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The 5 Hardest Race Tracks In the World

With the buzz that formula one is raising this year, a thought came to my mind. Is it difficult to drive a F1 car? The answer to this question is yes. But let’s now consider having a Toyota GT86 or a Mazda MX-5 - cars that are good at handling at the race tracks where the F1 races take place. Would the job be easier with these cars? There is no complete answer to this question. Controlling the numerous buttons on your Formula One car, while making arrangements, and managing the vehicle’s physics in turning around corners and sharp bends, is not an easy thing.

These tracks below could be described as the most difficult race tracks that one can drive on. The tracks have something in common, and that includes the fact that all of them are so full of bends that you can never set your leg on the accelerator and move straight past 1 minute.

If you are an F1 punter, then considering the difficulty of the racetrack is important. You need to know how each racer copes on certain courses and where their expertise lies. You can find out how to bet on Formula One here.

Without any listing criteria, these are the 5 tracks that present the highest driving risks in the world.

Nurburgring Nordschleife

This is the race track that trolls you more than the others in my own view. This race track is so clichéd that most of the fans of fast cars and races have it in their buckets list. I endured a very horrifying experience on this track while driving a Forza Motorsport on it on the web. You will always encounter infamous turns so suddenly that you will be so confused if the race has no rewind option. You will need a lot of courage to drive through this 21 kilometers of madness. So, it’s either you give this track a try or you come to the event as a spectator.

Virginia International Raceway

We can describe this as a roller coaster. Though we can brand it a roller coaster, it comes with huge difficulties for drivers too. Drivers will encounter up to 17 bends here, and they are the type of irritating bends that you won’t want to get into. They are so sharp that the NASCAR drivers nicknamed the third bend ‘The Bitch’. Races here are held in different configurations and they are never easy. This is one track that every race enthusiast that lives in or visits the US should visit.


No one will ever come up with a complete list of the hardest race tracks in the world without this infamously irritating "Eau Rouge". Even legendary racers still get shivers when it is time to drive on this track, and that is because it comes with up to 17 deadly corners and turns and these are the types that can burn your brakes. Because of that, it has been given many names, including ‘Eau Rouge’ which is the name of a corner of the track that is lined by a river and which has a very weird elevation. This is where the Belgian Grand Prix takes place, and many people can’t wait to watch it because of the track. No driver desires to take on this track.

Suzuka Circuit

This could be described as the figure 8 race track, and that is because of its shape. Many racers will describe this with the 130R, which is a section of the track where you will think you are driving on a straight road, ascending a hill in front of you, only to find out that the road bangs into a very crooked 90 degree turn straight away. The turn is so hard and sharp that it will be a miracle for you not to burn your brake when you hit it. In this track, at least 2 crashes happen on every race, and 26 people have lost their lives in such. To come here, race, and go home alive needs a lot of grit. This is where the inglorious Bianchi crash happened.

Circuit De Monaco

This brings Eboladrome to mind. You will get a very memorable gift from me if you can tell me anything simple and easy about the Monaco Street Circuit. Here, you will encounter a lot of hilly terrains, tight corners, and crooked roads. In the past, my support used to be for Ferrari, to the disdain of other teams like Riccardo’s. But I developed a huge respect for Daniel after watching the Monaco Grand Prix. He went ahead to win the grand prix even with a lack of horsepower, broken car and other troubles.

Mount Panorama Circuit (Special Mention)

There is a reason why I’m adding this track, and first timers may not understand why until it is explained to them. Now, this was not part of the original article, but after a huge number of comments that spammed my comment section, I had to add this. I admit, I forgot to add it in the first place, because no one will deliberately ignore something as important as this - something equivalent to Kohinoor Diamond on the Royal Crown.

Mount Panorama Circuit is also known as Bathurst, and it is a circuit in New South Wales, Australia. Yes, we can talk about its tough bends, sloppy topography, and unpredictable straight roads, but there is also a corner known as the ‘Hell Corner’ by the racers. Many bikers normally hit the tree on that spot in this track that has its lowest points and highest points separated by up to 174 meters. This place has a lap record of 2 minutes and 1.5 seconds, which is the second highest in the world.

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