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The greatest motorsport races in the world

Petrolheads around the world have a car bucket list. That might be the car they want to own, a car they want to drive just once, or it might be a motorsport racing event they wish to attend.

If you fall into that last category, the good news is you have many motorsport events to choose from. This quick post lists some of the most extraordinary motorsport racing events you could ever wish to see live.

#1: Daytona 500

Most motorsports place their most prestigious race in the middle or at the end of the season. But NASCAR does things differently. They set their prize race at the very start, called the Daytona 500 or The Great American Race.

It's regarded as one of the most important in the season, with the largest prize fund up for grabs and the most number of points available for drivers. As a result, it usually attracts the most attention. Check your calendar for the next time it's on, and make sure to review the Nascar odds to get a good idea of the drivers who the pundits fancy.

#2: Isle of Man TT

The Tourist Trophy, more commonly known as the Isle of Man TT is up for grabs every summer on – you guessed it – the Isle of Man. This motorcycle racing event has been on the go since 1907 and is considered one of the most dangerous motorcycle events for both riders and spectators. Don’t let the picturesque scenery fool you into thinking this race is anything but scary. Some people even petition for it to be banned.

#3: Dakar Rally

The Dakar Rally is a race across a multitude of different terrains in an off-road endurance race. It lasts two weeks, and very few people finish the race. In fact, if you manage to finish, your chances of winning are significantly high. Most people modify cars that would traditionally not be used off-road. It gets vicious and brutal, with at least one fatality each year.

#4: Monaco Grand Prix

If you're looking for a glamorous affair rather than rugged terrains, there's no better motorsports event in the world to attend than the Monaco Grand Prix. Situated in the centre of town with all roads closed off, this is a unique race on the Grand Prix calendar. And because it is located where it is, the track is exceptionally narrow and a challenging test for the drivers and teams in attendance.

#5: Bathurst 1000

Le Mans 24-hour race and NASCAR come bumper to bumper in an Australian V8 Supercar event. If you ever make it down under, this is the race to attend. The track is situated in New South Wales and stretches over 1.000 kilometres. It’s operated as a championship event within the V8 series. Expect violent and aggressive driving and cars on top of cars.

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