RBPT will continue to produce the power unit that has sent Red Bull into the stratosphere since 2022.

Christian Horner Tightening His Grip

Clearly, Red Bull has the experience and power unit to sweep this year’s Constructors Championship. The team has yet another secret ingredient: a boss who needs a solid win in both the Driver’s and Constructor’s Championship to hold onto public favor and, possibly, his job. This year, the news about Horner’s alleged conduct with his assistant has led to rumors of a takeover at Red Bull.

With so much going on behind the scenes, it’s easy to say that Red Bull could slip up throughout the year. However, there’s just as much fodder to conclude that Horner is likely tightening his grip to maintain control of the team. In other words, he’s more motivated than ever before to prove his worth in the paddock.

Game Over for the Driver’s Championship, Too?

Despite so much speculation surrounding Red Bull, there’s been no debate about the strength of Verstappen behind the wheel. Checo, it seems, has also started to put up a fight in the hopes of keeping his seat. With both drivers at the top of their game, it looks like Red Bull is ready to take home first and second place in the Driver’s Championship, too. However, Sergio Perez needs to hold both LeClerc and Sainz at bay.