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How To Ready Your Car To Participate In Kia Racing Activities

The thrills and excitement that Kia racing activities bring compare to only very few things or events. However, race day thoughts and anticipation of high-performance driving can often overshadow one principal requirement when hitting the racetrack: Your car should be ready for the task.

Here’s how to ready your car to participate in Kia racing activities:

1. Improve Airflow In Your Car

You might have heard that there are several ways to increase your car's airflow. For one, it's important that you change your air intake, as there are two different types: the open system and the closed system. The closed system is installed using a clip. It should be pointed out that the clip shouldn’t be put near the hood, though, because it can get damaged easily. But if you put it there, make sure you're using the right clip size and length for a tight fit.

In addition, you need to make sure that you don’t block the airflow. Have enough space so that the air can pass through without having to struggle, as you might end up causing damage to your engine due to lack of space. Furthermore, when you want to increase your vehicle’s airflow, it's essential to clean out the air filter. Make sure to remove all the dirt you find on it and vacuum your car thoroughly afterward.

2. Install Racing Seats

When you want to ready your car for Kia racing, you need to make sure that you're also buying a good car racing seat. Browse here for good ones and other parts for your Kia vehicle. It's crucial to buy a model that will fit your needs perfectly, one that can provide all the benefits of a good racing seat. Thus, look closely at the materials it’s made out of since they’ll determine the comfort level that the seat will provide you.

It's necessary to buy a seat with some kind of padding because this will help keep the driver comfortable during the ride. It's but fundamental to make sure that the padding is durable enough to withstand the pressures that the car will undergo during the race. Note that a car racing seat will have something called a shock absorber to help relieve this pressure, enabling the driver to sit for long periods without feeling uncomfortable.

3. Replace Your Stock Tires With Racing Tires

Racing tires are designed for maximum grip on the road and a better feel when you hit the track with your race car. The right tread and tire design will make all the difference when you're racing. One of the best ways to get the maximum performance out of your car tires is to go with tires that have higher profile treads. When it comes to traction, it's imperative to use tires that will provide the maximum grip possible. You should also make sure that the width and weight distribution of the tires complement the design and size of your vehicle.

Another thing to consider is tire weight. If your car has less weight, you may want to go with a lighter tread design and use a more lightweight tire. These lighter tires will allow more grip because they will weigh less. If you have a heavy car and your tires are designed with a lower profile, it can reduce the amount of traction you get when going over a bump.

4. Upgrade Your Car’s Suspension System

Many participants in Kia racing activities are looking for ways to upgrade their car's suspension to improve its ride quality and handling. You might want to consider getting an aftermarket suspension system for your vehicle. These types have been designed to look like the stock suspension and still have all the same properties as your stock suspension. Always keep in mind that quality is a must in whatever replacement auto part you’ll choose, including suspension systems. Some of these aftermarket suspensions come with aftermarket shocks that can be used in your car to provide the extra comfort and added traction required while driving. These parts are generally built from solid steel, so they're more durable and have better resale value than factory suspensions. Since these are custom-built, there are usually no restrictions on the type of suspension you can install. Thus, you can customize your suspension to match your style and taste.


Driver enthusiasm should be matched by the vehicle’s condition and durability. Remember that it takes two to tango for high-performance driving. The modifications discussed above should prepare your vehicle for any Kia racing activity you plan to join.

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