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Ranking the 5 Most Memorable Formula One Moments

F1 has created unforgettable memories in the lives of fans, organisers, and participants with great moments each time the sport takes place. Moments like when Michael Schumacher pushes Rubens Barrichello against the wall while both are driving at a supersonic speed in Hungary and

Jim Clark running out of fuel in sight of the finishing line are some of the scenes that are forever embedded in every fan's mind. But there are even better recorded moments as follows:

1. Singapore Night Grand Prix (2008)

The race painted a real picture of F1 new era. Bernie Ecclestone was on the verge of achieving his dream of dominating the world of F1 while still widening the F1 market. The task to maintain revenue flow tapped from the TV broadcasts for F1 in Europe, and his home base was also at his hands.

Like the extraordinary nights in the online casino, it was a night racing, which seemed controversial to many. The race also stirred drama in the end, with Fernando Alonso's victory outshined by the claims that Nelson Piquet Jr. crashed his car in the course of an ensuing safety car moment, an incident that gave Alonso an empty triumph. The subsequent investigations caused the F1 icon, Flavio Briattore, to quit the sport in big shame.

2. F1's Closest Finish, Monza (1971)

The 1971 Italian Grand Prix was remarkable in several ways. The race produced one of the closest F1 finishes claiming the title of the fastest Grand Prix for 32 years. It recorded an average speed of above 150 mph. The race saw Peter Gethin take victory home after driving seamlessly for about 200 miles. His BRM jumped from the fourth position to take the lead in the finishing line. It was a "close shave" as the top five finishers spaced each other with seconds.

3. Gilles Villeneuve and Rene Arnoux, Dijon (1979)

In the 1979 F1 race at Dijon, Gilles and Rene share two stiffest laps in the history of F1. There were overlapping, side-by-side drives and taking sharp corners at high speed. Such skills are hard to find in mere mortals. However, the two seemed to put all the moves into perfection. Finally, Rene Arnoux made it to position two through all the racing struggles.

4. Ayrton Senna's Death

Ayrton Senna was undoubtedly one of the most skillful F1 participants to ever sit in a racing car. His skills to drive at a groundbreaking speed in every lap make him an icon in this sport. However, the crash that ended his life defied every skill he had.

He impacted the wall doing 135 mph after running off the road in an estimated bend of 190 mph. He sustained severe injuries from the impact that left him sitting motionless in the car standing in the middle of the track where it had rebounded. His death resulted in significant improvements to the F1 cars seen today.

5. US Grand Prix (2005)

A series of tire failures embarrassed the Michelin Company in 2005. Consequently, there was a compromise to install chicane at the corners to reduce the cars' speed. While other runners agreed, Ferrari's Jean Todt and Max Mosely were against it. The result was a disgrace that left only six cars in the race. It gave Ferrari a great credit in that year. Despite the race having few cars, Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher almost took each other before the third pit stop.

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