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What Made Dale Earnhardt Such an Outstanding Driver?

Every sport in existence is associated with an iconic personality who has captivated fans over the years. Basketball has Michael Jordan. Baseball boasts the likes of Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle. Mike Tyson defined boxing in the 1990s while Lionel Messi si arguably the best football player in existence. In terms of NASCAR, there is little doubt that Dale Earnhardt was the most talented driver to have ever sat behind the wheel.

Was there any singular secret to his success? What are some of the traits which made him so very talented? Although opinions will naturally differ, there are still a handful of qualities which have served to define his career until the very end. Let's take a closer look at some unique examples.

The Intimidator

The name says it all. Dale Earnhardt was said to be the master of intimidation while on the track. He was known for always pushing the limits and even question in terms of his controversial strategies on occasion. This naturally led other drivers to be wary of his presence and therefore, slots often opened up which allowed Earnhardt to take the lead.

His Presence Before the Competitions

It also seems that Earnhardt was a master of psychology; even if he was not outwardly aware. Many drivers would state that his demeanour before a race would cause them to second-guess their predetermined strategies. A calm appearance and a seemingly all-knowing grin further reinforced the fact that Earnhardt could already see the chequered flag long before the race had even begun. We can only imagine what impacts that such a stance had upon other players.

One to Game

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It is rather tragic that one of the reasons for his untimely death could be directly attributed to his driving style. In other words, his crash was not as much of an accident as some would like to believe. Risks are inherent in any hobby and yet, these should be calculated. Still, one of the traits which made Earnhardt great was has ability to accept and even embrace the inherent dangers.

Crossing the Line?

Earnhardt pushed the boundaries too far on occasion. Although this made him extremely intimidating, it also led to dangerous situations developing from time to time. Perhaps the most well-known example was when he spun out Bill Elliot during the NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race. Still, this trait defined Earnhardt and his fans would not have wanted it any other way.

Love him or hate him, the fact of the matter is that Dale Earnhardt will go down as one of the greatest racers of all time.

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