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Anti theft GPS Tracker with Vehicle Immobilisation Features

The number of private vehicles across the world is increasing consistently. As cars can stay longer on the road, notching up more miles each year, we can see more and more cars on the road. Perhaps, air pollution is mainly due to the increased emission of carbon monoxide. Over the last 25 years, the number of vehicles in Great Britain has grown by 42.5%. By December 2020, Great Britain reported 38.6 million licensed vehicles, and in June 2021, the number of vehicles reached 39.2 million. With such a rate, we can expect 45 million cars in the UK by 2045.

At the same time, the number of car thefts is also increasing. Moreover, you don’t think much about car theft until it happens. And when it happens, it monopolizes the thoughts in your mind. In 2020 across Wales, England, and Northern Ireland, a staggering 74.769 cars were reported stolen. So every day, around 205 vehicles are getting robbed, with one vehicle stolen every 7 minutes. Plus, older cars are prime victims of thieves primarily because they have less advanced anti-theft systems, and it is easier for thieves to break in, steal, sell parts, and earn money.

Such horrifying numbers are more than enough to tell us that car safety is paramount. And why not? Your car is probably one of the most expensive possessions, and it is a necessity for some. Moreover, vehicle theft can happen anytime with anyone. You’ll take necessary precautions to keep your car safe, like not keeping the keys in the car, parking your vehicle in a safe place, etc. However, that’s not enough. Rather than being a victim and sobbing later, one should protect their vehicle with vehicle security systems. When it comes to anti-theft devices, many people install a car alarm. But the harsh truth is that an experienced thief will take just 20-40 seconds to disable the alarm and take your car away. So, you need a cutting-edge system to forestall car theft, and that is GPS trackers.

Anti-theft GPS Tracker is a must-have Vehicle Security System.

Anti-theft GPS trackers can help you locate the car and ensure faster recovery with a real-time location tracking feature. Apart from location tracking, GPS tracking devices offer various features such as motion and speed alerts, unauthorized driving alerts, and much more. Thatchman approved GPS trackers are the best in the industry as they comply with high-quality safety standards and criteria laid down by Thatcham. Thatcham is the leading organization for testing and approving vehicle security systems.

Further, most of the insurance companies will insure your vehicle for theft only if you have a Thatcham approved GPS tracking system. Since you’re taking extra precautions to protect your car against theft, you can also benefit from reduced insurance premiums. With a Thatcham approved GPS tracker, you can cut down your insurance premium by 20%.

In case of a confirmed theft, Thatcham approved GPS tracking devices initiate a level 1 police response through a 24/7 monitoring center. The monitoring center monitors your car tracker 24/7 and will notify you if your car is a victim of theft. This means if your car gets stolen, the GPS tracker will inform the police about the robbery, and they can directly reach the theft site.

But, another class of vehicle security systems is anti-theft GPS trackers with vehicle immobilization features. As the name suggests, these devices immobilize your car to prevent it from getting stolen without the key.

What is Vehicle Immobilization, and How does it Work?

An immobilizer is an electronic anti-theft system that disables the car’s engine immediately. So, the vehicle either stalls or does not start. It typically disables the ignition or the fuel supply. Since thieves try to break in and steal the car with another key, vehicle immobilization will prevent the vehicle from starting without an authorized keyfob inside the vehicle.

The car key or the smart keyfob has a transponder chip with an electronic code. So, when you put your key into the ignition switch or carry a keyfob into the car, the key conveys an electronic code to the car. The car engine will start only if the electronic code in the transponder chip of your car or keyfob matches the code in the vehicle immobilization system. So unless and until you don’t insert the correct key, the system will disable the engine or fuel functioning of the car, and you won’t be able to start the car.

Vehicle Immobilizer Adds an Extra Layer of Security

To steal a car, thieves typically hot wire it. By hot wiring, thieves break the steering column and connect the ignition wires of the vehicle. Since vehicle immobilization disables the ignition, the car will not start even if thieves connect the wires. Most modern cars come with vehicle immobilization features, but if you own an older car model, you can still install an immobilization system. However, an anti-theft GPS tracking device with vehicle immobilization features will offer the benefits of vehicle immobilization and GPS tracking.

Moreover, you don’t have to activate the system as it works automatically, and the car control system identifies the wrong code or the absence of a key. It is effortless to use, and a thief cannot understand if such a system is placed in the car as it works silently.

Studies show that vehicle immobilization has reduced the number of car thefts by 40%. Due to vehicle immobilization, vehicle theft in the Netherlands decreased by 70% and in Great Britain by 80%.

Wrapping Up

Whether your car is old or new, Thatcham approved GPS tracking devices will make it easier for the police authorities to recover your stolen vehicle. An anti-theft GPS tracking system with a vehicle immobilization feature will ensure that only the rightful owner is behind the wheel. The system’s recognition process takes place within seconds, without any user participation, and is unnoticeable to the car owner. Such devices will always give you the maximum level of protection against car theft because “better be safe than sorry.”

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