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Can Lewis Hamilton Become the Greatest of All-Time?

Current Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton has won the drivers championship for the past three seasons. Those have taken him to a total of six championship wins.

There is only one driver ahead of him in the all-time list and that is Michael Schumacher with seven victories. A win this season for Hamilton will take him above the German who many describe as the greatest Formula 1 driver to ever grace the track.

Should Hamilton tie the German, or even pass him with two more titles wins, does he become the greatest driver to ever live? Or is there an argument to be made for Schumacher driving during a more competitive era, and Hamilton has things easier right now?

This is more than likely a subject that will divide Formula 1 fans around the world.

Does the Era Matter or are Overall Wins the Most Important Factor?

When you simply look at the stats on offer, no one remember the competition against those who come out on top. At the moment we look back fondly on the Schumacher era as being a competitive one.

However, as time goes by, that will fade and all that will be left is his name at the top of the overall championships win table, unless Lewis Hamilton takes that away.

There is a case to be made for Hamilton dominating things with ease right now, and some of that is true. Both his Mercedes team and the 35-year-old himself are a class above their rivals.

In the short term, that may take a little away from his achievements, but in the future that won’t mean a thing to those looking back through the history books.

Can Lewis Hamilton Equal Michael Schumacher’s Record in 2020?

The early predictions for the 2020 season showed that Hamilton had a handful of challengers to his title this season, though he was still a strong favourite to win a fourth straight championship and seventh title in a row.

With Mercedes seemingly having the upper hand over McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bull, the other major players, Hamilton certainly has an advantage in terms of the vehicle he is in.

This is not taking into account his skill, which we have seen on display for many years.

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How Many Wins Can Hamilton Realistically Aim For?

With racing slightly less demanding than what we have seen in the past, expect Lewis Hamilton to race for another two or three seasons.

If he ties with Michael Schumacher this season, there is no way he will retire at that point, he will want to do everything he possibly can to take the overall lead in the number of championship wins.

Dominating this sport is not an easy feat and the British driver deserves a huge amount of credit for how he has performed over the past decade and more.

Should he get to eight wins, which means another two, he would go ahead of Schumacher, and would know that we are unlikely to see someone else dominate the sport like he has for many years.

That could be what pushes him to retirement, but of course, he is two championship victories away from that yet.

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