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Cities Every F1 Fan Should Visit This Summer

The F1 season is officially underway and fans all over the world are flocking to see some of the most exciting races of all time. There’s simply something about Formula One vehicles managing to accelerate from 0 to 160km (0 to 99mph) in less than five seconds that attracts people to this exhilarating sport.

As you may already know, F1 races are organized all over the globe. Each country that hosts one of these races has a special track designed for F1 competition specifically. If you’re about to visit a foreign country for the F1 race alone, you might as well stay a bit and explore what the country in question has to offer.

There are some of the best cities for F1 fans that practically change completely during the season to accommodate F1 fans. You shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to visit some of these amazing cities, to begin with. That being said, here are some of the cities every F1 fan should visit this summer.

Imola Circuit, Italy

The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix is held in Imola, a small city in Italy. Imola itself has a lot to offer when it comes to F1 fans as this commune transforms itself for the upcoming race. Aside from Imola, F1 fans should take their time to visit the neighboring Metropolitan City of Bologna as well.

The city is home to the University of Bologna and many other notable landmarks. Keep in mind that this is all located in the Tuscany region, renowned in the world for its cuisine and fine wine. This is an ideal opportunity to explore some of the best things Italy has to offer.

Miami, Florida

The Miami Grand Prix is one of the most popular F1 races in the entire season. Every F1 fan should take an opportunity to attend this race as soon as the opportunity arises. While you’re at it, you might as well explore the city of Miami that has a lot to offer, regardless if it’s the F1 season or not.

Even though round five is in May, it’s warm enough to hit one of many Miami gorgeous beaches. If you’re a race car enthusiast, you may consider visiting Daytona Beach as well. It’s a bit of a trip but Daytona is the birthplace of National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR) so your trim will be well worth it.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the host of the Spanish Grand Prix and certainly one of the best cities for every F1 fan. Barcelona is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world due to its beautiful beaches and amazing landmarks. Barcelona is both the capital and largest city of the autonomous community of Catalonia.

Barcelona's unique culture, food and art are enough to keep you entertained for as long as you wish. That’s why this city with a 2000-year old history and culture is a must-see for every F1 fan. Barcelona is also home to some of the amazing world heritage sites that you should definitely visit.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

The Monaco Grand Prix held in the streets of Monte Carlo is one of the most amazing F1 races ever. Not only do you get an opportunity to watch F1 cars race through the city streets but you also get a chance to truly explore Monte Carlo. Located at the heart of the French Riviera, Monte Carlo is one of the most luxurious cities in the world.

Moreover, the city is also located at the base of Maritime Alps, which give the city unique climate and weather. Here you’ll find numerous resorts and spas, among other notable landmarks that more than deserve your full attention. It’s more than welcoming to enjoy the city's wonders while taking a break from an exciting street race.

Closing Words

The F1 season takes place all over the globe. People from every corner of the world come to see these amazing races and events that follow. The F1 tour is, indeed, a perfect opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful cities on earth and enjoy everything they have to offer. If you’re an F1 fan, as well as a fan of travel, the F1 season will be the perfect chance to visit places you always wanted to see.

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