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The Five Most Expensive Formula 1 Cars Ever Sold

Just this year, The McLaren MP4-25A that Lewis Hamilton raced in to win the Turkish Grand Prix in 2010 sold for a staggering £4.836,000. Whilst this may be a jaw dropping amount of money for some, where does this rank in terms of all of the F1 cars that have ever been sold to the public at auction?

So if you have a few million lying around - or a big win from betting on f1 - take a look at our list to find out more about exactly how much F1 cars sell for at auction and discover exactly how much the most expensive ones went for.

5. £3.6 million - 1993 McLaren MP4/8A - 2018

Back in 2018, this McLaren MP4/8A - Chassis number 6 - sold 25 years after the legendary Aryton Senna managed to bag his sixth and final Monaco Grand Prix victory. The car lives in legend as it was the same one that Senna crashed at Devote doing around 100mph on a practice run.

The car was auctioned by Bonhams and fetched a whopping £3, 606, 198. The monster of a vehicle is powered by a V8 Ford Cosworth engine and was purchased by a McLaren collector from the chief of McLaren and was reportedly the first ever privately owned MP4 model from McLaren.

Senna also drove the MP4 in question all over the globe - France, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Italy - but the race at Monaco is the one that Senna drove this car into the annals of F1 history.

4. £4.8 million - McLaren MP4-25A - 2021

The MP4-25A - chassis #1 - was recently sold by RM Sotheby’s for an eye watering £4.836,000 after the first F1 Sprint race that lay just ahead of the official 2021 British Grand Prix.

This car set a record as it was the first ever Lewis Hamilton car that had been offered for sale to the public at auction.Not only did Hamilton achieve victory in Turkey whilst driving the 25A, he also bagged P2 at the Grand Prix in China in 2010 , but the car was also raced by Jensen Button to bag P3 in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix the same year.

The car showed off it’s impressive Mercedes V8 engine with a few laps around Silverstone before it hit the auction house - the display no doubt helping the incredible piece of craftsmanship reach the price it did.

3. Around £5 million - Ferrari F2002 - 2019

Driven by none other than Michael Schumacher himself, this Ferrari F2002 had an stellar record when it went under the hammer - 15 wins, 11 poles and last but not least 15 fastest lap records - all in just 19 races over the 2002 season. The car was auctioned in Abu Dhabi in 2019 and went for $6.643,750, which equated to just over 5 million pounds.

Driven by Schumacher to successful victories in Austria, France and San Marino, the car managed to take him to his fifth driver’s title and even got him another win in Hungary after that.

This was a record making - and record breaking - car that is undoubtedly one of the most successful cars in the history of the sport. But, it would be eclipsed by its predecessor…

2. £5.5 Million - Ferrari F2001 - 2017

The predecessor to the F2002 mentioned just above, this Ferrari F2001 - Chassis #211 - managed to wipe the floor with it’s auction house estimate by a cool $2 million, selling for the grand total of $7.504,000 (about £5.5 million at the time) at RM Sothebys in New York back in 2017.

This F2001 was driven again by Schumacher at the Hungary and Monaco Grand Prix’s, where he managed to claim victories in 2001. For both this car and the F2002 above, a portion of the sale went to Schumacher's charitable foundation, The Keep Fighting Foundation.

When this was sold, it claimed the title for the most expensive modern F1 car ever to be sold at public auction, But there was one car which sold for an amount that blew the price of this one away...

1. £19.6 Million - 1954 Mercedes W196R - 2013

Juan Manuel Fangio managed to bag the second of five Formula 1 titles he would win in this beautiful piece of Formula 1 history - it’s no wonder that it is not only the most expensive Formula 1 car to ever be auctioned off to the public, but at the time of it’s sale it was the single most expensive automobile to ever be auctioned when it was put up for auction at the Festival of Speed at Goodwood.

The machine went for $29.650,095 - which was around £19.601,500. It’s no wonder it went for such a high price. The owner wasn’t just buying a Formula 1 car - he was buying a piece of its history. The W196R is seen as a symbol for the first ever successful venture into the world of F1 for the Silver Arrows’.

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