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Exciting Sponsors In Racing 2022

Motor racing isn’t only one of the most popular sports on the planet. It’s one of the richest. But, for it to remain in pole position as a lucrative sporting event, there must be a lot of revenue generated. Thankfully, there are many significant backers of the sport, its teams, drivers, etc.


Entain are one of the newer backers in the motorsport arena. They struck up a multi-year arrangement with McLaren Racing in 2021, which means one of their most prestigious brands, PartyCasino, will now feature as team partners. The relationship between Entain and McLaren is a good one, as they’re both aligned as leaders in their respective fields and share similar values where innovation and the use of the latest tech are concerned.


Cryptocurrency is fast becoming of interest as a mainstream product, and the Formula 1 organisation recognises this. It’s why they have moved to add what is the world’s fastest-growing platform for cryptocurrency to their list of global partners. They have over ten million users globally, and their involvement began with 2021’s Sprint Series, which kicked off at Silverstone last summer.


Ferrari are one of the most iconic racing teams of all time. Legendary drivers such as Michael Schumacher have become global stars, propelling Ferrari to the forefront of motorsport. And, in the background, they have had a partner in Shell that has been on that journey with them from the beginning. Shell’s support of Ferrari started in 1950 at the first Formula 1 World Championship series. And it’s still going strong today, with the relationship renewed recently.


Petronas, an oil and gas manufacturer, hailing from Malaysia, are among the most respected names in Formula 1 circles. They've been around for over a decade and have shown continued support in multiple sponsorship arrangements. They have had a deal to operate as Mercedes' main backer since 2010. And three years after striking up this partnership, they became personal sponsors of Lewis Hamilton, of which he has many due to his unrivalled achievements in the sport.


We will stick with the Hamilton theme and mention one of his big sponsors that everyone will know of immediately. Monster Energy’s relationship with the seven-time world champion has become iconic, with the Mercedes driver even having the logo visible on his racing helmet. Hamilton has also taken part in tons of promotional campaigns, which has made the energy drink brand even more popular.

Red Bull

Again, in keeping with the previous entry, we’re finishing our list with Red Bull. But, as everyone knows, this energy company owns a team rather than exclusively acting as a sponsor or partner. Red Bull, who also have involvement with other sports, such as professional football, own Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri. And, what a job they have done with the former, with five world championship title victories since 2010, and the most recent occurring last season.

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