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Insight into Bugatti, Rimac and Porsche Joint Venture

The Bugatti luxury sports car needs no introduction. This French car is known for its beauty, speed, power, and overall performance. Ettorre Bugatti started the initial company, and through continuous improvement, the brand excelled to the cars that we know and love today.

In 1998, the Volkswagen Group had the opportunity to add the Bugatti name to their car collection. They continued the streak of excellence and gave us the Chiron and so many other great car models.

Bugatti is, however, moving into a new era by joining forces with Rimac and Porsche. In this article, we look at how the joint venture will work, and then we look at what we can expect from the joint venture. Lastly, we will look at how to safely transport one of these expensive cars.


Bugatti Join Forces With Rimac

As already mentioned, Bugatti is known as a luxury sports car that has all the bells and whistles. So, where do Rimac and Porsche then come in? If you are unaware, Rimac is a known car manufacturer in the Croatian market. The company specializes in making electronic sports cars.

Mate Rimac’s owner has a passion for sports cars, but he wanted to produce an electric vehicle, so the Concept line was created. Concept One made its first appearance in the Frankfurt Motor Show, Concept S swiftly followed, and in 2018, the Rimac Nevera was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show.

So we understand Bugatti and Rimac, but how does Porsche feature in this joint venture? Well, Porsche and Rimac decided to combine forces by creating a joint venture to acquire Bugatti. The agreement between Porsche and Rimac states that Rimac will own 55% of the stakes in Bugatti, and Porsche will own 45% of the stakes.

By joining forces, these three brands could be setting the trends for the rest of the industry. But what can we expect to see from this venture?

How To Transport A Luxury Car, Which Auto Transport Site Should You Use?

If you are looking for a trustworthy car shipping site to help you transport your vehicle, then this section of the article is crucial for you.

When looking for an auto transport site, begin by searching for transportation companies that specialize in the transportation of vehicles; it is not just anyone that can move a car from one location to the next; you need the experts, the industry leaders.

The second thing that you need to look out for is the years of experience that the company has in the industry. A company that has been in the industry for a long time would have ironed out any problems, and you can expect a smooth ride.

Another way you can see if a company is reliable is by looking at their client feedback on social media. Don’t just look at the nice comments posted on their websites; go to their social media pages and look at all the comments; this will give you a great idea of the customer experience.

There are various reliable auto transport sites such as Vehicle Haul that offer you excellent customer service and years of experience in the industry. These companies have a reputation in the industry for being reliable and trustworthy, and you can rest assured that they will get your car to you on time and at the correct location. .

What Can We Expect From This Joint Venture

We are all aware that there is a massive push towards manufacturing electronic vehicles, and these industry giants are not going to be left behind. By combining the powerful and aesthetically beautiful Bugatti with Rimac’s experience and innovation in the field of electric cars, it must be a recipe for success.

The first significant impact of the joint venture would be the possibility to move to more environmentally friendly luxury sports cars. You don’t have to compromise at all on the look, quality, or speed of your car by swapping over to one of these electric cars.

The venture will not only affect Bugatti and Rimac it will also have a direct impact on Porsche. Even though Porsche has progressively started working on electronic cars with its Macan, it can benefit from the knowledge that it can receive from Rimac.

There are speculations that the first car that we will see from this joint venture will be an electronic plug-in hybrid and not an exclusive electronic car. Perhaps it is playing it safe to enter the market with a hybrid.

So let’s dream a bit and say that you purchase one of these future electronic hybrids. The question now is, how are you going to get this expensive car back home? Luckily for you, there are auto transport companies.

In Conclusion

Bugatti, Rimac, and Porsche have joined forces to create one of the most exciting projects in sports car history. Soon, we should be able to see some of the latest and greatest car models produced. As for your precious vehicle, just make sure that you have a reliable transportation company if you decide to invest in one of these magnificent cars.

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