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A Trip Down the F1 Memory Lane: 5 Most Popular Races in Last 10 Years


F1 draws in hundreds of millions of viewers from all over the world and is one of the rare few motorsports that keeps constantly growing as time goes by. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some amazing races and nailbiting finishes that kept us at the edge of our seats, wanting for more. Today, we take a trip down memory lane and take a look at the 5 most popular races in the last 10 years.

History of Formula 1

As avid fans of all motorsports, and F1 in particular, we like to dedicate a lot of attention to the development and history of Formula 1. The competition as we know it today was established back in 1950, although it draws its origins back to the 1920s and the days of Grand Prix Motor Racing.

Over the years it became the most popular motorsport in the world, relying on technology and innovation to push it forward, always looking to introduce new trends. This mindset has led to the global popularisation of F1 as not only a sport but as a very lucrative business. Shops, sportsbooks, and branded deals made F1 a recognisable product all over the world.

Today, there are even online sportsbooks that offer F1 betting with tens of unique betting options, which keeps fans of the sport even more excited week in and week out. Players can enjoy a thrilling race from the comfort of their home while betting using their credit cards, prepaid cards or even payment methods like PayPal. There are even PayPal bonus codes to deposit funds players can use and get rewards for betting on their favourite team or driver.

The 5 Most Popular Races in the Last 10 Years

With a history as rich as the F1 circuit has, there have been many iconic races that made the sport what it is today. Just over the last decade, F1 has seen some truly amazing moments. Here are the 5 most popular ones in our opinion:

2012 Singapore Grand Prix

The 2012 F1 season was one of the best ever and provided some memorable moments. The Singapore race was also the deciding moment for the German superstar Sebastian Vettel. Although he had two Championships under his belt coming into the 2012 season, people doubted that he could extend his run. They were nearly right with their predictions, but Fernando Alonso couldn’t keep up with the Red Bull driver. This race was the turning point that gave Vettel the important momentum to catch up on Fernando Alonso and win a third consecutive F1 Drivers Championship.

2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The 2012 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was the 18th race out of 20 in the 2012 season. Sebastian Vettel was on a four-race win streak and was 10 points in front of the second-placed Fernando Alonso. But, Vettel was also starting this race in the pit lane because of the fuel issues he had in the final qualifying round. In order to keep his F1 championship aspirations alive, he needed to fight his way up all the way to a podium finish.

What Sebastian Vettel managed to achieve earned him a spot as one of the best drivers of his generation. Starting from the pit lane, Vettel fought his way up all to third place, coming up right behind Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen. By securing a place on the podium, Vettel stayed on top of the leaderboard and came one race closer to winning his third consecutive title.

2017 Canadian World Prix

The Canadian World Prix has always been regarded as one of the most popular F1 races. The 2017 Canadian World Prix was especially interesting as it included several records and key moments that will surely be talked about for years to come. It was the most attended F1 race of the year, with over 360.000 fans over the entire weekend.

The 2017 edition of Circuit Gilles Villeneuve also saw a dominant performance from the future champion, Lewis Hamilton, as he managed to grab a Grand Slam by taking the pole position, victory and fastest lap time.

2013 Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix is certainly one of the biggest and most glamorous races each year. With that being said, it rarely provides a rememberable F1 classic, simply due to the nature of the track, which is ridden with twist and turns.

The 2013 Grand Prix was very different from everything we were used to seeing in Monaco.

There were multiple crashes, massive position changes, and even though Sebastian Vettel set the fastest lap for the race, he didn’t come out on top in the end. The victory went to Nico Rosberg who took the win very emotionally, as it happened exactly 30 years after his father Keke Rosberg triumphed on the same track.

2016 Mexican Grand Prix

Organisers of the Mexican F1 GP have constantly faced problems due to the fact that their race is not only geographically very close to the US one but also takes part only a week after the US Grand Prix in Texas.

2016 was a major milestone for the Mexican Grand Prix, as it marked the second year of its return after more than 20 years of absence. With an event attendance of close to 340.000 people, the 2016 edition of the Mexican Grand Prix was a major success and cemented the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez as an important stop in the F1 championship.

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