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History of World Sportscar

Like any other sports series in the world, the World Sportscar Championship has its history of failure and success. The debut series was organized in 1953, with classic long-distance races featuring privateers and professional drivers from different vehicle manufacturers. Here’s a brief history of the World Sportscar Championship, including the most successful drivers and car manufacturers in the event.

World Sportscar Racing History

In the competition';s early years, the World Sportscar racing featured vehicle manufacturers like Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Mercedes-Benz. Professional drivers with enough experience in Formula 1 drove the cars, though privateers like Bandinis and Nardis occupied the better part of the field.

Maserati and Ferrar's teams worked fiercely to dominate in the races for the better part of the decade. However, Maserati cars never managed to take the World title. Notably absent during the decade’s events was the performance of the Jaguar team, which didn’t participate in a lot of races.

Throughout the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, the championship went through tremendous changes, including a change of name in 1986. That’s when the World Endurance Championship turned into World Sports-Prototype Championship. However, the name was changed again in 1991 and it was named FIA Sportscar World Championship. That was right before it died in 1993 due to the high cost of producing sports cars.

Fortunately, the championship came back to life in 2012, with awards being awarded to both top drivers and top prototype constructors in the race.

Most Successful Manufacturers in World Sportscar Racing

While the World Sportscar racing presents solid opportunities to wager at Betway through https://betwaythailand.net, the Championship has a rich history. During the first decade, Ferrari dominated the better part, and by 1961, all serious challenges for the manufacturer were gone. Ferrari continued their domination in the next decade, though Aston Martin tried to challenge them, even winning the title in 1959.

By 1970, Ferrari's domination in the race had started decreasing, with Porsche being among their strongest opponent in the next decade. In the 1980s and early 90s, Jaguar, Chamberlain Engineering and Peugeot were dominant forces. Before the death of the World Sportscar championships, Porsche was the most successful manufacturer on the race, followed by Ferrari.

Since 2012, Audi and Porsche have been the most successful prototype manufacturer in the race, winning several times.

Most Successful Drivers at the World Endurance Championships

When it comes to the drivers, Pedro Lamy remains the most successful driver in WEC, after winning 19 class victories. Pedro claimed his first victory in 2012 at Le Mans, and he has started in 47 out of 52 WEC races. Since 2012, Lamy has raced together with Aston Martin’s Mathias Lauda and Paul Dalla Lana, earning 12 other wins and coming close to bagging several other championships.

Besides Lamy, other successful WEC drivers include Roman Rusinov, who has over 16 wins to his name. The Russian pro driver has driven for a couple of teams, including Jota Sport, OAK racing and TDS, though he has been very successful since 2013. Even better, he was the first Russian to win an international sports racing event.

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