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Technology in the Development of Futuristic Automobiles


The future is here and our most adored bat mobiles of the past might become a thing of the present, all thanks to modern technology and its implementation within the automobile trade. Today, there are several futuristic cars in development, making the possibility to drive hover and eco-friendly cars very much a reality in the not so distant future. We know there are ideas floating around in terms of development, but what we don’t know is if they will go into production. Well, let's take a look at what the big motor industry have in store.

Toyota Concept-i

The technology that the Toyota Motor Corporation used in the design of the concept car is built on AI technology, which is far more advanced for our current times. Artificial Intelligence allows Toyota's car to understand its driver's needs, allowing it to take orders from a human being. This could be a game changer for party nights out, people with sight impairment and those who simply enjoy a little bit of luxury. Although the car is still in its concept phase, Toyota has announced that Concept-i will be previewed in the near future, perhaps in the next 007 casino movie. What better way to market a new car than associate it with Bond and his love affair with big dollar, high stakes casino gambling.

Faraday FF 91

The brilliant tech used in the development of the Faraday FF 91's development enables it to operate and be fully functional on a 100% electric power. Its source delivers up to 1050 horsepower and is easy on the eyes to boot. The FF91's idea and technology could save people hundreds of thousands in gas and diesel prices.

BMW Gina

The very definition of the bat mobile comes into mind when catching sight of the majestic creation of this incredibly beautiful forward-thinking invention from BMW. The waterproof canvas that the BMW Gina has been covered in, gives the impression that the vehicle is almost invisible. Hidden from the human eye are the handles of the doors when closed, as well as the trunk and the headlights.

Mercedes Benz F 015

By far one of the most futuristic looking cars is the Mercedes Benz F 015 which is an innovative creation running on the fuel cell which antedates more than 1100 kilometres of traffic, leaving humans to literally sit back and enjoy the ride without intervening during the course of the journey. With this advanced technology in mind, the creators chose to design the front seats with swivel ability so the driver and front passenger are able to turn around and face the back seat passengers, making the entire interior look ultra-modernized and sophisticated. The technology used to operate the Mercedes includes 6 touch screens to send commands to the engine, a leisurely creation indeed.

Rinspeed Oasis

Frank M. Rinderknecht will be unveiling his ‘R2-D2’ creation in Las Vegas in the beginning of 2019 to allow onlookers the appreciation of advanced technologies. The creator has designed this concept car to operate and fulfil its journey to its destination without any intervention of a driver.

Furthermore, the Rinspeed Oasis has been designed to be a comfortable ride for passengers as there is a TV featured in the inside of the car, the steering wheel can fold and there are even armchairs for passengers to facilitate when watching the TV screen.

The two-seater is perfect for in between the city journeys as it is compact and small enough to fit into alleyways thanks to wheels that have the ability to turn on their own axis. And as far as looks go, there is nothing left for the imagination - what you see is what you get.

Aero Mobil 4.0 Flying Car

The Aero Mobil has been aptly named following the aerodynamic creation of what looks to be a transformer car. Not to be missed at the International Air and Space show, the design doesn’t only show itself off, but has the capacity to follow through on command in the air.

By the year 2020, the CEO Juraj Vaculik hopes to have his in-flight demonstrations to take full effect and be in production for delivery to manufacturers all across the globe. The magnificent design, look and feel of the Aero Mobil 4.0 certainly holds promise to this notion.

Technology Advancement by the Year 2020

With technology moving forward at the speed of light and in lieu of the current car development on the market, it’s safe to assume that we will see a rapid development and distribution of advanced AI cars by the year 2025. For now, an increased number of automobile companies are adopting the forward way of thinking by using technologies that will eventually become affordable for the middle-class market. As far as the present goes, we are enjoying the proud displays of innovative roadster brands and the magic they create with the use of modern technology.

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