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The 3 Most Extreme Motorcycle Races in the World

There is an extensive number of professional motorcycle race types. From Superbike racing on the tarmac to dirt bikes and even Ice motorcycle racing, there is undoubtedly a lot of excitement, uncertainty and extremes in this sport. Due to the risks that these aggressive riders take, it has generated a considerable following and created some save-the-date events. We will look into these most extreme motorcycle races in this post.

What Makes a Great Racing Event?

A great race is created by the best drivers or riders using the fastest cars and bikes. But having these things does not always guarantee a racing spectacle. The track involved is key to making sure the competition has lots of twists and turns (metaphorically as well as figuratively) throughout the event.

For a race to secure the best tracks for the event, they may need some financial pull. In modern times, this financial pull has been generated through sponsorship and is pivotal to planning one of the most exciting tournaments. More global companies are getting involved to sponsor races and provide finances to do it. For example, the global GVC group recently sponsored a NASCAR event in Canada, using one of its renowned brands PartyCasino. Don’t forget that motorsport attracts big audiences that are then exposed to these big brands.

But let’s steer away from the administration and business table for now – and look at the most extreme motorcycle competitions in the world.

The World’s Most Extreme Motorcycle Races

1. Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is not only the deadliest motorbike race ever, but it is the deadliest motorsport event ever. This legendary competition has taken the lives of well over 200 riders since its beginning in 1907. Yet, the organisers still press on each year – despite some objections – and the biking fans continue to turn up.

The Isle of Man is a picturesque island full of charm. But for this event each year, the engines rev up and the riders battle to stay in control through challenging bends and characterful villages.

2. The Erzberg Red Bull Scramble

The Erzberg scramble is a dirt biking event like no other – its just completely wacky. Riders have to contend with some of the most ludicrous terrains you could think of, including some near-vertical slopes up the side of Austrian quarries. It is nothing short of dangerous but is worth watching each year. And riders are never 100% sure what the next event will bring to the table considering it is moved around each year.

3. Pike Peak Hill Climb

The Pike Peak Hill Climb is a race up a huge mountain that was once unpaid. You may be surprised to know that this is the oldest motorsport racing event in the USA, but in its earlier days, it was not for superbikes due to the terrain. Now superbikes shoot up this tricky mountain, despite sharp corners with absolutely no safety barriers in place. You will be surprised to hear that in one century only five people have died. Although two fatalities occurred within the last decade and resulted in some more safety precautions added.
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