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Why Sports Cars Are so Awfully Expensive

Sports cars are fascinating. It doesn’t matter whether you are just a passer-by or an enthusiastic car lover, a nice-looking slim sports vehicle with two doors and a fancy design will definitely draw your attention. Besides, it can be quite a rare occasion to see a decent sports car somewhere in a parking lot or on the street.

One of the reasons why sports cars are not that common is their price. When you try to google something like “a sports car price,” you will be unpleasantly surprised. When the cheapest items can cost around $40.000, the most recent and the most powerful models will have price tags of millions of dollars. It can barely be called affordable, even after several years of depreciating.

But why does it happen? What makes these cars so expensive besides their exceptional design solutions? Here is a quick explanation of what elevates sports cars to the luxury market sector.

Enhanced performance

It seems like the most obvious reason for such high prices. One of the sports cars’ ancestors is a racing car that always required augmented capabilities. In the ‘20s, the difference between common and racing vehicles was not that huge, but it still had an influence on the development of sports cars.

The most recent models have acquired unbelievable characteristics. For example, the 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo can complete the 0-100 kph (0-62 mph) sprint in 2.8 seconds. The cars we use daily are not capable of such a result and cars from the ‘20s couldn’t even dream about it.

High-quality materials

The top-notch engine under the hood is not the only factor that forms a vehicle’s price. Sports cars have the best possible materials for both interior and exterior.

When we talk about what you see outside the car, everything is focused on speed and durability. A lot of cars go for the innovative and, well, expensive composite material: strong and lightweight carbon fiber. For example, the recently launched Ferrari 812 Competizione has most of its body made of carbon fiber. If you want to experience all the luxury of such a sturdy car, you can rent it while being on holiday. For instance, you can rent a car Dubai Ferrari price of which is quite affordable.

Even though appearance is important, you will spend most of the time inside. The interiors of sports cars are rich in exceptional leather, wood, metal, and paint. It creates a unique high-tech design that pleases your eye each time you sit in the car.

Innovative technologies

The tech world is constantly evolving, so it is no wonder luxury car manufacturers use all the advantages of innovations. This factor is especially relevant to electric sports cars.

The greatest example of this cutting-edge technology is Rimac Concept_One that is claimed to be the world’s first electric hypercar ever made. Each wheel of the car is powered by a 92 kW motor and together they give an absolutely unbelievable 1.088 horsepower. When you know these numbers, the price of $980.000 seems reasonable.

Limited edition

This is the easiest way to raise the price of a sports car. The rarer the item is, the more valuable it becomes. You can clearly see it when you think about precious metals like gold or silver. All luxury automakers have limited collections, from Lamborghini to Aston Martin, and these vehicles usually find their home in car collections.


In 2021, names mean a lot. Companies like Rolls-Royce and Bugatti spend an enormous amount of money on marketing and public relations. They try their best to connect their brand to a rich and luxurious lifestyle. As you can see, they are quite successful in it: When you drive a car that has a famous horse or a letter “B” on the hood, there is something to brag about.

To sum it up

Sports cars cost that much for a reason. They are exceptionally powerful, they are built with materials of the utmost quality, and they have top-notch technologies under the hood. There can be other factors of influence. For example, if the car participates in the auction, the price can skyrocket from thousands to millions of dollars literally in seconds. Also, manufacturers can offer additional services like customization. Regardless of the situation, sports cars are definitely worth the price.

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