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Monaco Grand Prix and How the Drivers Prepare

McLaren may be going through immense struggles right now, but nobody can deny the fact that it has the most wins in Monaco Grand Prix. Its 15 wins at the Monte Carlo event are the most of all F1 constructors. That is just but one fact regarding this leg of the Formula 1 races that make it increasingly popular with fans all over the world. Constructors, drivers, engineers, media houses, and fans all love it.

A picture from the Lowe's hairpin - 2014 Monaco Grand Prix (Getty Images)

Monaco Grand Prix is one of the events that make up F1 calendar together with:

o Australia Grand Prix

o Bahrain Grand Prix

o Chinese Grand Prix

o Azerbaijan Grand Prix

o Spanish Grand Prix

o Monaco Grand Prix

o Canadian Grand Prix

o French Grand Prix

o Austrian Grand Prix

o British Grand Prix

o German Grand Prix

o Hungarian Grand Prix

o Belgian Grand Prix

o Italian Grand Prix

o Singapore Grand Prix

o Russian Grand Prix

o Japanese Grand Prix

o Mexican Grand Prix

What sets Monaco Grand Prix apart from other races?

Monaco Grand Prix has featured in the F1 calendar since 1929. Just as is the case with all the other F1 events that are known as Grand Prix, drivers and constructors start with the First Practice Session. Afterward, they follow it up with Second Practice Session before concluding with the Third Practice Session and Qualifying Session, respectively. Unlike the other events, it is not a typical circuit since it takes place on the streets.

Monaco Grand Prix is usually the sixth event on the F1 calendar each year. It tends to fall in May, especially on the third or last weekend of the month. To many fans, drivers, and constructors, the event is the most prestigious. Similarly, many consider it the hardest and most challenging of all F1 races. Its tight corners, numerous elevation changes, and the presence of a tunnel right in the middle of the competition all conspire to make this event a must-see.

It's also worth mentioning that Monaco Grand Prix is older than World Championship. In this regard, it has a lot in common with other European races. Initially, the event wasn't open to all and sundry. Instead, it was an invitation-only F1 racing event. However, with time, drivers and constructors were allowed to enter as long as they met the requirements put in place for anyone who wishes to participate in F1 races.

Additionally, it's worth stating that the race has the shortest distance for drivers to cover. That in itself makes the Grand Prix quite strange because most F1 circuits comprise more than 305kms. Monaco's entire circuit is 260 kms. However, it compensates for this with another peculiar record. F1 drivers have to cover the distance in 78 laps, which is also the most of all the 21 circuits.

Drivers and Constructors with the Most Wins

Over the years, several drivers have made Monaco Grand Prix their favorite F1 event of the year. It's no wonder that many have been successful with more wins than other drivers. Similarly, several constructors have won two or morre Monaco Grand Prix races. With that said, the drivers with the most wins are:

a) Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian, has six wins

b) Graham Hill, a Briton, has five wins

c) Michael Schumacher, a German, also has five wins

d) Alain Prost, a Frenchman, has four wins

Of the current drivers, the British driver for Mercedes - Lewis Hamilton - is joint fourth with three wins. No other modern driver, apart from Sebastian Vettel of German with two wins, comes anywhere near Hamilton in Monaco. Others who had two wins include NicoRosberg and Fernando Alonso of German and Spain respectively. However, since their retirement, Hamilton and Vettel will have to continue fighting to see who emerges the King of Monaco in F1.

For constructors, the top three most successful at Monaco Grand Prix are:

a) McLaren (British) with 15 wins

b) Ferrari (Italy) with ten wins

c) Mercedes (Germany) with eight wins

Batling on Monaco Grand Prix Is Always a Fan Favorite

Due mainly to the prestige of the race, Formula 1 batling on the Monaco Grand Prix is one the most popular batling markets in the F1 season. The slower speeds in Monaco generally make the outcome a bit more predictable than with other races. A further contributing factor to the batling popularity of Monaco is that certain cars just handle the tight corners better, reducing the chance of a long shot placing high in the race.

Some of the bets on Monaco that are the most interesting include stats bets like whether or not a safety car will make an appearance, batling on mechanical failures, and total finishing cars (over / under bets).

Many bookies even allow them a small bet online for free, which makes having a bet really easy.

How do F1 Drivers Prepare for Monaco Grand Prix?

As previously stated, the Monaco Grand Prix is full of challenging corners, roads, and features. Generally, it seems to fit in with the physicality of F1 as a sport. Therefore, one has to be on top of his game to win a race here. Mentally, drivers have to be alert, just as they have to in all F1 races. For this one, the demands placed in drivers is higher than during any other race in the year. It's almost known beforehand that a safety car will emerge at some point during the race.

Most drivers prefer preparing for this race by:

o Swimming

o Cycling

o Running

o Undergoing intensive cardio-vascular exercises

o Participating in any training that helps in building strength and stamina

o Strengthening their bodies

o Building neck strength

o Honing their reactions

What all this proves is Monaco Grand Prix is the F1 race to attend. Therefore, block all weekends in May in case you plan to attend the sixth event in the F1 calendar. Alternatively, visit Formula 1 in advance for all the information regarding it to help you plan well. In the recent past, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes have been the most dominant driver and constructor, respectively. Since they already won the 2019 race, the rest have to wait for 2020!

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