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Different F1 bet types you should know about

Considering the fact that F1 races involve a good number of drivers, each one with their own unique skills, there are plenty of bet types you can indulge in Formula 1 racing. The possibilities of winning some serious cash are actually endless. In this short article, we will acquaint you with the different F1 bet types you should know about if you’re contemplating converting your love for the sport into betting profits.

Please note, even though Formula 1 racing is not up there yet with the top sports betting markets, considering the way its gaining rapid popularity in all parts of the world, we will see it outdoing the other betting verticals very soon!

Race Winner

The simplest and most commonly indulged-in F1 bet is that on the driver expected to win the race. If the driver you choose wins indeed, you win the bet and take home the prize, depending upon the odds availed on that driver. The trick in making money from this type of bet is finding value. The favourites to win the race usually offer low value odds, hence you need to dig deeper into the details of the race and various statistics to understand if another driver can potentially win the race, and offers better value. For instance, in the recently concluded German Grand Prix, everyone was expecting Hamilton to win, but he was unwell and it was Red Bull’s Verstappen instead who won the race.

Matchup bets

These bets comprise of 2 to 6 drivers who are pitted against each other by the online bookmaker. Your job is to select the driver you expect to have the best finish in the race. Such bets can be a lot of fun and provide handicappers multiple ways of finding value. In fact, a large number of betting portals offer anywhere from 10 to 15 matchup bets for every F1 race.

Top 3 bet

Also commonly referred to as podium bets, these wagers are about predicting the drivers who will make it to the podium, as one of the top 3 to finish the race. Doesn’t matter if the driver you pick finishes and 3rd, 2nd or 1st, the pay-out will remain the same. This bet type is fairly common and is provided by almost all the online bookmakers offering F1 betting.

Top 6 bet

Just like the Top 3 bet, this one is about predicting the top 6 drivers of the race. Found less commonly than the Top 3 bet, you might still be able to avail this bet type at some of the online bookmakers.

Winning margin

This bet type is about correctly predicting the time difference between the top 2 finishers of the F1 race. While some bookmakers provide them as simple under/over bets based on a specific time difference, others can offer them in the form of 3 different time groups, for instance, ‘under 6.5 seconds,’ ‘between 6.6 and 8 seconds’ and ‘over 8 seconds.’

Prop bets

A good number of online bookmakers provide F1 bets that are based on the luck-factor, for instance, first driver to retire in the race, driver with the fastest lap in the practice session, driver to lead the most number of laps, first driver to make a pit stop and more.

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