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Get to know the legendary F1 town of Monaco

As a racing fan, you for sure know about the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix. But maybe you don’t know about the small city-state, with the small narrow tight streets, the famous tunnel, and the tricky turn.

The legendary F1 Grand Prix has given some of the most exciting races in the history of motorsport. On the streets of Monaco, some of the best race drivers in the world have since 1929 been battling in one of the world's most prestigious races. In the grand Prix, the riders drive by the famous Monte Carlo located on Square. The square has given name to a part of the Circuit de Monaco which is now called the Caseno Turn by many fans of Formula One.

In general, Monaco is incredibly famous for its Grand Prix, where some of the iconic scenes from the James Bond movies, Ocean’s Twelve, and Madagascar 3 have been filmed. But even though you are not in Monaco, you can still get some of the thrills of the legendary Monte Carlo. With online casino games, you’ll be able to play a big variety of games. Both the Square and the races have given great fame to the city, but there is a lot of other things that make the town unique.

Low tax and great climate

Monaco is a sovereign city-state on the French Riviera close to the Italian border. It’s the world’s second-smallest sovereign state, with only the Vatican City being smaller. It has a long history, where the House of Grimaldi can be dated back to the 13th century. It gained independence from the French Empire in 1814 and got a constitution in 1911.

Traditionally, the income from the Monte Carlo Square has been able to give the state and independence from France. It has been attractive to rich people because of the no income tax policy and low business taxes. As a result, more than 30 percent of the population in Monaco are millionaires. But the habitats of Monaco are not only attracted by the tax policies. The warm climate by the Mediterranean Sea is one of the important factors for why people choose to live in Monaco.

Home to one of the best French football clubs

Even though Monaco is a sovereign state, the football club of the city, AS Monaco, plays in the French Ligue 1. It has been one of the most successful clubs in the history of French football with 8 Ligue 1 championships. Only beaten on the record list by Marseille (9 wins), Paris Saint-Germain (9 wins), and the record holders Saint-Étienne (10 wins).

The club had one of its most successful seasons in 2003/04 when the club reached the Champions League final where they lost against FC Porto of Portugal. In this season the manager of AS Monaco was the legendary French player Didier Deschamp who later as a coach turned France into World Champions in 2018.

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