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These are the favorites to win the 2023 Formula 1


With this year’s Formula 1 well underway, the race for first place is getting closer. While there were some clear favorites before the championship, other racing drivers are stealing a glance at the trophy, as they have had surprisingly impressive performances. Here are the ones to bet on.

Max Verstappen

At just 25 years old, Max Verstappen already has an impressive track record. Having debuted in Formula 1 six years ago, he has beaten several records in junior karting and became the youngest driver to win the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix. Since then, he has won the Formula One championship twice consecutively. And this year, he succeeded at the Monaco Grand Prix as he became first place.

No wonder Verstappen is the ultimate top pick when asking several bookmakers. With odds of -225 at https://betting.com/formula-1 something would have to go wrong if he doesn’t take the first place home. Therefore, many fans would most likely bet on him.

Fernando Alonso

The talented racing drivers are not only the ones from the Netherlands. Hailing from Spain, we have the 41-year-old racing driver Fernando Alonso. Although he hasn’t competed in all the same Formula 1 championships as other legends, he is still deemed a true veteran. At the beginning of his career, he was fearless and one of the only drivers to take on the near-unbeatable Michael Schumacher. This driving force has led Alonso to a track record of 32 wins, 103 podiums, and 22 pole positions.

Alonso is a fiery racing driver who is also aware of his talent because he is not afraid to boast of his achievements. But there is a reason for his pride. He is a great tactical thinker, has an ideal race craft, and is determined to win.


Charles Leclerc

The racing drivers in F1 appear to be getting progressively younger. Charles Leclerc from Monaco has participated in 109 Grands Prix, and when he joined the Ferrari team, he took the first win of his career at the 2019 Formula 1. He is sometimes compared with Verstappen, being of the same age, seeing as he competed closely with the Dutch earlier when he finished second after Verstappen in the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship.

Leclerc is known for being a humble driver with immense talent, and the odds for him taking home the first place are at +1800. However, it hasn’t been an easy journey. Because of a tough start to the 2022 season, he mentioned in an interview that his goal was to finish without any penalties or issues.

Sergio Perez

The Mexican driver Sergio Perez is also one of the current top race drivers. Having had his first pole position at the 2022 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, he is one of the favorites to win this year’s Formula 1. Perez races for Red Bull Racing and is one of the most successful racing drivers from Mexico.

There is a well-known rivalry between teammates Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen, as Verstappen is often seen as the ‘favorite son’ while Sergio Perez is the underdog. Since then, Perez became more of a threat to Verstappen, and Verstappen responded in the 2022 season by refusing to help Perez in chasing second place. Only time will tell whether the obstacles will hinder Perez’ way to the top.

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