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Before Sending In Your Luxury Sports Car For Repair

13 Things To Consider

The amount of prestige and confidence a luxury sports car can bestow you is immense. Even if you’re not a celebrity or someone who holds a high position in an organization, driving and being with your car can instantly elevate your status. However, things can turn upside down once your sweet little ride starts experiencing problems.

Having a luxury sports car in disrepair can bring lots of headaches. Before, people saw you as a king. Now, people, most especially mechanics, service advisors, and dealerships, see you as an excellent source of income—a potential cash cow, if you will.

Because of those things, you need to be smart with how you’ll handle this dilemma. First of all, you need to consider a few things before sending in your luxury sports car for repair. If you want to know those considerations, read on.

1. Is the warranty still valid?

Depending on the damage, you can take your luxury sports car to be serviced at the car maker’s dedicated service centers. Given that most of the components in your vehicle are highly expensive, it’d be much better to leave the repairs and replacement jobs to certified shops and mechanics. You wouldn’t want to let local shops touch your car and introduce more problems, and, then, send it to a dedicated service center in the end.

Of course, if your sports car has minor damages, like a damaged windshield, you have the option to replace it with aftermarket parts. You can browse on the Internet and look for discount auto glass, and order one. But, then again, if you still have an active warranty, be sure to use that instead.

2. Can you repair the car on your own?

The ability to repair your car is a primary consideration you should have if you can’t count on the warranty anymore. However, it isn’t easy to decide on this one as a luxury sports car owner.

You only want the best mechanic to touch your baby. Even if you know how to repair some common issues, you would, instead, get a professional look at your car. On the one hand, you don’t trust the mechanics around your area. You would rather risk messing up the repair job than let someone untrustworthy tinker on your ride.

3. Will you go to a dealer or local shop?

While having an expired warranty won’t give you any discount or free service from the dealer or a service center, it’s still a wise choice to go with a dealer if you need to get your car fixed. The most significant advantage of going to a dealer or service center is that the service will immediately reflect on your car’s history.

Know that your car’s service history is crucial if you’re going to sell it in the future. After all, buyers significantly give importance to it when shopping for used vehicles.

4. Did you search for recommendations?

Sometimes, the option of taking your car to a dealership or service center isn’t an option. For example, you might’ve traveled miles away from home, and you’re almost in the middle of nowhere. There’s no service center in sight, and all you have are local shops and mechanics.

If you’re in that situation, then your next step is to look for recommendations. If you have friends in the area, call them if they know someone who can handle your ride. Moreover, you can try to visit nearby tracks and covers. Talk to locals and ask them about the best mechanic they can recommend. And, if you don’t have any luck asking around, you can rely on the Internet.

5. Do you know what exactly do they need to do?

Regardless of whether you need to decide now or later, it’d be a great idea for you to inspect your car’s problem and measure its severity. Remember, knowing what’s wrong with your vehicle and being capable of fixing what’s wrong with it are two different things. Even if you’re not a mechanic, you can know if your car’s engine needs servicing.

Having an idea of what a shop needs to fix your car can help you avoid getting scammed. Nowadays, many car shops tend to add a lot to the work order even if they didn’t do anything.

6. Are you aware of what the car’s manual says about your vehicle’s problem?

Never forget that you have a compelling resource with you when your car breaks down, and it’s manual. In it, you can quickly troubleshoot and fix any minor problem in your vehicle. It can also guide you in doing the proper action regarding your car’s issue.

7. Did you already check your car’s body?

Before you hand off your car to a shop or mechanic, be sure to check its body. Look for dents, marks, and scratches. If you have time, take photos of your vehicle.

Knowing all the present imperfections of your car’s body can let you know if the shop or mechanic damaged your car’s exterior. While you may think that doing this may feel like going overboard, be reminded that you have a luxury sports car. A simple scratch or dent will immediately cost you a couple of hundred bucks minimum.

8. Are your glove box and trunk clear?

When you decide that your car needs repairs or servicing, you should first clear out the glove box and trunk. Be sure to take and store essential documents related to car insurance, service record manual, and receipts. Also, clear your trunk and take out all your personal belongings. And, if possible, detach all removable car accessories, like drop stop, phone holder mount, and dashcam.

9. Does the car still have fuel left?

Before you send your luxury sports car for repairs, be sure to check your car’s fuel levels. If possible, don’t send it out if its fuel levels are still above 50%. You wouldn’t want anyone to misuse your fuel.

On the other hand, make sure to tell the mechanic of your car’s preferred fuel type and brand. Also, you must leave a note that they should give you a heads up if they need fuel.

10. Have you checked all your fluid?

Aside from your car’s fuel, you should also check all the fluid readings in your vehicle. Check the levels and quality of your engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, and brake fluid. Being aware of those fluids’ states can let you know if the shop did something you didn’t order after the repair job.

11. What’s your odometer reading?

Even if your luxury sports car is in disrepair, it’s still a luxury sports car. Of course, you wouldn’t want anyone to be riding and parading it on the street. To know if someone in the shop would take it for a spin, take note of the odometer readings.

Be sure to write it down on the invoice or any document they’ll give to you to serve proof of your reading. Also, it’d be great if you took a picture of the odometer as well.

12. Are you prepared for some shop talk?

To ensure that your car won’t be massacred and be used as someone’s milking cow, you need to project that you know what you’re doing and not just an ordinary customer. Of course, if you don’t know car lingo and how to capture a mechanic’s heart, you don’t have to force yourself. The important thing here is you don’t project yourself as a chump.

For instance, never use the following sentences when talking to mechanics:

Can you get this done fast?

I’m in a rush.

I have no idea what happened.

Is there a cheaper way to do this?

Do whatever you want with it.

Talking like that will only guarantee that the mechanic will try to cut corners to ensure that they can do what you want. While it might not be their intention, you may passively push them to do that. If you’re going to get something done, be sure to take your time discussing things with the mechanic or service advisor.

Remember, you wouldn’t want your prized luxury sports car to be butchered in the boonies.

13. Do you have the money for the service?

Since you decided to get your luxury sports car serviced or repaired, expect that it’ll cost you a lot. So, be sure to get an estimate first before you agree to whatever the service advisor listed on the job order.

Also, know that you don’t need to pay anything upfront yet. Know that the shop is required to contact you whenever they need to do something that’s not included in the original job order. Because of that, you can always expect that you’ll pay more than the initial estimate and quote when your car’s done.


A luxury sports car may signify different things for different people. However, one that’s in the state of disrepair often means one thing: trouble. And, if you don’t want to experience any more inconveniences dealing with your damaged car, you may want to consider the things mentioned here before sending in your luxury sports car for repair.

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